Monday, 16 July 2018
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Check PageRank
1-50 Search Engines (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   phpMysearch
This is a search engine for your site. phpMysearch will search the same query like Other Search Engines. Its easily customizable as per the needs of the user.

2)   PHP Search Engine (SEARCpHp)
PHP Search Engine (SEARCpHp) is written in php and is a powerful search engine software. This software provides ability to index anything that can be accessed via php. Indexing is portable.

3)   PHPSiteSearch
PHPSiteSearch is developed using php and is a search engine software. This software is used to search the database and displays the result. Supports multiple word search.

4)   phpdigplus
This is a web based search engine program that helps you to query for any entity through keywords. This program comes with a powerful back office administration.

5)   Search Engine PHP
PHP and MySQL Database Driven Can handle thousands of listings per keyword. That's more than enough ( has an average of 40 listings per keyword). Web sites bid money to get listed, and they only pay every time someone clicks through to their site from your search.

6)   Easy Search System
Easy Search System is an easy way to add search form for your site.

7)   ZIP Code Radius Search module
This module allows you to add proximity search easily to existing search forms. You enter zip code, select max. distance from it (miles/kilometers) and get matching ads returned by search engine ! USA zip codes only.

8)   PPC (Pay per click) search engine Script
A feature-enrich Pay per Click Search Engine for your web site. Members can signup to add there site to your search engine. You earn for each visitor they get through this script. For each website that member adds, he can specify multiple relevant keywords with different bids.Full DEMO AVAILABLE.

9)   siteIndexer
siteIndexer is a simple search engine program and is developed using php. This program is used to index content and store contents into the database.

10)   Orca Search
Orca Search is developed using php and is a search engine software. This software is used to create and maintain databases in real time online.

11)   Index Report
Search Engine Index Report is a program using which users can make a quick verification to verify how many web pages are indexed from a specific website to search engines like HotBot, Yahoo, Allthe Web etc.,

12)   PhpDig
PhpDig is a search engine program and is written in php. This program shows a result page with documents which contains the keywords on a search query.

13)   phpSoftSearch
This is a search engine where you can search your results using the keywords you need like,"PHP scripts", and the results will be displayed based on your keywords.

14)   PHP Google PageRank Retriever
PHP Google PageRank Retriever is a PHP based program that deduces the Google Page Rank of any URL by performing a calculation.

15)   PHP Website Search Script
PHP Website Search Script is written in php and is a search engine program and is used to search files on websites in real time online. The coding is very simple and uses lot of computing power.

16)   pp spider version
pp spider version is a powerful search engine spider capable of crawling web pages and performs real time indexing for the contents of your site by the character, frequency etc.,

17)   CBSeeker
CBSeeker is a search engine program and is developed using php. This program is used to access the entire ClickBank Marketplace Directory which lists all merchants on your own site.

18)   Extreme Search Corporate Edition
This is a simple pay per click search engine program designed with strong back office administration. Advertisers and affiliates can sign up and place their links on your website.

19)   JOMO Pay Per Click Search Engine Software
JOMO Pay Per Click Search Engine Software is a search engine program and is written in php. It allows admin to have access to everything in the program.

20)   RecFind
RecFind is written in php and is a powerful search engine software. This software is used to search text on the websites. It is simple to use.

21)   My DiRRectory
My DiRRectory is a PHP based powerful search engine program using which you search for websites. Webmasters can submit their webpage URL's to this program to get listed.

22)   Maian Search
Simple site search engine.

23)   Google Pagerank Checker
This script checks your Google PageRank information

24)   Crawler-D Search
This program helps webmasters to create their own search engine on their website by which they can allow their visitors to query their required information through website.

25)   AdaptURL - Dynamic to Static PHP URL Conversion Script (SEO)
The tool is a PHP script that sits on top of your web server and converts URLs on the fly, both Incoming URL Conversion and Outgoing URL Conversion: the web server will still deal with dynamic URLs, while the "outside world" (search engines and/or visitors) will only see static URLs.

