Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-42 Site Recommendation (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Sensation Designs-Recommend It
Sensation Designs-Recommend It is a simple PHP based site referral script by which you can promote your website services through referral links.

2)   tell a friend XXL
tell a friend XXL can be used to add recommendation forms on your website by which recipients are sent messages with direct links to the URL.

3)   Recommend Us
This script provides a way for your site visitors to recommend your site to a friend. They fill in their email address and a friends email address and when they click on recommend, it generates an email message to their friend advising them about the site. Additionally, the site admin gets a copy of the generated message along with the IP address of the person who filled in the form - as a safeguard against abuse. This is a single script that requires you to change only 2 variables to configure.

4)   Invite People
This simple Invite a Friend script is now even easier to use! Just run the install script and follow the options. No knowledge of PHP required.

5)   Tell-A-Friend
written in PHP for MySQL

6)   STP Tell A Friend
Allow your visitors to easily recommend your website.

7)   WA tell_a_friend script
"WA tell a friend script" is a "raccomodation script" based on PHP. You just have to enter your email address and your URL in the configuration date. The script design can be changed for your homepage. The script is for free

8)   Kwatsj Tell a Friend
You can use this software to enable your site visitors to recommend your website to their friends through email without leaving your website.

9)   TellDog LE
TellDog LE is a script designed for recommending specific webpages from your websites to all friends and colleagues by tracking each and every links.

10)   Drew's Tell A Friend
Drew's Tell A Friend is a PHP based recommendation script that sends proposing messages to all recipients both in 'send forms' and 'emails'.

11)   OBIE-Tell to Friends
OBIE-Tell to Friends is a simple recommendation software that sends referral messages to the recipients through emails with cookies.

12)   SMe_Tell
SMe Tell is a simple recommendation script for sending automated 'thankyou' messages for all visitors who had sent referrals to their recipients.

13)   Kmita Tell Friend
Kmita Tell Friend is a site recommendation script in PHP and ASP. It allows your website visitors to suggest your website to their friends and relatives. This increases your website popularity among your focused customer segment.

14)   Maian Friend
Simple script that enables you to add a "Tell a Friend" feature to your website.

15)   PHP recommendation
PHP recommendation is a simple referral software by which you can suggest and propose your websites to all friends, colleagues. A nice handy tool for webmasters and admins to popularize their website.

16)   SiteRefer
Let you visitors do the talking with SiteRefer, the site recommendation system that works for you.

17)   Chipmunk Recommend
Chipmunk Recommend is a simple referral service program to propose your websites by sending emails to the friends, colleagues and other recipients of the visitors.

18)   Tell-A-Friend Script
Template driven website recommendation script.

19)   RGNRecommend It
RGNRecommend It is site referral software to propose your websites by implementing a 'recommend this web page' on the site for adding interaction with more visitors.

20)   PHP Simp Refferal
PHP Simp Refferal is a simple recommendation script by which you can send recommendations for your friends through emails in a specified form.

21)   Automatic pages to recommend.
let your visitors recommended any page of your Web site, Just by hitting a link. All that you have to do, place a bond in all your pages towards this script and (php) will made the remainder.

22)   Send a link
Send a link is a simple referral script for sending recommendations for all recipients through HTML formatted emails.

23)   Simple PHP Tell-A-Friend
Simple PHP Tell-A-Friend is a simple referral system that can be used to send emails proposing your websites to the recipients in HTML formats.

24)   PHP Recommend Me
PHP Recommend Me is a recommendation software by which visitors can send a maximum of three referrals to the recipients through the 'send forms'.

25)   MD Send to Friend
MD Send to Friend is an easy to use recommendation site software for implementing referral links on your websites to attract more visitors.

26)   ENotify Tell-a-Friend
ENotify Tell-a-Friend is a simple PHP based referral service program that implements an effective notification software on your website for promoting web traffic.

27)   TellDog PRO
TellDog PRO is a simple site referral script for proposing websites through word of mouth. Using this script you can send recommending messages through the visitors to their friends.

28)   PHP Recommend Script
PHP Recommend Script is a simple referral program that provide users with a 'recommend this page to a friend' link on their websites.

29)   Liquid Frog - Free Send to a Friend
This 'tell a friend' application is built with PHP and enables your site visitors to send recommendation mails from your website. This program is independent of MySQL database.

30)   PHP Tell
PHP Tell is a referral service program designed with 'spam stopper' to send recommendation messages to the recipients for increasing your web traffic.

31)   v-ine
v-ine is a referral service program that allows users to recommend your site to their friends using their own messages.

32)   PleaseTell
PleaseTell is a simple referral service software by which you can store your friends email addresses for sending recommending messages.

33)   SiteRefer
SiteRefer is a simple site recommendation script through which visitors can propose your website to all their friends and colleagues.

34)   Tell Friend
Tell Friend is a site recommendation script written in PHP.

35)   Invite People
Invite People is a PHP based recommendation software for inviting other recipients as visitors to your websites through emails.

36)   GateQuest php Site Recommender
GateQuest php Site Recommender is a simple PHP script for proposing your websites to as many recipients through visitors along with recipient notification and messages.

37)   PF Recommend
Easy to use, plug-n-play site recommendation script(a.k.a. tell-a-friend) written in PHP, doesn't require a database and email template using text files.

38)   Clickbank Tell A Friend
Clickbank Tell A Friend is a PHP based script that can be used to send template based emails to all the recipients recommending your websites.

39)   Tell-a-Friend script
This is a dynamic tell a friend program to enable your site visitors to recommend your website pages to their friends and colleagues.

40)   Ultimate TAF
Ultimate TAF is a simple template driven recommendation site software that provides TAF forms containing recommendation messages and thankyou pages for all the visitors.

41)   CJ Send Page
CJ Send Page is an easy to use link sender recommendation software automated to send messages to your recipient's email script.

42)   Recommend this Site
"Recommend this Site" is a simple yet effective PHP script which enables a visitor of your site to send a recommendation of your site to a friend via email.

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