Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-32 Music Libraries (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   getID3()
getID3()is an ultimate music library collection system for extorting multimedia files in tag, audio, audio-video, graphics and data formats.

2)   mp3 Jukebox
mp3 Jukebox is a MP3 player. Website offers a screen shot of the MP3 player.

3)   1-2-3 Music Store
This is a PHP based programme that helps you to run a online music store from your website to sell your music to anywhere in the world. This programme better suits independent musicians and record labels.

4)   Wimpy Player
Wimpy player is a web based streaming MP3 player for webmasters to facilitate their site users to listen mp3 audio online. A simple and easy to use programme with flash interface.

5)   Dynamic MP3 Lister
Dynamic MP3 Lister is a musical lister script for sharing MP3's on the website with detailed artibutes like file size, frequency, bit rate, etc,.

6)   Cafe Music
This is a php based script and music program that allows users to play random music files on a specified directory. This is an online music box that supports file extensions such as mp3, mov, wma, video, real audio etc.

7)   MiLyrics
MiLyrics is a script for building and maintaining music based web site which allows site visitors to add lyrics for songs as well as to search for lyrics of their favourite songs.

8)   KPlaylist
Kplaylist is a web based streaming system which enables online streaming of music to any place on earth. Now anyone can share and access their music online easily.

9)   Naamah
Naamah is a simple musical library software that scans all drives, audio CD's of ID3v1, ID3v2, OGG files and stores them in a MYSQL database.

10)   CDCollectorPHP
CDCollectorPHP is a PHP based script that creates MYSQL databases for gathering and storing your favorite CD collections.

11)   EasyStream
EasyStream is a simple automated musical script with which users can create their own playlist for streaming on winamp and windows media player.

12)   JAMROOM - The Musician's Website Manager
jamroom is a website manager especially for musicians to publish their music online which is easier for others to access thier music online.

13)   MP3Jukebox
MP3-Jukebox is an application for streaming of MP3 tracks automatically. With this script you can play or record a song. This shows the current plays and the stream time.

14)   Lyrics
This is a PHP based script that helps to run an online Lyrics database. Has a detailed searching facility and allows users to add lyrics to the database.

15)   iPool
iPool is a music promotion tool which allows the webmasters to distribute music tracks through internet for global access.

16)   PHP Script for indexing CDs
PHP Script for indexing CDs is a simple musical indexing script with which you can write indices for all your CD collections, ZIPs and diskettes.

17)   MP3SQL
MP3SQL is a simple musical library software to add information of the collected musical files. Using this script you can also create musical database with SQL commands.

18)   MyMP3s
MyMP3s is a PHP based musical library script that stores all id3 information on a MYSQL database with index.php file.

19)   Andromeda MP3 Server & Jukebox
Andromeda MP3 Server and Jukebox is a very simple PHP script for your intranet or internet websites.

20)   VCD-db
VCD-db is an web based movie catalog software. It supports multiple users to collect, manage and work with their media catalog.

21)   MP3Links
MP3Links is a PHP based musical library script for maintaining an online MP3 links like musical database on your website.

22)   Cd Collection
Cd Collection is a php/mysql script for keeping your cd/music collection organized. It will produce listings by artist, albums, and songs.

23)   Gchats Flash Mp3 player
Add Full featured Music player to your website , just copy your mp3 files in a folder and listen to the songs , you may be able to add lyrics of the songs. Volume , pan , auto pan , auto repeat , loop and more features…

24)   MP3 Search Archive
MP3 Search Archive is a simple archive script that stores all the link in a MYSQL database. This system provides user to remove the broken links.

25)   Digital Audio Base
Digital Audio Base is an excellent musical library software that promotes audio system on your website with an unique database for storing songs, albums etc,.

26)   classAudioFile
AudioFile is a simple music software for recognizing audio file attributions. This script supports files like WAV, AIFF, MP3 and OGG.

27)   myMP3DB
myMP3DB is a simple musical library script with which you can store all your MP3 albums directly using a MYSQL database without any auxiliary files.

28)   The G27 Project
The G27 Project is a simple musical library software designed to support local band artists in providing vital informations regarding their musical events.

29)   Mp3 Search Script
Mp3 Search Script is a musical library searching software with which you can search MP3's on the hard drive with unique search strings.

30)   The Bunghole
The Bunghole is a PHP based link indexing script which will be useful for music fans as well as for artists. It offers you wide range of resources.

31)   gIg
gIg is a PHP based tool that is available online for the purpose of generating ideas or whatever topic it may be. You can test the demo on the website.

32)   DVD Database
DVD Database is a music library database that provides unique collections of personal DVD's with genre support and improved search functionalities.

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