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1-50 Organizers (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Yaab
Yaab is a PHP scripted programme for maintaing personal address book. This supports functions like adding, deleting, editing or updating contacts, searching for a specific contact and able to send messages easily.

2)   PHP-addressbook
PHP Address Book is a software in PHP to maintain addresses and contact details. Easily custmizable with searching functions in alphabetical order.

3)   Gig Lister
Gig Lister is a software written in PHP that allows a complete administrative control over gigs or shows and events in your list. This script allows you to keep an online gig guide.

4)   Online Appointment Scheduler
The script is PHP and MYSQL driven and allows customers to reserve an appointment with a Company via the Company's homepage.

5)   Muze's Addressbook
It is a simple, clean-interfaced Web-based address book written in PHP.

6)   MyToDo
MyToDo is an efficient online development tool that can be used to organize and track project development tasks with the ability to categorize the tasks.

7)   TaskFreak! web based task manager
TaskFreak! is a simple but efficient web based task manager written in PHP. Requires mySQL or PHP5 (sqlLite used)

8)   PBcontacts
PBcontacts is a software that allows you to store mailing lists. The searching function of this script can search in each field seperately. Useful for maintaining address book.

9)   PHP OpenCard 2004
This is a PHP built online application through which you can generate cardfiles on your website with MySQL database support for organizing contacts.

10)   Staff Online
This is a membership mangement programme used as online database of contacts. This script can manage more than 2000 records of contacts. This keeps all records in text, excel ready file.

11)   myPHProlodex
MyPHPRolodex is a PHP scripted programme for storing mailing list for future reference. This script has basic add or delete functions for your mailing list. This is a complete organizer tool for your mailing list.

12)   gee! Document Manager
Create an easy to use document collection with gee! Document Manager or gee! Document Collections. Allow users to download important documents, forms, and information from your website.

13)   Contract Management Software
This is an efficient online contract management software capable of maintaining vender's bids, tenders and contracts for purchase departments.

14)   ToDoList.php
ToDoList.php is a set of PHP3 scripts that create a web-based list of things to do.

15)   Global Address List
Global Address List application in PHP is an online address book. This helps to control and support many users. Several different requirements are met out by this script.

16)   WebSched
Websched is an online based scheduling solution. This is a PHP based script meant for small size or medium size organisation for scheduling.

17)   ContactClerk
Manage an unlimited number of contacts in a dynamic set of lists. Copy, move, and link contacts from one list to another with user-friendly wizards. Manage custom fields and display settings to optimize your contact lists. Try out our demo and see for yourself how simple contact management can be!

18)   PHP MySQL Contact Database
Based Mike Miller's contact database tutorial.

19)   MyOrgBook
MyOrgBook is a free open source online organizer programmed with PHP and MySql. Some features include mult-user login, lost password emailer, contacts, todo/ scheduler, calendar, profile changer. MyOrgBook allows you to edit, delete update contacts and many more features.

20)   Toodoo
This is a PHP based software to display what is to be done. With this script you can schedule the task to be done first, the next and so on. Shows in three categories.

21)   PHP Address
PHP Address is a software written in PHP which uses MySQL database backend. This is a multi user address book. This web based script has customizable user interface language.

22)   phpMyContact
PhpMyContact is an application in PHP that allows you to have a address book on a web server. This multi user script has multilanguage capability and has searching facility.

23)   Task Tracker
Task Traker is an application in PHP for keeping track about the task that has been done. This gives information about where/why the task is done in your concern.

24)   Personal Information Database (PIdb)
Personal Information Database (PIdb) is an application in PHP to keep track of various online informations. Diary type web notes and the web links in the script gives a TOC type links.

25)   mg.applanix
mg.applanix is a simple online tour management software written in PHP with which small and medium size tourism enterprises are able to manage the arrival and departure of their customers.

26)   WebOffice
WebOffice is a simple online office automation software with which you can manage all your events, appointments and meetings in a file system that can be easily retrieved through your personal task manager.

27)   phpMyConferences
phpMyConferences is an application in pHP that helps to manage conferences in organisatons. This is a world wide web based manager. With this tool you have a full admin control over organising a conference.

28)   GBTask
GBTask is an organizer programme in PHP scripts. This is a one page task manager for controlling your tasks schedule. This script provides with a keyword based searching facility.

29)   PhpMyComic
PhpMyComic is a PHP scripted programme to manage content for your comics website. This features with a latest administration system and a comic engine for organizing your comics.

30)   pPIM
You can use this PHP based organising software to manage all your files, important notes, email addresses, links, contact database etc.,

31)   EZ Phone Directory
The EZ Phone Directory makes life easy for those that use PHP3, to have an online phone directory at your fingertips.

32)   Aesculapius - a pre-designed solution for doctors
Aesculapius is a PHP scripted solution for doctors who are in the sections like stomatology, physical medicine, surgery and opthalmology. This helps to manage stock positions of medicine and tools.

33)   Cookdojo Home Edition
This software enables you to manage all your recipes with ease. Adding, editing, printing and searching for recipes is simple and fast. You can make your own ebook.

34)   jab Phone
This is a php based script that gives an online system to track the employee name, phone numbers and other contact informations. You can search database by content of any field.

35)   Dream Contacts
Dream Contacts is a simple address book program where you can have the address and other relevant contact details of all your friends, associates, relatives etc.,

36)   The Address Book
The Address Book is an application in PHP that gives you a open source address management system. With this, you can display coming birthdays, organise contacts, maintain mailing lists and sending messages.

37)   AZ
AZ is an efficient web-based address book powered by PHP & MySQL.

38)   booklist
With the help of this PHP program you would be able to maintain a list of all your books.

39)   Cardfile
Cardfile is an application in PHP script to generate a rolodex like card file. The header and footer HTML files can be modified to suit your website needs.

40)   PRE Business Management System
Pre Business Management System is consists of complete Customer Relationship Management System, project tracking system, inventory control system and office automation system.

41)   Tasks
Tasks is is a web-based application in PHP script. You can manage your tasks or projects from a centralised area and can view your tasks in an iCalender enabled calendar.

42)   Backdoor
Backdoor is an application written in PHP. This is an online organizer programme that includes ftp, mail, addressbook, calender, notes and bookmarks.

43)   MyPWA
This is a personal data management application with single or multiple user facilities. This online software helps to create folders, your personal calendar for making appointments, email lists, phone numbers etc.

44)   Solution for Hospitals and Doctors
Solution for hospitals and doctors. Can be easily customized and installed.

45)   Procurement Software
Procurement Software is an advanced PHP application that offers custom solutions for all merchants and sellers to manage their bids and purchase requests effectively.

46)   Termin Planner
TerminPlanner is web-based reservation and scheduling system, allowing users to register and then place reservations on any kind of resources, such as conference rooms, machines, computers, etc.

47)   gee! Contact Organizer
Organize your contacts. Collect user info from opt-in forms on your site into a web database. Categorize and export contacts with our contact manager software.

48)   DiaBeat BSL record
DiaBeat BSL record is a PHP based script that lets the users to maintain their blood sugar level datas on their own websites. It is easy to install and use this system.

49)   TAF
TAF is a software that lets you to manipulate a todo list systematically. This is a PHP based script that uses postgreSQL database on backend. This is an assigned-user management of a task list.

50)   WBcontacts
WBcontacts is an application in PHP with a mysql database backend. This is a data storage programme storing informations using one table. This script works as a personal assistant.

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