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1-50 News Publishing (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Spip
Spip is a PHP based program using which webmasters can have a content management system for publishing content on their existing websites. This program has several features for users benefit.

2)   MyNews
This program is used for publishing news on website. It uses no databases to store data and it stores the data in flat text file. Administrators can customize the news items and layout of the output easily.

3)   Nucleus
A PHP/MySQL utility to create and manage weblogs.

4)   phpNews
phpNews is a simple news tool which is desigined for to display and manipulate a news engine on your website. MySQL is required to store the database. Newspages can be splited into many pages. It supports user admin system.

5)   SmarterNews [FlatFile]
This is a news publishing or posting script which is written using PHP program. The script will be very much useful for webhosts and does not require MySQL database. All the data are stored in a simple text file.

6)   TXnews
TXnews is a complete news or article publishing system (cms). It includes the backend, data storage system and updater. It uses "flat files" for storage so no need for a database. Templates available for titles, icons, snippets, news body, user, time, date, month, year and email. You can specify the number of headlines to be displayed and view an archive. Includes support for multiple users and automatic building.

7)   phpNewsManager
phpNewsManager is the ultimate news manager for your website. This script will help you to add,edit and remove news on your site. phpNewsManager also supports multi-level user access and comes with a user friendly GUI.

8)   An Online Article Manager
Using this dynamic press release manager, you will have the ability to post late breaking news, company news or any announcments.

9)   Quick News
Add news articles to your web site.

10)   NewsPHP Value-Pro
NewsPHP Value-Pro is a php/MySQL based programme that helps users to run an magazine or any publishing business with ease. This programme could handle heavy load utilizing low computing resources.

11)   Press Release Manager
Press Release Manager is a News script that enbles a user to manage the article systems on a website. It displays articles and allows category and image upload. Abiility to print articles and backup facility is available.

12)   FlexPHPNews Pro
FlexPHPNews Pro is written in PHP script language and is grately used in news engines of your website. It supports multiple picture uploads,site statistics,featured articles and news archive by date.

13)   Magic News Lite
Magic News Lite is a easy to use php based news management system. This programme sports a very easy to use control panel that helps users to post news to their sites from anywhere in the world.

14)   Jax NewsPage
program for online-management of a News Page.

15)   NewsPHP
News Center & Content Management Software

16)   NewsCaster
NewsCaster is an PHP based script that helps you to enhance your news management easily. Supports customizable colors and fonts, easy administration setup, effective admin page, editable user accounts, post news, edit/delete posts, smilies on/off and print option.

17)   ABC NewsArticle
ABC NewsArticle is PHP based programme that helps webmasters in managing and publishing news articles on their websites. A handy tool for webmasters.

18)   Storyteller CMS System
Storyteller CMS is a PHP based script that provides features to access Content Management Systems and designed for high traffic websites. Integrated caching system for traffic websites ,RSS/XML news feed, Image uploaders and templates.

19)   Genu
Genu is a php language script used to administrate the news and comments system in your website. Easy to install and just helps you working with comments and news to display them effectively. Users can administrate online.

20)   PHP/MySQL News with Comments
PHP/MySQL News with Comments is a PHP tutorial that describes the common PHP features and functions to create a PHP based news module with commenting facilities.

21)   NePHP Publisher
NePublish Server® is a perfect solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that are easy to install and manage.

22)   EZS News Management System
EZS News Management system is a php based script designed for small websites. Multiple news categories are easily accessible by names , posting of comments and a centralized control panel.

23)   TorrentNews
This is a powerful news publishing utility through which you would be able to circulate news arround the world without even a bias or censorship.

24)   JNews
JNews is a simple and powerful online news publishing software with which website owners would be able to post news on their websites.

25)   NePHP Publisher
NePHP Publisher is used as a multi purpose software that assists on developing online magazines and media websites. It supports multiple categories and sub categories, multiple users on different levels, and multiple editors for comments and posts.