26)   PHPBusca
This is a MySQL database driven link indexing script written in PHP 4. Using the admin scripts, you have full control add/modify/remove any links or categories.

27)   NeonSearch
NeonSearch is a Web search engine written in PHP that can be easily integrated into any site. From one form, visitors can search the Web using any of the following engines: AOL, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, MSN, Google, Lycos, MetaCrawler, Dogpile, Scrub the Web, Teoma, Web Wombat and Yahoo!

28)   STP ClickBank® Search Engine
Easily add the entire clickbank marketplace to your website with your affiliate username.

29)   Popularity Report
Popularity Report is a PHP based program, users can utilize this to verify the number of pages from a website which are linked to the major search engines like Google, AltaVista, Yahoo etc.,

30)   SiteSearch
SiteSearch is developed using php and is a search engine program. This program provides advanced search capabilities for webmasters. It is used to search site applications.

31)   Simple Links
Simple Links is a powerful search engine software with yahoo styled interface. This template based script is backed with a MySQL database to store all web page links.

32)   HTML files finder
HTML files finder is a file search engine program and is written in php. This program is used to search all filtered files on server directories. It is just like a OS's find files program.

33)   PortXML Pay Per Click Scripts
PortXML Pay Per Click Scripts provides scripts for starting a search engine.

34)   Bs_IndexServer
Bs_IndexServer is a multi-purpose search engine with spider, indexer and querying module.

35)   Gogiga PPC script
The Gogiga Pay per click search engine script is a free download. It parses the XML output of and displays it in a user friendly format with bolded keywords. The search engine script is a very fast script, written in PHP. Any version of PHP should be able to run this script.

36)   RiSearch PHP
RiSearch PHP is written in php and is a simple search engine software. This software is used for small websites. This script is similar to the Perl Risearch but without its full capabilities.

37)   Search.php3
Search.php3 is a search engine program and is written in php. Using its meta tags this program is used to index websites. Users can edit search.php3.

38)   CJ Website Search
CJ Website Search is a search engine software and is developed using php. This software is used to search websites.

39)   SmE Cloak Page lite
SmE CLoak Page lite is a dynamic cloaking script that will generate pages based on the url that search engines crawl .

40)   PHP highlighter
PHP highlighter can be used to highlighet search results on a specific website. The requirements are simple, just pass the words to highlight along with the color to highlight. It can be a very useful tool for users.

41)   heathcosoft search engine
Heathcosoft search engine is developed using php and is a search engine. This engine is used to set up to various index web pages.

42)   mnoGoSearch
mnoGoSearch is developed using php and is a web search engine system. This system is used to search websites. Supports gzip, deflate, compress content encoding. It is very flexible.

43)   Link Up
Simple system for running your own Yahoo style search engine.

44)   Search engine using Google API
Search engine using Google API. Option to save searched keywords, list online users with some nice details like refferal, page they are browsing and some other stuff.

45)   SpiderSplat's Keyword Popularity Check
SpiderSplat's Keyword Popularity Check is a a powerful PHP application with which you can generate exact key words to get hunted on popular search engines.

46)   The iSearch PHP Search Engine
The iSearch PHP Search Engine is developed using php and is a search engine software and used to create searchable database for websites. It does not require any binairy to run on the server.

47)   Zoom Search Engine
Add a custom search engine to your website or intranet, or CD-ROM

48)   SmartPPC Search Engine
SmartPPC Search Engine is developed using php and is a Pay Per Click search engine program. It is used to increase traffic on the website by paying on a per click basis.

49)   Job Search PHP
Fully developed website utilizing PHP and MySQL. Members can add quotes to rotate on front page. Banner and Link Rotation Accepts payments automatically through PayPal Jobseekers Features: Free Resume Posting Resume Posting Interface Online Resume Edit Search Job Listings Automatic

50)   iQdmozgrab
We have developed the iQdmozgrab which is able to control the grab of database with specified categories and with specified depth. For example if the depth is set at 2 it will grab only the specificed directory and sub directory. In addition, the "grabbed" data is written to a simple .txt file which can be downloaded and exported easily.

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