Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 User Authentication (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Username, Password Login PHP and MySQL Example Site
This script is a web based login system explained with PHP, MySQL as the database and Javascript. This script has header and footer options. This script is easy to understand and to customize.

2)   Making a PHP Login Form
If you want to secure your pages by giving protection to your files?. PHP is the best way to secure your pages. This can be done by placing a login form to restrict intruders and non-members.

3)   Simple Protect
This is a script used to validate the users to access the secured or the protected area. This script will allow the users if only the given username matches the password.

4)   Login Manager
Login Manager 3 is a powerful, robust system that enables web administrators to manage website user accounts easily, create membership protected areas, and effortlessly prevent unauthorized user access to secured areas.

5)   Advanced .htaccess password protection script
authentication, password protection, membership management script

6)   PHP Login System with Admin Features
This is an online tutorial which briefly discusses about PHP login system with admin features. It helps them to provide their site with user authentication feature.

7)   Auth
Auth is an authentication system done by the username and the password provided by the user. This system is like a tomcat-like authentication.

8)   User Authentication from a MySQL database
This tutorial teaches how to make a user validation form and authenticate a user from a database. This tutorial is useful for PHP freshers.

9)   Radix Login System
With this script webmasters can create user login pages for their website pages with different permission levels to protect their site contents.

10)   Membership Subscription Scripts (PHP/MySQL)
Membership Subscription Scripts is a hands free member system. This script can be used for any type of billing companies. It saves your time by direct interaction with your billing companies.

11)   Authmain
Authmain is a script with login and logout facility. It is written using PHP. It is easy to understand and customize. It can be integrated into any website having more customers.

12)   LLbra Login
LLbra Login is a login script to keep your files secured. It requires no database. It is fast, secured and stable. It is easy to embed into any secured applications.

13)   phpAutoMembersArea - FREE - create own members area
phpAutoMembersArea is a PHP script used to secure your pages that you have on your server. It creates your own members area. It has members area and admin area. It is easy installable.

14)   PHP Login Script with Remember Me Feature
This script is written using PHP script and Mysql as database. This script keeps the user alive even they have closed the browser. This script uses cookies in addition to sessions.

15)   Maintaining state with PHP4 sessions
This is a tutorial about session handling in PHP. Session is used to track the user. This tutorial trains you with many enhanced features and tricks with session.

16)   phpUserLogin
A quick and secure way of protecting any pages on your website.

17)   admin-Login-Only
admin-login-only is a PHP script used to protect your website pages on the web. It requires no database. It comes with strong admin control panel.

18)   Weblock
Weblock is a website protection software. It protects web directories from intruders by ".htaccess" files. It comes with strong admin control panel.

19)   User registration
This is a php based program that allows users to signup and login for the website. This is an user authentication program that allows users to login to access secure pages.

20)   4MemberOnly
4MemberOnly - Simple user registration, authentication script with admin control panel

21)   php htaccess class
It is a class for handling htaccess of apache servers. This class uses two basic authentication type and authentication name. This system is used for system administration.

22)   Simple PHP based Webpage Protection
This is a simple script to secure only the webpages with .php extension. This script works similar to htaccess for apache. This script is useful for all kind of online business.

23)   php Generic Access Control List (phpGACL)
phpGACL is written using PHP. It is used to access the control list to your current web applications. It is very useful tool for the webmasters and the site owners.

24)   PHPAccess Admin
PHPAccess offers the ability to keep your website safe from any one signing in the not allowed places in your website, such as your admin area.

25)   PHP Pronounceable Password Generator
This is a password generator script produces password with few constants and vowels. It creates 8 characters random passwords that is readable.

26)   Htgroup
This script is used for a basic authertication purposes. The Htgroup method requires the full path and filename of the htgroup file to work.

27)   Omni-Secure: The #1 Security and User Management System
Omni-Secure is powered by the latest state of the art web-based technology.

28)   Password protected a directory
How to Password protected a directory come down to we show you how to create the script which is about 4 lines also we have the encryptor "required for the script to work" Best of all it's free

29)   Access_user Class
This is an useful PHP application which can be used to protect your webpages, userlogin and user registration accounts.

30)   HTAdmin
HTAdmin is a simple tool to adminster .htpasswd files. This script is fully admin packed system. It is easy to understand and configure.

31)   Setup login and logout script
This is a PHP script to validate the user and allow them to access some specific files in the secured area. It uses PHP session to track the users.

32)   PHPPageProtect
This is a simple PHP script used to authenticate the users to access the secured area and it has full functional administrative support.

33)   simpleauth
simpleauth is an authentication script for multi-user PHP sessions and MySQL. It is written using PHP and MySQL as database. It is very useful for the beginners. It is easy to understand and easy to customize.

34)   phpSecurePages
phpSecurePages is PHP script used to secure web pages from the intruders and non members with an username and the password. MySQL database is used to store the members information.

35)   Pandora
Using this PHP based user authentication program you would be able to restrict your website visitor access through various levels of permission systems.

36)   Radius Authentication
Radius Authentication is a simple PHP script to authenticate yourselves through SecurID. To run this script all you need is an authentication server.

37)   Digi-members
Digi-members is a software package that allows you to create a members area on your website.

38)   vAuthenticate
vAuthenticate is an authentication system which can integrate with any existing website. Authenticate provides a gatekeeper wherein any user or admin must satisfy the password verification to either log in (user) to a protected area or administrator.

39)   p_protect
This script is used to protect your files within the directory you decide. It sents you an email if any non-members tries to enter into the secured area.

40)   Dacio's Login
Dacio's Login is a simple script used to allow the members into the site to view the protected pages on the server. It is written using PHP. Easy to use and handle.

41)   SQLSession
This script is mainly based on session functions. This script is written using PHP and MySQL is used as a database.

42)   HTTP Authentication with PHP
This is an online tutorial that explains about performing HTTP authentication with the help of PHP language. This tutorial comes as an introduction to this concept.

43)   User Registration
User Registration is a simple and useful user authentication program in PHP with MySQL backend. You can use this program to provide membership registeration programs on your website.

44)   Webpage Protection
Webpage protection, protect php on your website

45)   :: DryadSubscriptions ::
Paypal subscription and user authentication automation.

46)   AddLock
AddLock Membership Management System is a PHP script for secure management of your website users' authentication and membership. It guards your resources against any security violation attempts.

47)   DreamAccount
DreamAccount is a hands free subscription tool. It is written using PHP and Mysql. DreamAccount is designed to automate your entire account, order, billing, subscription, and membership management needs.

48)   PHPIMP
This script is used as an educational function which allow the users to access the secured files in the server. It is easy to understand for the beginners.

49)   Access Protection
Access Protection is a PHP based script to protect your homepage from disallowed accesses. No programming knowledge is required. It has full administration support.

50)   mcPass
If you are looking for a solution to secure your page from your co-worker or from your clients, mcPass provides you a solution. Easy to customize and embed into your existing web applications.

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