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1-50 Online Communities (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   DevShed Discussion Forums
DevShed Discussion Forums offers information on PHP, and an online discussion forum.

2)   PHP Interest Group
PHP Interest Group is an online community which brings together icq and php users. You can send messages and exchange files in real time.

3)   PHPIndex Forum
PHPIndex Forum is a php online community and a forum where users can discuss about the topics and can post messages. Different types of forums are available in this site for the users.

4)   Goldies Politically Incorrect Forum
It covers subjects Worldwide such as.Illegal_Immigrants, XP_Windows, Iraq_News,DVD Movies,Politically Incorrect, Racism, Humour_Jokes, Crime, Religion, Adult Chat, Goldies, Mp3, Music_Download, Current Events, Adult_Picture,Asylum_Seekers,Computer_Problems, Mac_Software, Discussion_Forums,Software_Downloads, Movie_Reveiws, World_News, Politics,Government, Iraq_War, Serials, Adult_Chat, Goldies, Discussion, Live_Chat, Software, Movies,Films,TV,Television,Events,Olympics_news + Much,much more.

5)   Fry Forums
Fry Forums is an online forum where users can post topics for online discussions with other online communities. All posted messages are displayed with the total number of threads and posts.

6)   PHP-HowTo
PHP-HowTo is a php online community which acts as a an email based discussion forum for members for discussing about topics. This script is simple and very useful for the users to use.

7)   joomla support
joomla support knowledgebase and faq's community for joomla open source

8)   Self Service Admin Forum
This is a simple PHP based forum that allows visitors to discuss about various issues A free registration give the rights to Self Admin Visitors Posts & Replies.

9)   Freelancer Community at provides a space where service buyers and freelancers come together to do business.

10) is a php online community where you can post your projects for the programmers. In this site members can register and bid on any specific projects.

11)   PHPZEN forum
This is a forum based online community software where a lot of online discussions, question and answers regarding PHP programming language is posted.

12) is a php online community where you can discuss the doubts about scripts which are in different categories with the other programmers. This forum is a suitable one for the beginners.

13)   Freelancer Community at provides a space where service buyers and freelancers come together to do business.

14)   Talking City
This PHP built online community software consists several forums to enable online users and webmasters to discuss on topics related to their profession.

15) Webmaster Forums Webmaster Forums is a php online community and a forum in that users can post messages and topics. The users can get logged off automatically. Simple to use by users.

16)   PHPFrance
This is a php community where you can view several informations in this site like documents, forums and tutorials. This site has a huge archive on php based scripts and programs for users downloads.

17)   WebTalk Forum
WebTalk Forum is an useful online community software where unlimited number of forums are available for you to post topics regarding programming languages.

18)   Code Transit Forums
This is a virtual place for the webmasters containing password protected forums to hold discussion on specific issues related to their programming difficulties.

19)   4
This site is used for communicating with each other through which the users can contact with the programmers, web owners etc., and they can clear their doubts online.

20)   TheWarrior Productions Forum
TheWarrior Productions Forum is an advance online utility which is specifically designed for discussing various topics online. This utility is written in PHP.

21)   area51 Forum
This is a simple forum in PHP where you can mingle with other online communities to discuss on general issues through protected forums.

22)   PHP Programming Forums
PHP Programming Forums is a php online community where users can post messages and also post topics in the forum. More informations are available in the forum for the users to view.

23)   Zend Forums
Zend Forums is a php online community that provides several forums for the users. The users can post topics and messages in it. zend products forum has a seperate discussion area for all questions and comments on commercial products.

24)   k4 Bulletin Board
k4 Bulletin is a full featured forum solution.

25)   PHP Help Bulletin Board
PHP Help Bulletin Board is a online community which allows users to discuss about the several scripts and topics through this site. Useful bulletin board program for developers and site owners.

26)   Webmasters Resources Discussion Forum
Webmasters Resources Discussion Forum is a php community and a forum where users can post messages and topics. This script has many features like password can be recovered by the users and more.

27)   JamersPad
JamersPad is an PHP based online discussion board which contains forums to post topics for online discussions on various issues.

28)   PHP Community
This script is basically built by using PHP codings which can be used by the webmasters on their website to develop their sites with online communities i.e- it allows website visitors and web owners to discuss among themselves about PHP and PHP related program online.

29) is an online community portal site where users can signup and login in this site for programming resources. A detailed download section is provided in this site.

30) is a php online community in which users are allowed to discuss about the categories with the other members for finding a required solution. Simple for the users to use.

31)   PHPmac
PHPmac will be a suitable site for PHP programmers to develop their PHP modules including online community tools, news system, etc., in an easier way. It also provides too many modules to protect your PHP script.

32) Freelancer Community provides a space where service buyers and freelancers come together to do business.

33)   PHP Builder
PHP Builder is a php community and a forum that allow users to post messages in the forum. In this script users have a password recovery. It is simple and easy to configure and install by the users.

34)   PHP Ideas
Free advice from leading industry experts on all levels of PHP scripting. Free classifieds, code snippets, forums, and news. Custom solutions at affordable prices.

35)   V7 Network Web Developement Community
This is a simple community software for webmasters to mingle with other webmasters and to discuss on topics related to PHP programming.

Web coding and development forums. Get help on PHP, JavaScript, CGI, XML, web design, and more.

37)   CWD Programmer Forums
CWD is an advanced PHP based online community which allows you to learn about the graphics design, database administration, various software development languages with the help of the tutorials. You can also post tutorials in this forum.

38)   3oProgramming
3oProgramming is a php community that provides a project management methods for the open source IT projects. This script does not fit for the other projects which is needed by the manager.

39)   Smartbids
Smartbids is a freelance programming services marketplace. Here you can find freelance programmers and designers.

40)   Xavier's Forum
Xavier's Forum offers an online community for webmasters and progammers.

41)   Geek Valley
Geek Valley is a php online community and a forum where users can add messages after they have logged in. This forum provides more information about maintaining your own user profile, browsing options and avatars.

42)   PHP - Developer Webring
PHP - Developer Webring is a php online community where users can view the php scripts on this site and can download these scripts to know about it. This community is simple for the users.

43) Freelancer Community provides a space where service buyers and freelancers come together to do business.

44)   Freelancer Community at provides a space where service buyers and freelancers come together to do business.

45)   Nuke Forums
Nuke Forums is a php community where users can submit comments for discussing about the articles. This site distributes news and articles for the registered users. It supports 22 languages.

46)   phpdevshed.functions
phpdevshed.functions is a php community that deals with the php scripts. This script lists the categories that are available. Different types like free and paid php scripts are provided to the users.

Php programming community forum.

PHPDiscuss is a php online community which has several newsgroups that deals with different activities. Detailed info about the particular activities are available in this script.

49)   Code-Kilroy is a website that contains many articles on how to build your own website.

Talk everything about php language.

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