Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-34 Randomizing (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Random Alphanumeric String Generator
Random Alphanumeric String Generator is a php based script useful for session identifications, tracking ids, validation checks. Also used for generating password. This program does two functions that you can use to assign random strings of any length.

2)   Random image
This is a powerful image randomizer that has the ability to display random images on the top of the website pages. This is easy to handle and to customize.

3)   PHP RandomRotator
You can use this PHP RandomRotator to rotate any kind of objects whether it be a quote, ads, banners, text etc., This program is independent of database.

4)   123RandomImage
This image randomizer will help you to randomize image displays on your website pages with the help of a image and graphics directory.

5)   Nonsense Generator
Nonsense Generator is a php based program. This generates a full nonsensical sentences and outputs it in a plain text form. The text can be formatted with HTML tags.

6)   Fetching random record
This tutorial narrates how to fetch random record in a multiple records database with the two common ways to complete this task with some example functions on the web page.

7)   404's Random Image
This is a simple program that can randomize image displays on your website. This PHP application is easy to customize and to use.

8)   Simple password generator
Simple password generator is a tutorial for beginner programmers meant for creating a random password using loops and random letters. For this the author gives some functions.

9)   C-Random
PHP Script. Prints a random line from a text file. Installation instructions are in random.php.

10)   Random Password Generator
Random Password Generator is a powerful online program that has the ability to generate random passwords for the programs based on the data given by the user.

11)   PHP Freaks: Randomize Images, Quotes and MySQL Results
This tutorial explains and gives some tip about how to randomize images, quotes and MySQL results on your website with some file function.

12)   Randompro Randomizer
This is a template driven randomizing script for which your site visitors can signup to gain handful of money for each member subscription. As an admin you can set the percentage of profit for the members.

13)   Randomquote
Randomquote is a php based script. This program displays in your web page a random quote that is read from a text file. The main usage is to display words, quotations, jokes etc.

14)   Simple Random HTML Emitter
This article explains how to integrate a quick random HTML emitter to your website easily with three simple steps to follow.

15)   Random numbers in PHP
This article gives some code to generate three random digits between 0 and 9. These are generated using the rand function. Some sample functions are given for the users.

16)   Generate a random password
Generate a random password is a PHP tip on creating a random password. The password letters or numbers can be changed to your wish.

17)   Random Quote Generator
Random Quote Generator is a simple and easy quote generator that has the ability to display quotes on your website each time when a visitor surfs your site.

18)   Random Text Displayer
Random Text Displayer is a php based simple script. With this program, you can exhibit a Random Text on your web page very easily. Demonstration is available.

19)   Random CSS, template or color
would you like to display a different template, CSS or color each time your page reloads?

20)   URL Rotator
With the help of this program you can start your own link rotating services on your site to facilitate your customers with randomized affiliate URL rotation.

21)   How to place a random image
This tutorial helps to know how to generate the random gallery. The sample function shown on the web page makes it clear and easy to do this task.

22)   sinc simple random links script
This little PHP script randoms links.

23)   Generating a random password
Generating a random password is a simple online tutorial that provides simple and effective means of creating random passwords using PHP code.

24)   Rotating Images
This is an user friendly tool that helps you to generate a random image from any specified folder. This tool shows the random image by creating a random number.

25)   Random Quotes
Random Quotes is a php sxcript to generate quotes in a random manner to be displayed on websites. A handy tool for webmasters to display quotes on their home pages.

26)   Generate Random Quotes
This tutorial gives the necessary steps to create simple random quotes using PHP script. This is a knowledge level programme that is useful for the users who have some basic knoweledge about PHP.

27)   Random Image with a Database
This tutorial narrates you how to create a random number and how to use that number to get a random item from a list with some sample functions on the webpage.

28)   Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts is a PHP based script which helps you to display a different deep thought from 'SNL's deep thoughts with Jack Handy' once a day.

29)   Randomized Quote Generator
Obviously this is an online program capable of displaying random text as quotes on your web pages. This program is easy to install on any PHP website.

30)   Random Quotes
Here the author gives the reader some tips for displaying Random Quotes using php. The code to pick a random quote using PHP is given on the web page.

31)   XL Randomizer
Build your own Randomizer website with the help of this PHP based script. Using this program you can facilitate your members to post their ad banners along with their affiliate links on the randomizer website to gain revenue.

32)   Random Insult Quotes
Random Insult Quotes is a php written script. This program brings a random insult from any text file we produce. Have many funny insults stored in the script. Very easy to add additional insults of your own.

33)   Flip a Coin in PHP
This simple article will teach you how to randomize entities between different options using PHP codes especially the echo functions of PHP.

34)   Liquid Frog - Random Picture
Liquid Frog - Random Picture is a PHP based randomizer that can put into display random images on your webpages each time when a visitor visits your website.

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