Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Portal Systems (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   LSW,PCHZ Members Online Script
LSW/PCHZ Members Online Script is built in PHP code that supports online members on websites. It allows the registered users to post whatever they want to write.

2)   Recipe Portal PHP
Great traffic generation with viral features and community gathering. Allows visitors to: Rate recipes Add recipes Search recipes Email recipes to friends Login and Register to add recipes Subscribe to newsletter Website Features: Newest Recipes Higest Rated Recipes .....

3)   PHP-Nuke
PHP-Nuke is a Web Portal System, storytelling software, News system, online community or whatever you want to call it. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles, just similar to Slashdot and many others.

4)   nPortal
nPortal is a PHP and MySQL driven software that offers features to display cams on web pages which are editable. You can display the pages as you like them to be.

5)   Webmatic 1.7
Webmatic is a revolutionary system for the dinamic creation of your website with a simple control panel.

6)   DSPortal
DSPortal is a powerful, flexible and modular portal system.

7)   pHNews
A fast and easy to use portal system written in php. It has many features includeing news, comments, users, themes and templates and much more is planned.

8)   Phpclanwebsite
Phpclanwebsite is fully written with PHP and it uses MySQL as database. It's features help you in maintaining the web page contents. It has an interactive member panel that allows all modifications with themes, skin, poll and news admin systems.

9)   myPHPNuke
myPHPnuke is a multi purpose PHP script that is used as content management tool. With this script one can add - commenting system, newsletter, message board, etc., on portal sites.

10)   Online Dating Software
Our software can help you establish an online dating presence in the shortest time possible and at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop your own in-house solution.

11)   World Best Edate - Social Networking Portal Script
E-Friends makes it easier for your members to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not meet before.

12)   eNdonesia
Portal software or web application, or what ever you want to name it: cms, sitemanagement, etc. Modul: web directory, news management, forum, etc.Available in Indonesian and English version (the file with extra "en" extension).

13)   PHPSiteAdmin
PHPSiteAdmin is a very easy to use portal system, using PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. It has a GUI front end for the database, and the webmaster or any of the admins can create, modify, and delete files on the fly.

14)   e107 Website System
e107 is a PHP and MySQL based Content management script that assists you to build a customizable website. Features support: Editable user accounts, Logging security, HTML/CSS supported text, cookies, comment links, articles/ reviews publishing and search query.

15)   PHPWebThings
phpWebThings is powered by PHP and MySQl for developing web based content management. This script enables you getting familiar with setup and configuring webadmin easily. The webmaster can construct the website to his own and can modify later to add more features.

16)   Nuke-Proxima Pack
This is a software pack composed of Php-Nuke 5.5 by Francisco Burzi and Proxima Pro theme-editor by Roberto Beltrame.

17)   CGIInstalls-Portal Installation Service
Portal Installation Service is a software solution system that provides features to install all kinds of scripts on your website. Installation is based on simplicity and speed. Gives security for your scripts.

18)   SocialMPN
SocialMPN is a powerful portal system allowing webmasters to create and manage multiple website with extensive portals and skins for handling all websites under a single or multiple domain.

19)   MEGA Portal PHP
Top 10 searches and featured websites on the front page. Daily content such as weather, games, kids content, lottery results, daily poll, news, recipes, celebrity gossip, financial ticker and tips, comics and more.

20)   ttCMS
ttCMS is entirely given in PHP modules that is used for management of web content. Supports themes, unlimited bloks, links, icons and much more.

21)   Portail PHP
A web portal system featuring a WYSIWYG editor and supporting French, English, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese languages.

22)   DCP Portal
DCP Portal is a powerful portal site manager that features to develop a website with many inrfaces for article system, news engine, poll system, search query and members administration.

23)   LSP - Enigma
LSP-Enigma is a set of PHP module that fetaures to maintain a web portal. It is used to design a site dynamically with articles, news, FAQ, gusestbook, forums, links and chat categories.

24)   Webfree: Give Away Free Websites
Web free is a software package that allows you to give away free websites or web accessible storage to your visitors.

25)   GuppY
Guppy is powered by PHP language which is a full featured web portal system. Secured user administration, Plugin system, newsletters and threaded forums are some of the features included in this script.

