Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-36 Virtual Communities (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Multi-Forums Pro Host for phpBB
Multi-Forums Pro Host is a mod for phpBB which is useful for hosting unlimited forums. This provides you the email support, online settings editor, category Editor and system caching service.

2)   VWar
VWar is a virtual community script written in PHP and uses MySQL database for storing all the information. The script is very simple and also easy to customize.

3)   Clan Engine
Clan Engine is a database website created in PHP for the purpose of online Gamming. It requires My SQL database for storing information.

4)   Multi Forums
Multi Forums is a modification for Invision Power Board. It allows you to have a maximum of 30 forums, automatic setup and other features.

5)   EQdkp
EQdkp is an open source DKP system which helps to distribute decisions easily for guild leaders.

6)   Guild Manager
Guild Manager is a virtual community program where you can share your thoughts and views with other users on topics through forums, private messaging, faq and knowledge etc.,

7)   Meunity Community System
Meunity Community System is a PHP and MySQL based script which includes content management system as well as an advanced admin section in order to maintain a sophisticated website.

8)   Clanboard
Clanboard is a PHP based script available online for the purpose of managing clans easily and effectively. Contains features like warsplanner, polls for members etc.

9)   CliServ Web Community
CliServ Web Community is a simple and easy to use community script written in PHP. It requires PostgreSQL for the purpose of storing all the information.

10)   MeSo Subprofile
MeSo Subprofile is a simple PHP and MySQL based script which allows AOL Instant Messenger users to completely customize their AIM profiles and provides mote AIM profile space.

11)   Custom Web Creator
Custom Web Creator is an online community development program with which website administrators can effectively build and run online community or membership websites.

12)   openCI
openCI is a php based clan management tool which allows you to handle all your clan tasks like wars, news etc. It comes with various features and can be installed easily.

13)   MRLiveShare
Revolutionary PHP live file sharing facility.

14)   WebCam Solution
Web based video chat. Supports up to 8000 participants. Remote administration.

15)   Flash SiteBuilder
Flash SiteBuilder is a Web Based Application which contains an automatic publishing system that enables your clients to easily build their own Multimedia WebSite using a web browser.

16)   Opt-in Safelist System
Opt-in Safelist System is a PHP based script which allows you to run your own safelist community from your own domain. It uses MySQL database for speed and efficient data storing system.

17)   c
Clan Tek is a clan script created using PHP programming. This script is simple and easy to install as well as to use. The latest version contains more new features like custom rankings, custom medals etc.

18)   IntroBuilder FX
IntroBuilder FX is a PHP and MySQL based application which enables your clients to easily build their own Multimedia Intro using a web browser. The client does not require any knowledge in FTP, HTML or Flash.

19)   SFS NamesDatabase
This site is a clone of advanced cool profittable scheme. The system is builded by MLM princip, but more effectively. Original system has about 11.9 millions people. System has private people search tools: Name Search find members by name. High School Search find classmates (US/CA). Interest Search find friends and business partners. You can make with it really huge profits, if will use correctly.

20)   ByteHoard
ByteHoard is an online storage solution that allows anyone with a web server to easily create an online storage solution. It is created using PHP and includes automatic compression, multiple file views etc.

21)   OekakiPoteto
OekakiPoteto is an online community script which helps you in creating an online community easily. It allows you to add members, maintain them, and also earn revenue.

22)   Active
Active is a set of web scripts which helps activists to share news, events and group information. The news system handles multimedia, open publishing, and high traffic.

23)   phpGroupWare
phpGroupWare is a multi user groupware suite written using PHP. It provides a web based calendar, todo-list, address book etc for the users or members.

24)   SFS Classmates
You probably heard about - it is the place where you can search for your old friends whom you have learned with in one school or college! This site allows visitors to search and post profiles. The profiles are detailed with descriptions, photos, school name, occupations and contact forms.

25)   Dustbowl Clan Tools
Dustbowl Clan Tools is an open source script written using PHP script. It provides an integrated forum, scheduler and voting system and many other features.

26)   TeamFinity
TeamFinity is team management software. TeamFinity offers Web-based Interactive Database for Online Directory of Multiple Team Rosters, Statistics, and comments, Information is kept up to date by administrators from each team and more.

27)   SMe Site Host
SMe Site Host is a host version of SMe Site! SMe Site Host is a Web Based Application with an automatic publishing system that enables your clients to easily build their own WebSite using only a web browser. in adminstration area your able to remove the link powered, the banner, give more space for.

28)   php Net
Php Net is an easy to use Virtual eCommunity.

29)   TUFaT
Create your family tree online, and let your family members all over the world add to it. Includes dozens of viewing options and administrative controls, import/export capabilities, image galleries, dynamic templates, and many more features.

30)   Start Page Traffic Exchange
Start Page Traffic Exchange is a script based on PHP and MySQL. It is designed for the purpose of creating your own proffessional marketing system easily. With this script, you can provide additional functionality to your website.

31)   Viral Hit Generator
Viral Hit Generator is a PHP based script which allows you the ability to create and run a multi level, viral marketing system which generates more traffic to your website.

32)   Duotec solution
This is an online message board programme where users may comment and discuss on issues with like minded people. This is a php based programme that has high customizable features.

33)   Server Booking
Server Booking is a simple PHP based newsletter script with which individuals can administer their clan server easily. The registered members of the clan can book the server at anytime(day and night).

34)   URL Rotator System
URL Rotator System is a simple and easy to use script with which you will be able to run a membership based URL rotator on your website. It offers various features to your members.

35)   PHP Disc
PHP Disc is a virtual community script which allows you to have starcraft team banner, tag, members, replays, maps and many more. An online demo is available in the website.

36)   SMe Tell Host
SMe tell host is a program that allows webmasters to have a tell a friend hosting service. This allows webmasters to offer a reason to keep coming back to their websites by offering hosting for tell a friend scripts.

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