Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Miscellaneous (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Invision Power Board Users module for Esvon Classifieds
This script is written with PHP classes that assists to manage your member administration. Supports themes, layouts for editable templates, FAQs system, Sharable tables, control panel for user administration and a lot more.

2)   Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude
This program helps you to make a distance calculating script on your PHP enabled websites. It explains all functions with the in-biult source code. Also, provides the US and canadian zip code packages at a low cost.

3)   phpMyTicket Portal
This is an useful program to book tickets in advance for fete, party, theaters etc., This program is enriched with powerful admin features.

4)   Reminder Service
Reminder Service is a simple PHP script with which you can add a reminder service to your website. The script will allow the registered users to add events for which they want to be reminded.

5)   phpBB Main Menu
phpBB2 script is a php nuke module used for, group modules, use icons pack for set menu theme, add animated image counters and more.

6)   phpFlashMyAdmin
This is a tool for webmasters to edit and to perform other management tasks on MySQL. As the interface is with flash there will be no frequent page refreshes like other HTML based programmes.

7)   Avalon BitTorrent Tracker
This is a powerful online torrent tracker that gives possible solutions for webmasters to track, manage and control torrents for their file downloads.

8)   PHP Football Pool
This is a PHP Port of ASP Football Pool that can be installed in the users website. This software allows the webmasters to maintain their visitors NFL picks every week.

9)   phpBB- Passport Support
This is a simple script based on php which is used for allowing visitors to signin to phpBB passport without registering their name into your website.

10)   I-FAKER Script
I-FAKER is desinged for PHP designed websites to make them more popular by generating unique fake hits. You can set the proxy server to get hits. It is a another way to advertise your site without spending money.

11)   Creating multilingual page
Creating multilingual page helps the PHP programmers to design their website accessible with several languages. This tutorial explains the various methods to implement multi-language support on your PHP website.

12)   phpBB 2 Postnuke Module
phpBB 2 Postnuke Module is an integration of phpBB and PostNuke module. With this script you can work with all popular mods with minimal effort.

13)   SquirrelMail Templates
This is a collection of few email templates designed specially for 'SquirrelMail' to enhance the interface and look of your webmails.

14)   PHPrcon
PHPrcon is a script that manages and administers Halflife and Halflife Mod game servers through a remote webinterface. It also supports multiple languages.

15)   vBulletin users sharing
This is a PHP powered tool which provides features to implement a forum module on your websites. Search functions, customizable presentation, powerful user administration panel are some of the in-built systems.

16)   Nameday Module
Nameday module is a PHP based post nuke module script which is based on NS Ephimerids. It is entirely rewritten for pnAPI and pnMDG compliance. It also supports multiple languages.

17)   TorrentTrader
You can use this advanced PHP built online bit torrent tracker to manage your website's torrent file uploads and downloads with theming system.

18)   Torrent-Stats
Torrent-Stats is a simple online PHP application designed specially for 'VBulletin'. This program has the ability to report you the total number of downloads and page views from the bulletin board.

19)   Self register
Self register is an addon tool that helps new users of a site to register by themselves. It displays the login name and links in the successive pages.

20)   phpWebSite Themes
phpWebSite Themes gives you a range of themes to design your online store pages and other site pages easily. Themes are available at low prices also offers you themes at free of cost.

21)   phpBB Fetch All
'phpBB Fetch All' is a program that can be used by the users to modify the phBB that enables the data display from the forum present on the web pages.

22)   Answer Builder
Answer Builder is a PHP based knowledgebase system that allows users to put questions and get answers from admin. Search functions, user admin section, database backup are available.

23)   SmoothWebcam PHP
Using this software you can easily implement webcams on your web pages. SmoothWebcam PHP is highly featured with automatic refresh so that you can refresh your images.

24)   Convert links into clickable hyperlinks
This PHP based tutorial script explains the methods to generate hyperlinks on PHP webistes. Website and e-mail addresses can be included with this function.

25)   Overall forums permissions on one page
This is a php based program used for viewing a complete list of forums and total permissions of them. It is an important and helpful tool for webmasters to display their entire list of forums.

