Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Software (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   TurboPHP
TurboPHP is an application which gives borland delphi style component for php and Mysql. Several page properties can be added in this system.

2)   PHPNotepad
PHPNotepad is a php code editor built with php. This editor is meant for programmers who used with windows notepad. It is also similar to windows notepad.

3)   Live Accounting
Live Accounting is a user-friendly web, based double entry accounting system that works in all countries.

4)   Extreme-4-Apache2Triad
This is a collection of preinstalled PHP software which has fully configured packages.

5)   VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor
VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor is an editor and is used for developing php applications. This editor can be used to generate, deploy and edit php applications using the interface.

6)   SourceCop for PHP
SourceCop for PHP is a windows based encryption tool that helps programmers to protect their intellectual property and to securely distribute their codes.

7)   Web Database Software
Build php/mysql web databases without writing one line of code.

8)   Zentrack
This is simple project management system which helps the users by tracking, if there occurs any bug in the website and also provides helpdesk facility to the users.

9)   RLIB - Reporting Engine
RLIB - Reporting Engine is a php based script and is a report generating program. This program is used to generate reports according to your queries.

10)   E-Gold Coin Flip Game
E-Gold Coin Flip Game is an online gaming script based on php. Users are allowed to flip a coin and bet over it choosing heads or tails. A simple and interesting game for your website.

11)   NuSpherePHPEd
NuSpherePHPEd is a robust editor and is a php based script. You can create and publish php scripts using this editor. For enterprise developer it is a perfect php development environment.

12)   HiveMail "Smilies" script
This PHP program helps the webmasters to create smilies panel on their website for editing email message with smily image. This program is easy to setup and to administrate.

13)   Project Pack - Unified client interaction and project management software
Project Pack is a web based project management tool which provides a unified platform for your clients so that they can interact from one single point with various departments for different projects running simultaneously. A must have for a web design or software development company.

14)   HREF Parser
HREF Parser is a php based program capable of extracting links from html files. This is an internet editing component and also detects hyperlinks.

15)   MyDB Studio
MyDB Studio is a software and is developed using php. This software is used to generate query and php code. You can create web front for Mysql. It is easy to understand and use.

16)   Maguma Workbench
Maguma Workbench goes beyond a typical IDE. Fast, robust and modular, making it the most customizable IDE available.

17)   inPHormer
inPHormer is a php based script and is a software. This software is used to create php files which process an html form. This is a completely automated program.

18)   Zend SafeGuard Suite
Zend SafeGuard Suite is a php based script and is a two in one suite, a encoder and license manager thus providing encrypting and licensing in one solution.

19)   Quanta Plus
Quanta Plus is a quick web development editor for the K Desktop Environment. This is a fast web generator with lot of features and is available for free.

20)   ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder
ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder is an encoding tool and is a php based script. This tool protects php codes and can be used for any size of business. File attribiutes can be added in this program.

21)   Zend Encoder
Zend Encoder is an encypting program and is written in php. This program protects your codes from being stolen or altered by others. Programmers can securely distribute their codes with this encryption without any fear.

22)   Siteseed
Siteseed is a php based content management and web development platform. In this program all web components could be created from a web based browser.

PHP SMS SDK makes it easier to send SMS text messages in the PHP scripting language. Developer can hide the intricacies of wireless text messaging.

24)   Date coder
Date coder is a date and time generating program. This program generates date and time commands for php and Mysql. It can be customized easily.

25)   Scriptomania
Scriptomania is written in php and is a javascript, html, php or Mysql editor. This editor creates static and dynamic web pages and supports syntax highlighting for the same document.

26)   SSEditor
SSEditor is an easy to use editor for php and perl. This editor can be used to compose html pages, perl or php scripts. Supports multiple language interface with which you can change SSEditor's UI language.

27)   tsWebEditor
tsWebEditor is a php or html editor and a text editor for any programming language. This script has more applications for web development and supports syntax highlighting.

