Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-29 Redirection (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Hide your links url
Hide your links your url with this code. That's perfect to hide the url for given destination

2)   Redir.php
This script shows you how the browser redirects you to another URL.

3)   Redirecting the Web Browser with PHP
This tutorial helps you how to create web browser redirection in your site. Small code is given in code snippet to make it function.

4)   SmE Short Url
SmE Short Url is a Redirection service to offer for your visitors replace the long url for a short url more easy to remember the url.

5)   Rotator DX - url rotator membership system script
Url rotator membership system script

6)   PHP Auto Redirection
This tutorial helps you to integrate auto redirection in your system with the help of given small code. You can install this program with the help of this article.

7)   Ideas on how to use header() function to redirect your user
This is a simple and useful tutorial that gives you an indepth knowledge on the 'header() function of PHP language' along with the proper syntax format.

8)   URL Rotator
URL Rotator is a PHP and MySQL based script based on the principle to create a rotator portal and place several website pages into the portal. It has many advanced features with admin panel.

9)   Short URL or Redirection Service
Domain redirection is also called short URL, it's a portal to a current website address.

10)   Simple Redirection
Using this article user can redirect their HTML site to a specific URL. Sample code is given in this article to install it on their system.

11)   Traffic redirector php script
Run your own traffic reseller web site

12)   Virtual Host Creator
This is a perl based script. It allow webmasters to create different websites in one server. They have to give a correct path in the hosted domain for redirection.

13)   SmE Short Url
SmE Short Url is an useful online link based redirection program capable of replacing lengthy site URL's into a short and memorable one.

14)   Go! redirector
Go! redirector is a simple PHP script that produces URL redirection clearly. It uses Mysql database. It comes with admin support.

15)   URL Rotator
URL Rotator is a simple PHP script to create a rotator portal and place them in different web pages into the portal. Powerful tool for the webmasters.

16)   2Checkout Pro
2Checkout Pro is a php based universal all purpose recurring product and a multiple return url script. This script helps users to run a membership or product download website.

17)   URL Rotator Script
URL Rotator Script is a PHP script. It is used to advertise on internet. You can set the hit count URL. Assign unlimited hits to any given url in your rotator.

18)   Frame It
Frame It is a simple PHP based utility which can be used to add a frame on the top of the links of your website. This utility is useful for your web sites.

19)   How to tempt Google to index your site despite redirection
This tutorial teaches you how to redirect your site to another webpage link. This article has several examples with explanation of how it works.

20)   ID Redirect Script
ID Redirect Script is a PHP script used to redirect the user from one page to the another. It provides clean URL redirection and more. It is easy to understand.

21)   Professional Links
Professional Links is a PHP script used to manage redirection link. It requires no database to store the data. It is easy to use and easy to customize for your needs.

22)   Traffic Splitter
Through this script you can redirect part of your website traffic to any desired partner and sponsor sites. This program can work with all webservers.

23)   CJ LinkOut
CJ LinkOut is a PHP script used to retain your customers by displaying a message with a frame at the top of the page. It is easy to customize.

24)   Bizzar's IP Redirection
This tool is helpful for webmasters to put their site with multiple URL or IP address to redirect their site visitors to another site quickly.

25)   Jump To Frames
Jump To Frames is a simple PHP script used to make users move from one page to another keeping your visitors. Frame is placed at the top. It is easy to handle and customize.

26)   Shortlink
Shortlink helps you to supply simple, short and easy to use URL to your website visitors. You can change long url name with a simple one. This is very much helpful for your website visitors to have a short url.

27)   Framer
This script displays an information saying he is viewing a link outside the website. Helps you in retaining visitors to your site generating heavy traffic on your website.

28)   CP-Report
CP Report is written using PHP script and Mysql as database. It is used for email marketing and it displays statistical analysis.

29)   eLouai's Redirect
eLouai's Redirect is an efficient online redirecting software with which you can track all exit links through the server side 301 redirect.

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