26)   XForum Module
XForum Module is a simple and easy to use PHP based script for PostNuke. It is designed to be used with PostNuke 0.71x or 0.72x and can be easily customized.

27) - Your very own Free Gaming Site
Script that will allow you to run your own flash gaming website and community.

28)   Expired Domain Sleuth
Expired Domain Sleuth is a php based program that tracks expired domains and deleted domains that have traffic on them. This program helps to boost your business and generate traffic.

29)   4nGuestbook
4nGuestbook is used by the webmasters to keep the entries of the website visitors. This script allows administrator to customize the stored entries. It supports multilanguage.

30)   PHP & JavaScript World Domination Series: Storing data in the client.
This article teaches you how to develop a program that writes another program. This type of program is used in chatroom, news system etc. In this sytem server side will be PHP and client side will be javascript.

31)   Personal Ads PHP
The personals website allows visitors to search and post personal ads. The ads are detailed with descriptions, photos, personal information and contact forms. People can also list for a fee.

32)   PostGuestbook
PostGuestbook is a PHP based Guestbook module for PostNuke 0.7+ or Envolution. It is also pnAPI compliant, uses smarty templates for presentation and easy customization.

33)   Text Wiki
Text Wiki is a simple and useful PHP software capable of converting plain text into any desired form such as DocBook, LaTeX, XHTML, RTF etc.

34)   PostNuke Advertising Module
PostNuke Advertising Module is a PHP based script which is an advertising module that introduces many improvements for the PostNuke content management systems.

35)   phpGiftList
This is a script which is coded in PHP and uses MySQL as database backend. It is a web based gift list or gift registery manager available online.

36)   InfoBase for PHProjekt
InfoBase for PHProjekt is a simple knowledge base for multiple users to work with phprojekt. Users can download scripts and programs to be used for their development activities.

37)   Search Engine Feeder
Search Engine Feeder is a PHP based program that can feed the pages to search engines that are specified by you. With this script you can also manage the information of the search engines.

38)   e-Card
e-Card is a script which is tested on PHP nuke. This is used to send images like, flash image, gif, swf, jpeg and more. User can preview the image. You can send e-card to three users at the same time.

39)   FAQ for PHProjekt
This is a simple FAQ addon for PHProjekt. This is a collection of frequently asked questions by users on a website. This program also has a chat function.

40)   Distance Calculator
Distance Calculator is a typical calculator script that calculates the approximate distance between two ZIP codes or telephone codes of USA in miles.

41)   Message of the day for PHProjekt
Message of the day for PHProjekt is very simple program that will display a message for users in the startup. A simple utility for users.

42)   Zcherry4phpBB
Zcherry4phpBB is a phpBB module that allows users to post topics and messages in the forum. The webmasters can edit, sort and delete post which is made by the users. Here users can create a poll.

43)   The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding
This PHP powered tool helps you to build your genealogy system on internet. Contents are stored on dynamic pages and stylesheet supports all kind of formatting with site pages and contents. Supports photos and multiple language transaltion.

44)   RankBoost
RankBoost is a PHP based script which helps you to improve the ranking of your website in the popular search engines and also to generate more traffic to your website.

45)   SMe Whois Cart
SMe Whois Cart is a shopping cart perfect for web hosting and domain registration sites.

46)   GC Convert
GC Convert is a simple PHP application using which you would be able to converts a given file size between bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes.

47)   Creating Clickable Smileys
Creating Clickable Smileys is a useful PHP program for novice upto experts to learn generating your own smilies which can be included on your news posts, message boards and comments to make them effective.

48)   UBB Code Parser
UBB Code Parser helps to replace HTML and PHP code with UBB format function. It allows you to give your own tags in parameters. This program is helpful to manage comment system.

49)   Search the Web MOD
Search the Web MOD is a phpBB module and a phpBB which adds a simple search in the web button for your header.

50)   SMe Sig Host
SMe Sig host is for your offert a custon signatures for your visitors , have a counter, admin area, randon quote ...

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