26)   dotWidget for Articles
dotWidget for Articles is written in PHP4 and MySQL. It's features support: Placing/ maintaining the articles/ news on a website. Password protected admim area allows configuring the site. You can manage the users and categories via admin panel

27)   PHP Newsfeed
PHP Newsfeed is an online news publishing software that can generate XML news feeds to help you to display local news headlines on your website.

28)   Simple PHP News Manager
Simple PHP News Manager will assist the novice PHP programmers to include a dynamic news engine on their PHP enabled website. Also, educates to create the news system with MySQL database.

29)   gee! News Editor
Display news articles easily on your website. Choose from a variety of layouts. Use the gee! News Editor to manage and share news clippings and other articles about your organization.

30)   PHPnewsmanager
PhpNewsManager supports many features to organize your whole news website. Administering Users management can be done easily. Users can access your site under priviledges provided. Many Smilies, icons and gallary management facilitates to adorn your website fine.

31)   SimpNews
Simpnews is a php script that allows you to manipulate the news system simply. Attaching files and fixing icons to each news can be done. Given with mulitple supports to maintain news and comments in your site efficaciously to the visitors.

32)   Newswa
Newswa is a news publishing script. The admin can enter news, edit or cancel them - new articles will be secured under current news. An archive will sort every article by the date of enter.

33)   Skull-Splitter's News
Skull-Splitter's News is a php news script. Using that you can add a news page that could contain all the deatils about your news articles entries on database. Templates are editable. Unlimited categories can be allowed. No programming knowledge is required.

34)   Quick News
This program can be used for publishing news on the website by the webmasters. Fully customizable admin control panel is available and it is easy to setup.

35)   Creating a News System in PHP - Part I
Creating a News System in PHP defines the basic principles that concerns with building a news system on your PHP website. This tutorial describes the ways to create a form to accept news and the methods to display them on web pages.

36)   DMANews
A simple script that makes it easy to post regular news articles. Facilities include templates for new articles and support for alternating row colors if tables are used.

37)   ABC NewsArticle
A script for managing a news database and publishing news on a web site automatically.

38)   Magic News Plus
Magic News Plus is a powerful news management program that gives you the ability to generate different types of news articles for your website with simple layout mode.

39)   Xtreme News
Xtreme News is an efficient news administrative system which makes you feel easy to upgarde your web site. Working on news templates, control panel, smilies, icons, images and comments are simply done using this script quickly.

40)   PhpCow
This is a powerful PHP built web publishing system through which you can publish your site, clone and even build news site with essential news portals.

41)   MD News
MD News is a php script which is mostly used in managing news content. It supports add and administer news on the fly and allows visitors to view them immediately. It has a latest news file and news archive file.

42)   SN News
This script is helpful for the webmasters to publish updated news on their website. This program has many advanced features with admin control.

43)   News7
News7 is a PHP and MySQL based script that gives an easy environment to work with news engines. Allows people who selectedby webmaster to add, edit and delete news to their web site. Other options include formatting the layout of the news and utilizing the avatars, word filters and images.

44)   X-Gate News
X-Gate News is a PHP based news script that will be of good use to website administrators to keep their site dynamic.

45)   PageNews
PageNews is a php written news script which is widely used in news manamgement systems. Allows users with protected admin system and adding news to any php page can be done quickly and simply.

46)   SZNewsHandler
SZNewsHandler is a powerful template driven system which is widely used in newsadmin systems. Provides many features to work with templates, news categories and news posts simply and easily.

47)   Filebased News Mangagement
Filebased News Management is PHP based script that gives features to access web based administration, listing all news and supports WAP/WML.

48)   Site Minder
Site Minder is a php script which is widely used in news publishinng and content management system. Allows people with minimal knowledge in web editing skills to professionally manage a web domain.

49)   Pivot
Pivot is a php script that can be used to maintain weblogs, online journals and news articles very efficiently on any website.

50)   WB News
WB News is an advanced news publishing system with an user-friendly adminstration section. Using this sytem you can publish the news in the websites. This system has a built-in update checker.

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