Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Security Systems (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Registration script
Registration script is an online PHP based user registration program designed as a means of helping admin in increasing their website security measures.

2)   Anti-leech
Anti-leech is an online security system script written using PHP which can be easily integrated on your existing custom website.

3)   PHPAudit
PHPAudit is highly useful for software traders and PHP programmers to vendor their products. Payment tool supports Paypal IPN, 2Checkout, Paysystems TPP-PRO and It offers a range of features to upgrade your trading system.

4)   .htpasswd Maker
.htpasswd Maker is a simple and efficient online program that helps webmasters to generate encrypted passwords for all their .htpasswd and .htaccess files.

5)   Login.php
Login.php is a security system that allows users to protect MySQL queries, and other back end codes from executing without permissions. without repeating the same html codes, this program displays the same login in all admin pages.

6)   Link Mask
This is an useful script for the PHP programmers by which they can mask the website links. This script masks and protects all the links on the database.

7)   TuNG - Turing Number Generator Software
TuNG - Turing Number Generator Software is a high featured PHP supported script that provides security based user system on bigger websites. It reduces automated account creation and registrations by malicious softwares.

8)   Advanced .htaccess password protection
Script generate catalogue tree image. Script interprets visual operations into files - .htaccess/htpasswd. No installation, no programming or php knowledge required.

9)   Codelock - Is a PHP and HTML page Encryptor / Decryptor
Codelock V1 is a PHP / HTML web page Encryptor and Decryptor. You can protect your intellectual property with our affordable software

10)   MD5 Checksum File Parser
This PHP class will help you to parse checksum files and to print essential file details along with the corresponding hash values.

11)   Random Password Generator
A small 1 page script that on every refresh will make a new 8 letter/number password.

12)   ExplodingAccess - Invision Board Powered Members Area
This is a PHP script that hepls you to manage your security tools effectively. It activates invision baord database and allows your special members to access the restricted areas. password supports special characters and many cases.

13)   Anti Leech File Gate (A.L.F.G)
A.L.F.G is a PHP package that is used as a protection tool on your websites. It checks whether the user comes from an authorized browser referrer and after the verifications, it permit the visitor / user to utilize the file / page on your site.

14)   Dot htaccess generator
Dot htaccess generator is coded in PHP programming that eases the functions in creating Apache .htaccess files. Supports execCGI, includes, MultiView and many more.

15)   MX-Login
MX-Login is a powerful PHP based authentication tool that allows only regitered users to access restricted pages. Cookies data, user info are stored in MySQL table. CSS based formatting stylesheet is available.

16)   hitSecureFiles
Make a members area with downloads for your customers.

17)   DLGuard - file download protection
DLGuard protects your downloadable products and collects customer data, automating and securing your website downloads. Features thankyou page protection, expiring download links, built in customer database, export to major mailing list formats, and easy to use installation and setup.

18)   Simple Browser Proxy
Simple Browser Proxy resists others to know the things what you do with websites. This script supports PHP platforms. You can make the details of your location, URL wherewith you work, and more data invisible.

19)   Authentification Script
Authentification Script is a security based PHP script that helps webmasters to secure their site pages from unauthorized user's accessings. Each page can contain the security codes.

20)   fastLogin
This login script encrypts the password and submits it in a unique hash on each login. Don't let your passwords travel across the net unprotected. Commented php and shouldn't be too hard to write into your existing scripts.

21)   Free Code Obfuscator
Free Code Obfuscator guides you to protect your PHP source code page from malicious accessings. You can convert your entire program code into complex format and the visitors can not guess the real code.

22)   PHPCoder Script Encoding/Compiling
PHPCoder gives you the PHP modules to enhance your PHP code security. It prevents the users to view / access your source code. You can let your script not to be distributed for a particular server / user. You can set a time to expire your script run mode.

23)   Password protect a page
Password protect a page is a security providing PHP script that assists you to create a form to register their name with password. An entire page can be kept safe from accessing by malicious persons.

24)   Firewall Script Generator
Firewall Script Generator is desinged for PHP based websites to create a firewall engine to protect your webiste from malicious programs. CSS stylesheet is included for easy customization.

