Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Site Navigation (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Paging in PHP
This tutorial explains how to add PHP paging system into your website. This article shows a starting point for setting up paging on your own websites. The author concludes that there are different ways to do this with new styles.

2)   PHPmenu
PHPmenu is a PHP scripted simple programme fully meant for site navigation with submenus. You can add/update/delete links and other allied links.

3)   Tree menu
Tree menu is a simple PHP class uses MySQL database backend to create tree menu on your website. These tree menus are helpful for easy navigation on your website.

4)   PHP Navigation with XHTML/CSS
This file illustrates the way to include navigation dynamically to streamline your efficiency when updating your website. The code shows how to include navigation both with a text-based navigation and an image-based navigation. The code also includes a focus on XHTML and CSS compliance to W3C standards.

5)   Breadcrumb Navigation
Breadcrumb Navigation is a tutorial that helps to create breadcrumb navigation for your pages dynamically. For this, the author gives a function programme which is easy to follow.

Menu class is a PHP scripted application meant for making simple menu class. You can use this software for making horizontal or vertical menu.

7)   class.tree
class.tree is an application in php based script for generating expandable tree menus. This is a configurable structured tree lists and with an unlimited depth.

8)   Slide In Menu
Using this DHTML web class you can generate dynamic navigation menu system for your website to display either the site news or site map.

9)   PHP Drop Down Menu
PHP Drop Down Menu is a PHP application for generating a DHTML drop down menu easily. You can put the drop down menu at any place you like and a facility to set it is in this script.

10)   Menu Generator
Obviously this is a menu building software that creates navigation menus for the websites with hyperlinks directing to the respective web pages.

11)   Directory Reader
Directory Reader is a PHP programme that allows a quick website indexing by making index of selected web directories ready to see for the vistors.

12)   Dynamic Navigation Menu
This is a simple navigation utility that displays the current webpage or section of the website on which the visitor is currently working on.

13)   PHP Layers Menu
This programme provides a menu system that lets you to prepare dynamic HTML menus on the fly. This supports all browsers, even older versions and accessible for text-only browsers.

14)   Dyanmic URLs using php and mysql
This tutorial teaches about how to create dynamic URL with php and mysql easily with some code snippet to follow. For to clarify any doubts the author requests to post in the support forum.

15)   FlexMenu
FlexMenu is a software made for web development business. This is very useful to create a effective DHTML menu building solution. This component has flex menu object and Cross browser support.

16)   File to display paging
The author describes how to use the paging file in websites. The paging file is a very easy tool for easy navigation on websites.

17)   Creating a drop down selection with an array
Creating a drop down selection with an array is a tutorial that tells the users how to make and create a simple drop down menu with array function by using php in their programs.

18)   TabView
Tabview is a PHP script for generating attractive and functional tabs by calling methods. This programme is built-in with plenty of flexible features for easy customization.

19)   Jevon Menu
Jevon menu is a php based programme to set up menu tree for your website. This is a simple and easy to use programme for creating navigation links.

20)   RUMBLE
Rumble is a simple programme in PHP for creating menu system acting on XML, XHTML, RSS and flash files. All of the views can be customized easily.

21)   Unfnav
This is a small programme based in PHP useful for site navigation. This is a user friendly and fexible script handy for web masters.

22)   UltraTree
Ultra Tree is a PHP scripted application fetches the categories from your database and develops a threaded tree for fast navigation. This is a right component for your site and saves your navigation time.

23)   TreeView
This is programme useful to add tree model menus to your PHP tools and lets you to generate an attractive tree structured menu with six tree styles.

24)   Xhawk's phpNav
Xhawk's phpNav is a PHP application that allows you to show navigation links on your website. This script is easily customizable and creates HTML format file.

25)   Simedia Menus
Simedia menu is a PHP based tool which is used to create template based menus. Using this tool you can create both vertical fly-out and horizontal drop-down menus.

26)   PhpNav
PhpNav is an application in PHP which easily allows you to navigate on websites. This helps the website users to find information easily.

27)   Popup Menu
Popup menu is a PHP scripted class useful to create DHTML popup menu on your website. You can configure the popup look according to your taste easily.

28)   pNav
Pnav is an application to implement creative website with low effort and faster. This script is useful for webmasters, to create an attractive website easily.

29)   A1Menu
A1 menu is a PHP programme that provides navigation on your website. This is useful for larger websites and has a customisable feature to create from the title tag.

30)   HTML Templates
This tutorial discusses about how to get PHP to dynamically choose which file to include based upon the page currently being viewed with a sample function programme to include.

31)   AirMenu
Airmenu is an application written in PHP that provides automatic navigation menus on your website. Useful to the web browsers for easy site navigation.

32)   Dir index
Dir Index is an application in PHP for showing how to index the directory and lets you to browse directories within that directory. This permit browsers to visit your web directory only.

33)   HTML_TreeMenu
TreeMenu provides an api to create a HTML tree structure on your website using a pair of small PHP classes and converted to javascript using the printmenu method.

34)   Create Next and Previous Pages for Search Results
This is a simple coding that helps users to create navigation links for search result pages. A handy tool for webmasters for their search programs.

35)   Directory Listing
Directory listing script is a PHP written software to create a well formed table and listing the contents of the directory. This also has some types of image tags to insert.

36)   iH2H Menu
iH2H Menu is an easy to use menu builder tool using which you can create dynamic DHTML based horizontal menus. These tools are useful for the web programmers to use horizontal menus on their web sites.

37)   Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3
Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3 is a tutorial for realizing an expanding and collapsing ToC menu fully on your web server with a re-usable demo example.

38)   dfDDmenu
dfDDmenu helps the webmasters to enable their visitors to navigate all included pages, products by simple implementing drop down menus on their site pages that supports javascript timing to list all items. Any PHP supported websites can implement this module.

39)   Simple PHP templating tutorial
Simple PHP templating tutorial is an article to achieve easy PHP templates tutorial which is more efficient and the need to add an ifstatement for each page is reduced.

40)   Panel
Panel is an application in PHP for making group of panel which is resemble the shutters of the Microsoft explorer. This is utilised for creating DHTML panel.

41)   Follow Me
This is a PHP based script which is used for generating a navigation menu on which the web users can view and move to another link easily. It displays the submenus as tree like a menu.

42)   AlarisMenu
Alarismenu is a PHP programme to configure a DHTML menu structure. This is an on line easy updating software and uses MySQL database backend. Has backend administration system for customizing the menu entries.

43)   WinLIKE Web Window Manager
WinLIKE Web Window Manager is an useful application for web browsers. This window-manager displays and administrates various overlapping of windows and no need for any plugins for the users on your screen.

44)   SI Web Tree
A PHP tree navigation software that can be used with or without frames. A roll over script, but mostly server-side controlled. All browsers are supported.

45)   TrailScout
TrailScout is a programme that shows a path of hyperlinks to already visited pages on a website. When a new page is visited, its title and url are stored in the session variable itself.

46)   ZanfiPhpMenu
ZanfiPhpMenu is a simple menu building software capable of generating attractive navigation menus for websites without the support of database.

47)   Site Cache
Site Cache is a simple online PHP based software designed especially for personal websites and corporate systems to increase their website speed and efficiency.

48)   Tabtest
This is an application written in PHP for making DHTML tabular interface for your website. This script does three function calls that you can use.

49)   Node Tree
Node tree is a PHP application to control vast tree lists inside a browser which is based on a hierachical array. The data is opended/closed/chosen/ is posted by HTML format.

50)   CodeThatTreePhp
CodeThatTree is an application in PHP useful for making DHTML trees effectively. You can add additional information about DHTML trees freely.

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