28)   PHP Expert Editor
PHP Expert Editor is a php based script and is a powerful editor. You can use internal or external http server for running and debugging php scripts. Supports Machintosh, windows or unix file formats.

29)   PHP Processor
PHP Processor is a php based script and is an encrypting program. This program is used to encrypt your php codes and protect your intellectual properties. This program comes with safe backup system.

30)   Cpanelmail
Cpanelmail is an email system and is developed using php. This system allows users to generate their own email accounts.

31)   TableClassCreate
TableClassCreate is written in php and is a class generating program. This program generates php class which gives all necessary functions for database operations. This class also simplifies developement process.

32)   Perfect Page Trust & Savings Bank
This script is used for displaying a website with online saving bank form which allows the web visitors to make a deposit and withdraw funds online. This script is developed by using PHP software.

33)   Forms To Go
Forms To Go is a form generator and is developed using php for your html forms. This program creates form to email scripts in perl, asp and php. Credit card number field validation can be included in this program.

34)   CodeMixUp Basic Obfuscation
CodeMixUp Basic Obfuscation is an encrytion tool and is developed using php. This program encrypts your php codes and doesn't need any modules to run. No one can alter your intellectual properties.

35)   Codelock
Codelock is an encryption system and is a php based script. Users can encrypt their codes so that others can't steal or alter your intellectual property.

36)   PHP Coder
PHP Coder is a php based script and is an easy to use Integrated Development Environment. This program offers a time saving development IDE with the integration of php interpreter and php documentation.

37)   PHP DBG
PHP DBG is a debugging program and is developed using php. This program debugs your php scripts remotely or locally from an interface or console. Supports profiler and delayed sessions.

38)   phpmole-IDE
phpmole-IDE is an Integrated Developement Environment that is used to create applications based on phpgtk and web. It is a simple and easy to use script.

39)   MatrixWalks Basic version
MatrixWalks Basic version is a php based script and is a software program. This program is used to generate websites and graphical design. This system is designed for non technical users.

40)   TemplateTamer
TemplateTamer is a web application development tool for creating and maintaining a template based dynamic PHP web applications, with clearly and completely separated code from the html design.

41)   VDaemon Extension
VDaemon Extension is a php based script and is a validation program. This program inserts form user input validation code into php pages. Extension functionality can be added and is based on php library.

42)   SourceGuardian Pro
SourceGuardian Pro is an protection program comes with IP and domain locking, bytecode encoding and time limiting scripts developed with php, to protect your intellectual properties.

43)   PHP ASaP
PHP ASaP is a database publishing program and is developed using php. This program is used to publish your database to your website. Users can access database contents through a easy to use interface.

44)   Top PHP Studio
Top PHP Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for PHP. Top PHP Studio offers internal HTTP server, internal browser, configurable syntax highlighting, file and server explorer, function and parameter completion, code snippets and more...

45)   Zend Performance Suite
Zend Performance Suite is a php based performance management solution for creating php based contents. This program could improve in handling the number of customers with code acceleration, file compression and dynamic content caching technologies.

46)   Arisesoft Winsyntax
Arisesoft Winsyntax - is a PHP-code editor, with the syntax highlighting and the context help for professional scripting.

47)   phpFS
This is an easy to integrate PHP software which can be added to the users firefox browser to search the PHP function manual in the users website. This phpFS can be created by the help of Mozilla Firefox XML search plugin extension system.

48)   HTML to PHP converter
HTML to PHP converter is a software that helps users to change html code into php code. This program will be very useful for those who are novice in php.

49)   Think Computer Lampshade
Think Computer Lampshade is a programming engine that provides a robust tool kit for programmers saving their time to a great extent. This program is being used by most of the websites online.

50)   E-Gold Mass Payment
E-Gold Mass Payment is a php based online payment system for egold account holders. Multiple payments to egold accounts could be done simultaneoulsy. Just enter the required informations in the fields and payment is processed instantly.

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