Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-43 Multimedia (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Webbased Music Jukebox
This program is used for playing MP3 songs from Linux server. It has customization facility and it stores the list of MP3 files on a database.

2)   PowerMovieList
PowerMovieList is a powerful php-script to manage your movie(z) collection. It lets you catalog your movies with detailed information, that it downloads from the hugest movie-database in the internet.

3)   Headless Horse MP3
The Headless HorseMP3 is a PHP script designed to be an interface for playing MP3s (or any other type of file with slight modification) on the web server.

4)   Streamline
Streamline is a multimedia program which helps the webmasters to make their server behave like radio station and they can allow their site visitors to hear their required songs from any browser with the click of a button.

5)   VideoDB
This tool offers database which stores movie data that helps users to manage their collection of movies easily. It has fully customizable facility to control the videos in the database.

6)   DivX Manager
The application is, just like the name says, to organize your DivX collection. I would strongly advice everyone to place the DivX Manager in a secure directory because I didn't build in some kind of user system (there will be one in a future release).

7)   phpDVD
This script is basically built in PHP which is used for playing DVDs, MP3 songs and to play any audio songs and it has customization facility to adjust and set songs.

8)   SMe Media Site
SMe media Site is an application to play your media direct in your site, work in one version for Windows media player. Play yous files online. It is 100% template driven, uses mySQL database to handle all data.

9)   Personal Internet Broadcasting Script
This is a PHP based script which is used for broadcasting MP3 playlist online. It helps users to control the playlists through LAN or through internet radio stations.

10)   MediaGateway web interface for Esvon Classifieds
MediaGateway web interface is addon to MediaGateway software. It allows to charge Esvon Classifieds members for media feeds (Live WebCams, video/audio files viewing) on pay per minute / pay per view basis (PPM / PPV).

11)   RIMPS
RIMPS is written in PHP and it is a web-based frontend to make Apache an MP3 and Ogg Server. It has a searching facility, playing individual songs, and creating playlist.

12)   the cool MP3 database of the future
A mp3 database for apache/mysql with id3v2 and advanced browsing support.

13)   Zina
This script is helpful for the users to build a multimedia tool on their own website through which the web users can run a personal jukebox, MP3 collection, MP3 streamer etc.,

This script is helpful for the web owners to create a scheduled video recording application on their web pages to allow visitors to access any vrcrc file from the lists and also the users are allowed to add their channels manually.

15)   Lyrics script
TurnKey lyrics script (SEO friendly, 128521 lyrics, amazon integration, powerfull admin and more)

16)   Mobile webcam
Mobile webcam is an advanced multimedia tool using which you would be able to snap a shot through your cell phone, upload and post the same directly to your website.

17)   Video Code Script
Video Code Script is allows you to create your own video codes website - without all the hassle. Simply upload and go, with over 5,000+ artists and 10,000+ music videos its simple. All the content is legal, off site and available to everyone!

18)   1-2-3 music store
1-2-3 music store is a simple music distribution channel software for selling songs, albums etc,. with a global exposure through your website.

19)   MediaGateway web interface
This script is helpful for the users to view the live web cams, live video and audio for payment. Users can save their own bandwidth to allow other web users to view video online.

20)   php4flicks
Php4flicks is a PHP script that can store detailed information for your movies like Cast, Direction, Poster, Medium, Language etc., in a database.

21)   DQT.Launchcast Ripper
This is an online radio station which fetches the songs from launchcast server to play. It offers plenty of songs to play. It is a PHP based multimedia tool.

22)   PHP Multi Meed
This script is used for playing the videos and audio and it supports any type of file formats to play. It contains several important features and it is easy to setup.

23)   MoeMusic
Moe Music is a frontend by having MySQL as a backend database,and used to play music from a centralised server to any user on the LAN.The client side system requires MySQL,PHP3 and javascript as an enabled browser.

24)   NetJuke
Netjuke is a multimedia tool which is based on PHP that allows users to play any type of formatted songs on jukebox. It contains several friendly features and customization facility.

25)   MP3 Player Applets
This Applet MP3 player allows the users to play MP3 files or stream in whatever type it is. JavaSound API works with any web browser.

26)   Gchats Flash Mp3 Player
This is a PHP based multimedia application which can be used to stream MP3 files from the users website. Through this application users can generate their own play list according to their desire.

27)   Ampache
Ampache can be used by the users to manage their MP3/OGG files through web interface. It helps users in creating accounts, saving playlists etc.,

28)   JzPlayer Pro
JZplayer is used to play both for MP3 audio and Mpeg Video.The usage is very simple, just place the files in the directory and it will be displayed on your website automatically.

29)   PIBS
PIBS is an abbreviation of Personal Internet Broadcasting Script, formed on PHP and Apache.It is used to broadcast and to create MP3 playlists.

30)   Big Fat BAND Website
With Big Fat Band Website, your band will have an interactive php driven official band website without the need for programming knowlege. Includes everything you need to get your official band website launched. Includes web hosting at under a 1 a week!

31)   TVEz - Media Library
This script is used for making a media library on the website to allow web visitors to search their required files to play media files online. It uses MySQL database to store movie information.

32)   Free Downloads for Ringers and More
This web site offers you a simple script that allows you to download the ring tones with out any cost. You can get different ring tones using this script.

33)   Remote ID3 Tag v1 viewer
This script reads MP3 songs ID3 tags from remote server and displays it on the screen and also this tool gives information to the user if server is in problem or the link is broken.

34)   Gchats Media Player Pro
Gchats Media Player Pro is an useful tool that helps you to play music and movies on your web site. This tool supports MP3 and FLV files. This tool is simple and easy to use.

35)   phpRandomMedia
This script randomly fetches the media file names from the corresponding directories and it gives output. Users can also output the file on HTML format.

36)   NetAmp
NetAMP is an MP3 server which has been linked to the MySQL database. It is a sort of program which is built on PHP. This has been provoked by the RIMPS.

37)   Headless Horse MP3
The Headless HorseMP3 is a PHP script designed to be an interface for playing MP3s (or any other type of file with slight modification) on the web server.

38)   Muse
Muse uses a perl playlist,a single web page on php3 base and a file streamer.It has developed under the license of GPL

39)   TuneZ
TuneZ in it's default mode allows the users for single vote per song and forms the queue by the number of votes in a priority order.

40)   Spyamp Mp3 Display Console
This script is a powerful multimedia application which is based on php that enables users to view specific MP3 playing in the winamp. It uses different type of skins for their MP3 player.

41)   WebNap
WebNap is a simple multimedia tool which is used for searching the playlists from Napster, Opennap or from mynapster server.

42)   Headless Horse MP3
The Headless Horse MP3 is based on PHP script and basically designed for playing MP3s thru the webserver.The main usage of this is to play MP3 music without keyboard, mouse or monitor.

43)   Hazarddesign
This script provides tag for the files which allows users to write into the website and also it gives different designs for reload using CSS.

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