Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Polls and Voting (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   RateMe
RateMe is a HotOrNot like picture voting/image rating script with mysql as backend. Features: easy implementation (include wherever you want into an existing site), picture upload or linking, unlimited categories, dynamic top lists, overview/index page, multilanguage (en, de, nl), comments, installscript for mysql and much more...

2)   Easy PHP Poll
Easy PHP Poll has a collection of PHP made modules which can be used to implement a voting system on your website to obtain your visitors feedback about your work, site usage etc., Prevents multiple vote from a same user.

3)   phpVote
phpVote is a simple polling solution that is written on PHP language. It gives multi-language support. CSS style is used to customize the appearance. Cookies function is available.

4)   Jax Petition Book
Adaption of Jax Guestbook to run an Online Petition List. Supports the Same features as Jax Guestbook v.3.06...

5)   SCT.Poll
Written in German. SCT.Poll.PHP generates an inquiry on your side. Everyone can participate to the Umfarge. The results are stored and can be graphically indicated. A Revotesperre protects against the abuse of the Scripts. All attitudes can be changed over a Web interface.

6)   A professional poll/survey PHP module
Multilingual module uses gettext library. English and French messages already set up. Many answer types: single choice, multiple choice, ORDERED list, numeric (maybe bounded), text. Muliple page organization with optional condition to direct the display of a page.

7)   MiPhoto
MiPhoto is a fully functional website where members can rate and meet other people. Members can see other member's profile, private message or email other member. MiPhoto Pro can easily be used as a dating website with the aid of the payment system and customized profile fields.

Image rating script similar to with more advanced features like, charging people for membership, anti-vote fraud, session ID's, Template based.

9)   SimplePoll
SimplePoll gives easy to use functions to manitain a polling and voting script on your websites. Radio buttons are allowed to display answer options. Included questions on poll can be modified.

10)   Free-PHP SimplePoll
Simple Poll is a PHP program which works as it name defines. Incorporated admin interface allows to modify the poll system as well as look and feel of whole site.

11)   Actionpoll
Actionpoll is known for scripting polling manager on PHP built websites. Webmaster can publish online survey that supports both MySQL tables and text files as backend. Numerous polls are allowed.

12)   phpESP
phpESP is a Survey package that functions on PHP based websites. Generating, editing , deleting surveys are supported. Getting cloning of existing surveys is included.

13)   Minspoll
Minspoll is a high featured PHP program that is used for poll and voting systems on dynamic websites. Polls system works with subdomains, servers and symlinks.

14)   PicMe
Complete turnkey photo rating website, with more options than any other, and growing everyday.

15)   PicMe
PicMe photo rating software with more features than any other. Complete turnkey website.

16)   Xkare image voting system
Xkare image voting system is a PHP program that gives facilties to manage image rating. Pictures can be uploaded in admin panel. Polling is available with multiple dropdown menus.

17)   The Amazing Little Poll
The Amazing Little Poll v1.2 is a very simple php Poll application. It uses a flat file to store voting scores. It's very easy to set up, and easy to customize.

DreamPoll is an enhanced version of Advanced Poll Builder for webmasters who handle the medium/big websites.

19)   Rank 1-10
Rank 1-10 is a php program which permits the visitors to vote on pictures, movies, article, products. An useful program for the users and the webmasters.

20)   Big Fat RATE MY PHOTO Script
Start your own photo rating website with this complete, fully functional rate my photo script. Sell banner space on your website and get paid by PayPal.

21)   Voting Script
With this script you can provide votes and polls on your website.

22)   PHPSurveyor
PHP Surveyor is developed for publishing survey system on websites that is based on PHP language. It provides the survey script along with data entry area. 'Tokens' system keeps the people to access the survey information.

23)   Sympoll
Sympoll is a customizable voting booth system. It is written using PHP and requires access to a MySQL database. Any number of polls may exist concurrently. Individual polls can easily be embedded into any PHP or SHTML webpage.

24)   ScriptMagix Photo Rating(Simple) 2.0
This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to upload pictures and get them rated .Users can rate photos and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can approve/disapprove photos uploaded by users .

25)   nabopoll
This is a complete web based survey system. This comes with admin supports. This is a customizable package. Just edit the HTML files and you can start using this survey script.

