Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Networking Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   SpeedyTEST
This is a simple software that determines the speed of your user's internet connection and provides redirections to webpages according to the system speed.

2)   Simple PHP Proxy Blocker
This program is helpful for the system administrators to block the HTTP proxies which uses several settings in HTTP. Installation of this program is easy.

3)   Networking Utilities
Networking Utilities is a PHP based script available for basic networking tools such as ping, traceroute and nslookup. The script is very simple and easy to use.

4)   PHP Shell
PHP Shell is a PHP based script wrapped in shell. Even if you do not have a normal telnet or SSH access, you can execute these commands on your remote webserver.

5)   Country identification with IP
Country identification with PHP as its name indicates, helps you in finding the country to which a certain belongs to. The script does not require any database.

6)   Subnet Calculator
Subnet Calculator is a simple script based in PHP which helps you in finding the network address as well as the broadcaster's address using an IP address.

7)   PHP Port Scan
PHP Port Scan is a simple PHP application designed to effectively scan ports such as TCP ports and UDP ports.

8)   PHP Proxy Finder
PHP Proxy Finder is a PHP based script which helps you in managing your web browser. Just register for a full featured application of this useful script.

9)   Ping script
Easy script to ping any host. Great if you want to give your visitors a helping hand in selecting an mirror. Capable of displaying in the ping time and wheatear the host is online or offline.

10)   soulbot - soulseek file sharing protocol bot in PHP
This is a network script which allows automated bot to fetch files from the sharing network and display them. It is an useful script for the users to search music files over the network.

11)   Looking Glass
Looking Glass is a script with which you can issue commands like traces, pings, BGP stuff and much more. This is a simple PHP script with a web based interface.

12)   IPplan
IPplan is a PHP based IP address management and tracking tool. The latest version comes with various new features like importing network definitions from routing tables and much more.

13)   PortPeeker
PortPeeker is a flexible portscanning script which scans a single host or a range of contiguous IP addresses and also has the ability to scan TCP ports and much more.

14)   ProxyCheck
ProxyCheck is a networking script which can be used for surfing anonymously, making anonymous posts to message boards or make arbitrary connections to other hosts.

15)   Whois
Whois is a simple and easy to use script written in PHP. It is a global whois information provider for almost all the top level domains that are available.

16)   HTTPPost
HTTPPost is a script written in PHP which helps you in posting an array of data to a given URL using rfc2616 protocol. The script is also very simple and easy to use.

17)   Vz Ping
Vz Ping is a simple ping script written using PHP programming. The script tells you which systems of your LAN network are online with the help of a web page.

18)   Solace MUD/Telnet Proxy Client
SMC is a PHP script, that allows your telnet client to connect to the MUDs or any other server through a telnet protocol. It acts like a proxy-server between telnet client and server, processing all incoming and outgoing data. SMC allows you to work will all well-known databases, internet (sockets, ftp, http, etc.), extended text parsing and much more...

19)   phpsmb
phpsmb is a simple PHP based interface to a smbclient. This script supports infinate recursion checking. It also includes a basic browser as well as the ez_smb interface.

20)   IP Manager
IP Manager is a PHP based program that can be used for managing C class networks. It performs all the subnetting, organizing and monitoring the networks.

21)   phpWhois
PHP Whois is a PHP based script that contains a whois RFC 954 library. It allows a PHP program to create a whois object and obtain the output of a whois query with the lookup function.

22)   JWhoisX
JWhoisX is a PHP based whois script which can be integrated with your existing website and you can provide this service to your website visitors adding more functionality to your website.

23)   MyShell
MyShell is a PHP based script which does not require any Java applet or any direct connection. The new version comes with an inbuilt File Editor which allows you to install and edit the text and configuration files in real time.

24)   Traceroute
The Traceroute is a script based on PHP and MySQL database which helps you to add sites, places from where you can find or traceroute the information to a database.

25)   Pcom
Pcom or PHP commander is a PHP driven web based telnet that provides an interface for running shell commands or external programs on a server. It also contains certain limitations to use this script.