25)   Password Protect Enhanced
Password Protect Enhanced is a PHP based script which is a password protection system that allows you to protect the pages and directories on your website.

26)   Password Protect
Password Protect is a PHP oriented security technique that directs you to add passwords and username for pages and particular area on your site. You can get details for multi-user security.

27)   PassMasterFlex
PassMasterFlex provides a security based user login system and is powered in PHP modules. Supports a single user to login via admin page and activates logout function. Cookies system is included.

28)   Email Obfuscator
Email Obfuscator is a PHP function with which users can transform text email links into HTML entities to enable security over text based emails.

29)   User-Agent block
User-Agent block is created for protecting web pages and is powered using PHP program. This security tool helps your authorized web pages not to be accessed by site users. It raises a notification when a malpractice occurs.

30)   Chuck Charmston's Image Verification Method
This is an useful security program using which you would be able to automate online form submissions by urging the enduser to duplicate the random images.

31)   SourceGuardian
SourceGuardian Pro is the only serious choice for protecting your PHP source code assets. With flexibility that other products only dream of - Professional developers everywhere are using SourceGuardian products to distribute their scripts safely

32)   Cryptomak Cipher Tools
Cryptomak is absolutely based on PHP language which performs encrytion and decryption on text or code. It works with the web application, Phrame to support MVC (Model, View, Controller) construction. Template system is included.

33)   HTML_Crypt
HTML_Crypt works as it name explains which prefers PHP based websites for implementation. You can encrypt text of HTML source also can decrypt it. This secures your email addresses.

34)   Pasonda
Pasonda is a web based PHP application that helps you to create your user registration process online with login name and password. Encrypted passwords are stored with a seperate file for easy retrieving.

MYSQL-LOGIN.PHP is a program based on PHP which helps webmasters to keep their PHP web page content in a secured manner. It will be an useful utility for the MySQL supporting PHP based websites.

36)   Randover - Security system
Randover - Security system is a PHP based application which can be used in constructing security system in the users website inorder to authenticate their users. This software helps in verifying data from the net.

37)   POBS
POBS is an enhanced encrypting tool that is operated on PHP included websites. It automatically examines the userdefined functions and variables which are available on your PHP source and makes them not to be modified by others.

38)   FormProtect
You can provide a secured environment for all online forms and web pages of your website by insisting visitors to enter the exact numbers along with the images to proceed further.

39)   phpcksec
You can use this testing tool to test the security of your webserver particularly the open_basedir and safe_mode restrictions of the server files.

40)   Download master php script
Protect your files and take control of who, when & from where accesing them!

41)   PaidLock PRO
PaidLock PRO is designed to protect your paypal return page from abusers. It uses the Server Side Technology to secure your paypal code and makes it invisible to others. Automated abuse log system monitors the person who steals.

42)   ProtectedCode
ProtectedCode is a program that comes with the ability to secure all PHP codes from the hackers. This program also provides security to PHP browser output.

43)   phpSerials
phpSerials is designed with PHP program that helps you to manage your registration keys and also helps to handle serial numbers. Support modular customization.

44)   AVirCAP (aka CodeRed & Ninda Hunter)
AVirCAP works as a webserver that searches for renamed code and NIMDA attacks and is designed with PHP program. You can customize this software as you like. Search engine is available.

45)   kses HTML-XHTML filter
kses HTML/XHTML filter is a PHP enabled security system that lets the HTML and XHTML code perform the functions which are allocated to them and stops the unwanted tasks by them. Eliminates cross site scripting.

46)   Franciscocharrua's Check Password
Franciscocharrua's Check Password is an useful script to validate your passwords. This program can check your passwords against your own specifications.

47)   Indigo Link Guard
Unlimited domain support! Folder masking! All that in just 1 simple script. Define 2 variables inside the script and your done.

48)   PureMember
PureMember is a powerful password protection script that can prevent hacking attempts on the passwords of your web applications from multiple servers.

49)   realThreat
realThreat is written in PHP that displays current threat level and set a icon to the appropriate level which is powered by Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

50)   SmE Block
It is a simple PHP script which can be used to block a specified IP from accessing your web content.

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