26)   phpRateApic
This program was written for the sole purpose of providing a way for webmasters to allow picture voting on their site. Installation is fairly simple and using the default templates provided in this latest version, will get you up and running within minutes.

27)   class-1 Poll Software
You can use this PHP built polls and voting software to design your own polling program for your website with simple web based wizard. This program is supported by MySQL backend.

28)   Who's Cuter?
Who's Cuter Image Voting Script. This script randomly selects two images form a database and the visitor picks one and a vote is tabulated and two more images are displayed.

29)   Chipmunk Poll
Chipmunk poll is a simple PHP poll module that offers functions to access a poll system on websites. It supports only one poll and rating. Admin can alter poll results.

30)   PGVote - A simple poll/vote script
PGVote - A simple poll/vote script is a poll managing system that is written with PHP language. Links for vote page are allowed in admin panel. Forms and result layouts are fully customizable.

31)   PHPIX
Hotornot photo rating script. Pics display in order, can be sorted by the user, real time stats. Track total photos, users & visitors online. Web admin area, browse user accounts, top 10 men & women categories, members area for updating info & managing photos, add banners easily, IP tracking.

32)   UCWeb Poll System Lite
UCWeb Poll System Lite is a fully customizable poll system that doesn't require a database.

33)   ScriptMagix Recipes 2.0
This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to browse through recipe categories and view recipes in each of them .Users can rate recipes and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can create categores and add recipes .

34)   Vz Poll System
Vz Poll System is an online poll manager that is used for websites which are based on PHP and MySQL. Admin panel supports add/edit/delete polls. Polls can be switched ON/OFF for visibility.

35)   Survey System
Survey system is a web application that consist of PHP modules to implement an online survey system on your portal systems. Administration and modules are Customizable.

36)   @lex Mysql Poll
A powerful poll admin program using MySQL.

37)   Stars
Stars is a poll and voting program which allows the users to vote for stars. The average ratings can be viewed by the users in this script.

38)   SMe Poll Host
SMe Poll Host is a version host for SMe Poll. It is a good tool for webmasters. It allows you to offer a free poll for your website visitors which will keep people coming back to your website. In the admin area, you are able to delete or edit a user. It also allows you to remove a link powered poll.

39)   ScriptMagix Recipes 2.0
This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to browse through recipe categories and view recipes in each of them .Users can rate recipes and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can create categores and add recipes .

40)   ProtoPoll
ProtoPoll is an easy to set up poll script.

41)   FreeVF
FreeVF is an easier means of accessing polling script that consists of PHP modules. Online administration requires no programming knowledge. Pictures and images can be rated by authorized users. Compatible for multi-language.

42)   Szewo Polls
szewo polls is famous for polling manager on PHP/MySQl based web portals which gives simple functions to manipulate polling system. It provides polls in multiple views. Mailing system is included for preventing multiple vote from same member.

43)   Kazam Poll
Kazam Poll is designed with PHP script that is used to construct a polling manager on dynamic websites. Skins are inbuilt that allow you to give your site pages customized looks. Admin supports user registration.

44)   Lupinio's PHP Vote
All website visitors and customers would be able to rank the displayed images from 1 to 10 and comment on the pictures with their name.

45)   Vote! Pro - Survey and Voting Leader
Vote Pro 4.0 is a voting program for websites. It is comfortable to use and is flexible.

46)   Phplite Poll
Phplite Poll is constructed by PHP script that is adaptable to build a polling manager on websites. One page can contain as many polls as you desire to create with maximum of 10 answer options.

47)   MP Poll
MP Poll is a polling manager that is powered using PHP. It gives features to vote through radio buttons and displays voted results. Number of replies options can be included.

48)   chumpsoft-phpQuestionnaire
chumpsoft-phpQuestionnaire is a full featured , PHP coded Survey system using that you can give summarized and detailed online survey reports on muliple pages.

49)   Lunar Poll
You can use this script to develop and deploy polling programs on your website as a means of enhancing your interaction with your website visitors.

50)   Polly
Polly is an effective PHP built polling program for websites that supports variety of features to manipulate rating system. Generating as many polls as you like to create on start page can be done. Supports IP locking and removes repeated votes from members.

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