26)   miniPortail
miniPortail is a free and small web portal, meant to be easy to use for the end user that you are, and which does not require a database to run.

27)   Ovidentia
Ovidentia is a web portal system for German Friends.

28)   phPortal
phPortal is generated using PHP code that gives solutions to enhance the news and content pages on websites. Front end panel is fully customizable.

29)   Code Portal
This system comes with full administration support and more enhanced features.

30)   Shadowed Portal
Shadowed Portal is a web portal manager and is powered with PHP technology. It provides features for forums, secured user administration, template designing and addon modules.

31)   Portahl
Portahl is a powered with PHP modules that gives features to manipulate the web content dynamically. It is used for publishing news and articles, creating membership list and links on webpages.

32)   phpWebMagazine
phpWebMagazine is based on PHP scripting and it's features support online magazines. You can give your articles on your website with searching option. Users can be allowed in your site under authentication.

33)   Agora Sunrise
Agora Sunrise is powered by PHP script that assists you to manipulate your web content pages easily. It consists of many modules to define a variety of functions that include user management, forums, polls, search and many more.

34)   In-Link Portal Engine
In-Link Portal Engine is built with PHP language that gives as many features as you look for developing a dynamic website without confusion. Implementing user interactivlty and managing content and news pages are done effectively.

35)   phpFullAnnu
phpFullAnnu is a link directory portal application with a news manager (with user commenting), a topsite, vote, a guestbook, and a newsletter manager.

36)   PHPSlash
phpSlash is a web based application that is completely written in PHP and MySQL. This script facilitates you to build user interface system, forum modules, news posting and much more on a dynamic website.

37)   CoolPHP
CoolPHP is a powerful portal system with which you can create and manage active articles web site featuring all essentials with web based administartion.

38)   Joke Portal PHP
Great traffic generation with viral features and community gathering. Allows visitors to: Rate jokes Add jokes Search jokes Email jokes to friends Login and Register to add jokes Subscribe to newsletter Website Features: Newest Jokes Highest Rated Jokes Newest Cartoons Online

39)   Mambo Open Source
Mambo Open Source is a PHP solution for portal and content management. It's features allows you to maintain your website without using HTML.

40)   phpMiniBlocks
phpMiniBlocks is a simple PHP based portal system using which you would be able to add contents to your webpages without editing the webpages every time.

41)   My Ultimate Power Portal
This is a program used for facilitating a portal system that allows the users to control any block or news efficiently. This system was developed using PHP.

42)   Vamp Portal
This is a portal building system developed with php that allows users to manage a group or team. Users need not have any html and php programming knowledge.

43)   EasyDynamicPages
EasyDynamicPages is a PHP Publish management engine that includes advanced publish user interface, three user level access, grouping articles, author lists for articles, searching articles and customizable dynamic pages.

44)   E-Xoops
Content Management System coded mainly in object oriented php. Includes everything you'd expect from a portal system: downloads, links, sections, polls, forum, news, faq, rss feeds, members list, customizable blocks & themes. But also integrates xml-rpc technology & the possibility to manage users as groups with module/block specific access permissions.

45)   PowerPortal
PowerPortal is a PHP based portal package that facilitates you to build a easy-to-use administrative web manager. Your website would incorporate as many fields, tables and features as you like to add.

46)   PHP Web Engine
PHP Web Engine is a simple and extremely fast site engine. It uses MySQL for the database backend so you can virtually have an unlimited amount of pages/news/links. It also includes a full web based administration that allows you to edit your site from anywhere.

47)   Classified- PHP Classified Ads Script
Classified script is written in PHP that offers solutions to develop ads on websites. It is fully customizable on template system and is standard.

48)   Thatware
Thatware is a PHP software that is used as content manager on websites. Generating discussion board and maintaining them on daily basis can be done simply.

49)   Adaptive Website Framework (AWF)
Adaptive Website Framework (AWF) is a full fledged PHP and MySQL driven script that is adaptable for portal systems.

50)   Book Portal PHP
This website will allow you to set up your own book portal! Visitors interested in books can read and post reviews on selected books as well as inform others of book signings in their area...

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