Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 User Management (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PUMA
PUMA or Protection and User Management is a php based script. This system protects specific content from unregistered users. It is easy to use this script and has extensive private messaging system with smilies and BBcode.

2)   Easy Member Access
Easy Member Access is a member management application.

3)   User System
This is a php based script and is a member registration and login program. This program allows users to allow their site members to signup their website.

4)   Client Manager
This is a simple PHP application using which you can manage and maintain an online record of all your business clients.

5)   Simple Member
Simple Member is developed using php and is a member management system. This system helps to secure areas on your website to prevent entry of users without signing up.

6)   PhpMyAuth
With PhpMyAuth users will protect content on their pages and allow only users that have been authorized to see the content.

7)   Xaper V1.0
..::Xaper-->The Advanced User Management System by Xaprio Solutions::..

8)   geeeekMember Membership Manager
geeeekMember Membership Manager is a member management system and is developed using php. This system helps to manage memberships on websites. This system also generates passwords and usernames automatically.

9)   PHP Membership System with User Access Expiration
From this article you can learn how to develop a membership program for your website with all essential features required for managing your members.

10)   Rad User Manager
Rad User Manager is a user management system and is a php based script. This system generates only members area. Administrator can add new members with the admin section.

11)   Omni Site Security
Omni Site Security is developed using php and is a security system and user management system. This system can be customized by user for their own specific needs and has password recovery option for members.

12)   SZUserMgnt
SZUserMgnt is a php based script and is a smart User Management System. This system provides ability to write email templates. It fixes some issues with password changes.

13)   Fusion UsersOnline
Fusion UsersOnline is a php based script and is a statistical tool to manipulate online users. This program counts the number of visitors currently visiting your site in real time online. It is simple and easy to use this script.

14)   Easy Site Protector
Easy Site Protector is a memebership management system and is written in php. This system helps to generate dynamic pay site. User can send request support email from user home page.

15)   Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator
Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator is a simple online software designed as a mangement tool for webmasters to have complete control over their webiste logging area.

16)   Profile Plus Pro
This is an useful PHP application through which the webmasters can generate customized member profile for their site visitors on their website.

17)   Loginwa
"Loginwa" user registration script. For a successful registration the user has to add following informations: username, firstname ,surname , password and a correct email address.

18)   Xceog User Management Package
Designed to be easy-to-use, this package allows you to set up your own member sections, compulsory for users to sign up. This version includes a form with standard fields, lock functionality, login & logoff script & md5 security encryption to ensure fast and secure login using cookies. With this package, you will also be able to monitor the last login and join date of a user, suspend, delete user accounts. You don't have to had some knowledge in php or mysql in order to use this script.

19)   Sonium Enterprise Adressbook
Sonium Enterprise Adressbook is developed using php and is a directory. It was developed for address administration. It is easy to use this script.

20)   Remember Me!
Complete cookie management - a very versatile script.

21)   phpWebDirectoryPro
Through this program you can develop and deploy your own fully automated online link managment system with advanced web based portals and user managment system.

22)   Uzzi Soft's PHP Simple Member System
Uzzi Soft's PHP Simple Member System is a powerful user management system that allows admin to create cookie based customizable databases for all their new users.

23)   mod_auth_mysql admin
mod_auth_mysql admin is developed using php and is a administration program. It is mainly designed for administering an mod auth mysql Database. It has admin class and FIA PAM for mod_auth_mysql.

24)   iLogin
iLogin is written in php and is a password protection system. This program can make any page password protected.

25)   Syndikut - Download Manager v2.0
Download Manager is a members area with a twist. Using PHP & Java No SQL Required (Flatfile)

26)   InfoCentral
InfoCentral is written in php and is a membership management system. It helps churches to track groups, families, donations and members. It also comes with a powerful records exporting system.

27)   Enterprise Membership Manager
Enterprise Membership Manager is a php based script and is a member management system. This system provides ability to manage access to your content areas and mailing lists.

28)   UMA or User Management and Authentication
UMA or User Management and Authentication is a php based script and is a user management system. This system is used to maintain user authentication. The user is presented with a simple login screen when a page is protected by UMA.

29)   PHP Guard Dog
Password protect your live internet content effectively to whoever you want, all administered through an intuitive, web-based control panel.

30)   PHP Guard Dog
This is an useful user management program using which you can promote your website security by generating membership login areas with different user levels.

31)   PHP Site Lock
User management and web document protection script

32)   Aeneas Customer Management Software
Aeneas Customer Management Software is a customer management system and is developed using php. This system manages your customers and sends invoices to your customers.

33)   The Azura Script
This is a php based script that helps webmasters to create and maintain various modules of an website such as news system, message board, feedback, instant messaging etc.

34)   MyCvtheque
MyCvtheque is developed using php and is a simple web service. This service can be dedicated to jobs search. Has four distinct modules. It can be customized easily.

35)   User Manage
User Manage is developed using php and is a simple suite to manage user authentication. Developers can create applications using this suite. It is simple and easy to use this script.

36)   Access Magic Lite
This program is used for securing the web pages from the intruders. It allows only the registered users to access the page. This program is easy to integrate on existing active websites.

37)   GenieGate User Management
Extremely flexible user management package with email verification. Supports vCards for easy import into your PIM, Apache and ApacheDBM access control, documented API, definable user properties, XML support

38)   aMember Professional
aMember Professional is a subscription management system and is written in php. This system is a solution for selling digital membership and downloads. You can manage users manually.

39)   DreamAccount
DreamAccount is a php based script and is a secure program. This program enables users to password protect entire directories and their contents.

40)   Tactical HYIP Management Suite
Tactical HYIP Management Suite is written in php and is a simple suite. This suite is used to maintain forex and hyip. It is easy to use this script.

41)   MemberSolution SQL
With the help of this 'MemberSolution SQL' program you can create and embed login form pages on your website pages through which visitors can register themselves to access your website pages.

42)   tgcSession
tgcSession is a php based script and is a session management system. It is also a class for php's session functions. Users can encode and decode session data. Users can delete session.

43)   phpTurny16
phpTurny16 is written in php and is a group management system. It is used to maintain large number of teams or players.

44)   Locksmith
Locksmith is a simple PHP based user management software with which admin would be able to create and manage secured user registration programs for their site.

45)   safeguardpro Lite
A PHP Membership System with powerful features and product downloads by your members are downloaded by your product webpage NOT folder.

46)   User Online
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author describes about the procedure to find online vistors of the users website.

47)   Phoundation
Phoundation is developed using php and is an Object Oriented PHP framework. It is built to avoid security pitfalls of session based user management.

48)   JolzAutoSite v1
The quickstart package for all dynamic PHP websites.

49) offers a password protection system and member management system. This system protects your member area. You can also manage your members using this system.

50)   STP Members Area Manager
The STP Members Area Manager allows you to easily manage your members area, protecting all of your digital products from "freebie seekers". This script allows you to accept payment from your clients through either PayPal, ClickBank or 2Checkout... or all three.

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