Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-34 Vertical Markets (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   phpMyInventory
phpMyInventory is a web-based hardware, software, and peripheral inventory system which uses PHP and MySQL database. It is a flexible permissions system and a software license tracker.

2)   RICS multilingual hotel reservation software
RICS hotel reservation software system is simple to use for both, clients as well as for the administrator of the hotel. The set of functions allows it to make the process of registration fast and management of the hotel more convenient.

3)   OSSuite
OSSuite is a PHP based script which offers solution for small and medium level enterprises which covers all areas like e-commerce, customer relation management etc.

4)   BugHotel Reservation System
BugHotel is a complete hotel booking which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. It allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations.

5)   Iapyx Online Reservation System
This program will help you to organize a reservation system on your website to facilitate customers with information on the revenue, inventories, reservation histories and even on referrers.

6)   Online Banking and Money Transfer System
An online banking and money transfer application in PHP/MYSQL.

7)   AssetMan
AssetMan (Asset Manager) is a materiel management Intranet application written in PHP. You can use AssetMan to track your company's capital assets from the initial purchase through to end-of-life.

8)   W2B Restaurant
This script is used to manage and control the restaurant business online in a friendly manner. It allows the users to view the reports and orders. It provides password for the users to view the result.

9)   Export Import Industry B2B Portal Solution
Export Import Industry B2B Portal Solution is a complete software with which you can enhance company awareness, attract new clients and retain existing clients, ability to strengthen international marketing, increase company competetiveness and also you can earn additional income.

10)   Enterprise TimeSheet and Payroll
Enterprise Timesheet and Payroll is a PHP and MySQL based script which provides a general solution to the payroll systems of any company. It provides web user clock in and clock out, has IP address restriction, generate time worked, payroll slips, organizational chart etc.

11)   CDFscheduling-online Sports reservatin system
CDFscheduling is a script which offers an online reservation for the use of sports clubs and their players. It is a complete web based tool. With this script, your members or players are able to reserve courts on your website at anytime.

12)   Airline and Hotel Reservations System
Airline and Hotel Reservations System is a script which will be useful for travel agents as well as for those who are flying frequently. It contains all the information regarding the major flight schedules of various airlines.

13)   php residence
php residence is a simple but useful script which can be used to manage the weekly or daily rental of house apartments, residence or small hotel rooms. It requires either PostgreSQL or MySQL database for storing information.

14)   Airline And Hotel Reservations System
This system can manage multiple airlines, schedules, fares.

15)   W2B Restaurant
W2B Restaurant is a powerful and complete Restaurant Management solution based on the reliable, scalable technologies with which you can control and automate all processes of your Restaurant Business.

16)   PHPTimeSheet
PHPTimeSheet is a web based system to keep track of workers time on various jobs. All functions are accessible from a standard web browser. The time information is stored in a MySQL database.

17)   FreeMED
FreeMED is an office management system as well as information system which is written using PHP. It is also capable of supporting multiple languages.

18)   Freemed YiRC
Freemed YiRC is a complete software package to help YiRC agencies in the tasks of data gathering, electronic data exchange, insurance billing functions etc.

19)   Magia Timesheet
Magia Timesheet is a software written using PHP for the purpose of tracking the employee timekeeping. The script is very easy and simple to use. An online demo is available in the website.

20)   BTS BugTrack
BTS BugTrack is a bug tracking system built with PHP and MySQL. It has been designed from the ground up to enable individual, or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs during development stages. BTS BugTrack supports unlimited users, unlimited projects, and unlimited bug reports.

21)   Softerra Time Assistant
Softerra Time Assistant is an effective time-tracking and salary-calculating solution script written in PHP. It is capable of turning ordinary employees into effective and easy-manageable teams, provides instant connections between team members and managers.

22)   HERMES PHP-Based Business Management
Hermes can bring a truly flexible approach to CRM and ERP to your business, and this allows the CRM capabilities to grow with your business needs. It also allows CRM to be implimented in a modular manner, so that the information you need and use is always avaiable.

23)   Enterprise Timesheet
Enterprise Timesheet is a script written using PHP and Flash communication server. It is created for the purpose of recording time and expenses and also can be used as a billing system.

24)   HolidayPlans
Online Reservations and Property Management System.

25)   iQB2B
iQB2B is a industry directory catered to suppliers, manufacturers, exporters & importers. This solution can be used purely as standalone revenue generator or it can be a complement to an existing corporate site that you already have.

26)   Magia Warehouser
Magia Warehouser is a PHP based script which can be used to manage the inventory of a warehouse effectively. Useful for companies which have branches at various places and maintaining the stock.

27)   FPHDB
FPHDB is a printshop ordering and estimation package. It is coded in PHP and requires MySQL database for storing the information. The script is simple and very easy to use.

28)   Recruitment Website
This program is used for enhancing the website with online recruiting facility through which the site visitors can register their name and CV's online and the recruiters can host their site with vacancies, categories of vacancy, recruiter profiles etc.,

29)   PHP Point Of Sale
PHP Point Of Sale is a useful script to help small businesses that use cash, check, or account numbers for their sales. It has a Simple layout and has the capability to generate 11 types of reports to view and sort orders easily.

30)   worlddo
worlddo is a powerful and flexible script designed in PHP and uses MySQL database. It will be useful for Integrators, Developers & Web Design Firms which is capable of providing web based solutions to their clients and allows them to launch their own ASP and own branded products quickly.

31)   Xtreme Locator
Xtreme Locator is the next logical step in making your marketing program work for you. With Xtreme Locator, you can direct customers searching for a specific products or services to your nearest store, branch or outlet.

32)   Keystone
Keystone is a web-based ticketing system for keeping track of tasks and other items within a small to medium sized workgroup. It has a complete platform independent web based interface.

33)   Subscriptio
Subscriptio product is an enterprise-level license key manager targeted at the PHP development platform. It will be useful for shareware authors, internal license management teams and enterprise software firms.

34)   Enterprise Time Tracker
Enterprise TimeTracker is a universal company organizer, which will help you manage your employees and time in the most efficient way possible.

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