26)   SmbWebClient
SmbWebClient is a web based interface to the windows network. To use this script you require smbclient which can be downloaded from the website.

27)   Get Country By IP
Get Country By IP is a PHP based script which helps you in finding the name of the country for a particular IP address that you enter. The script is simple and easy to use.

28)   Ip To Country
This is a powerful networking tool that has the ability to indentify the exact geographical location of your website customers and visitors.

29)   phpBandwidth
phpBandwidth is a script written in PHP which can be used to monitor a particular network interface and displays the details regarding the utilization of bandwidth on a server in a graphical format in real time.

30)   BandwidthMeter
BandwidthMeter is a script in networking tool written in PHP. This script can be used for the purpose of finding the current utilization of bandwidth on your server instantly.

31)   Topdog Domain Check Script
Topdog Domain Check Script is a PHP based script to check the domain availability and whois information of a particular IP address. The new version comes with advanced features.

32)   TLD Check
TLD Check is nothing but Top Level Domain Check. The script is written using PHP. This script checks for the availability of a domain name in a server.

33)   Your Own FTP Program Written In PHP
This is an useful tool which gives you the features of the FTP software. Using this tool you can easily upload the files to the remote server. This tool acts as a FTP server and notify any unwanted logins to the administrator.

34)   Whois Class
Whois Class is a simple and easy to use script based on PHP for getting information about the domain names from the whois server. The script will be useful for webhosting companies.

35)   PHP Service Monitor
PHP Service Monitor is a script which will e-mail you if the server is down etc. and also notifies you by e-mail when a server comes back up.

36)   pHpHp
pHpHp is a simple PHP based script that searches and gets information like number of pages printed, uptime etc from any HP Jet Direct printers.

37)   JFFNMS
JFFNMS is a complete Opensource Network Management System. It integrates Syslog, Tacacs, RRDtool Performance Graphs, Maps, Traps, TFTP, Autodiscovery, Sound Alerts, AAA, Modular and Extensible.

38)   Node Runner
Node Runner is a PHP based script which is designed in order to contact the network nodes in a certain order based on the description of the node. It requires MySQL database. This script is not intended to be used as an SNMP manager.

39)   GC Trace
GC Trace is a simple PHP program that can be used to trace specific IP address from your webhosting server through the appropriate traceroute command.

40)   IP Atlas
IP Atlas is a simple but useful networking tool written in PHP and partially uses GD library. This script let you to know the geographical location of a particular IP address on an image of the world map.

41)   Tellme
Tellme is a script which helps you in getting all the details or information regarding an IP address and also helps you in tracking down the location of servers.

42)   Advanced Domainchecker
Advanced Domainchecker is a script which allows you to create a domain checker for the purpose of your website users. It helps the users to find the availability of a particular domain name.

43)   Auto-Host
Auto-Host 2 is a simple and useful program in PHP that helps you to create and develop your own web hosting company supporting unlimited hosting packages.

44)   ProxyChecker
ProxyChecker is a opensource script which can be used to surf anonymously, making anonymous posts to message boards or make arbitrary connections to other hosts.

45)   CP-Whois
CP-Whois is an easy to use PHP based Whois utility which is designed to search the .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info registries for the specified domain names.

46)   HTTP Client
Net HTTP Client is an almost complete HTTP client which implements all HTTP methods and even a subset of WebDAV which is nothing but the standard web publishing protocol.

47)   PHP WhoIs Domain Class
This class returns the whois information an checks the availability of at least 270 different top level domains.

48)   Indigo Whois
Indigo Whois script has the following features and options: Supports all major tlds including: com, net, org, info, biz, us,,, de, and more.

49)   Network Management System
Network management system software is a simple and effective online program designed to help webmasters in administering their networking devices.

50)   IDIA for PHP
IDIA for PHP is a simple script written in PHP which is available to communicate with computers which has specific Internet Protocol addresses.

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