Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Web Fetching (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PHProxy
PHProxy is a PHP based program that can be used to byepass proxy and fire wall restrictions of web applications with a simple interface.

2)   Content grabber
This is a code snippet you can use the fetch some content from an other site and strip some code off of it and use it on your own site.

3)   Super Grabber
With this script you can grab ANY visible web page and extract ANY portion of that page to use on your site. Extremely easy to setup. Simply tell it the URL and the starting and ending points, and HTML Grabber will do the rest.

4)   ShoutCast-Query
ShoutCast-Query is written in PHP language that is used for gathering information about streamserver. Retrieved data can be included into your site. Querying on playlist files along with listeners is supported.

5)   PHP and cURL basic examples
PHP and cURL basic examples is a simple and easy to understand tutorial explaining the method of fetching webcontents. You can learn and expertise yourself in grabbing webcontents.

6)   Content Grabber
With Content Grabber you can grab content from other websites.

7)   How to create a webcatching program?
How to create a webcatching program? is a PHP based tutorial that teaches you to implement grabbing programs like accurating, grabbing news and customizing datas on your site.

8)   Newsbox
NewsBox is a PHP program that grasps news from various sites and provides them in seperate links on your news system. MySQL stores the headlines and news. RSS and RDF news feeds are supported.

9)   WebGrab
WebGrab is widely used as a web fetching component on PHP driven sites. It aggregates all grabbed info on your content system using 'phpcms'. You can grab data from any webserver. It is compatible with all external scripts.

10)   Stock Port
Stock Port is desinged using PHP modules to display stock quotes that are grabbed from yahoo finance site. You can display market avarages and stock info. Ticker symbols are required to show stock port.

11)   php eBay List
php eBay List is an e-business developing tool that is based on PHP script. Webmasters can display their bid quotes on their own website and improve the sales. Absoulte module can be customized.

12)   GrabIt
GrabIt is a PHP script used to fetch contents from the other websites and displays latest content in your site. These things can be done without frames. It has many enhanced features.

13)   Data Mining Tools & Services - PHP Functions
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author discusses about data mining tools and services which helps in exchanging contents that helps small business holders.

14)   PHP Weather
PHP Weather is an effective PHP program that forecasts weather details. Allows to find the weather report for required location.

15)   Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class
This is a simple PHP script that is used to publish Yahoo finance stock quotes in your website with latest updates. This require MySQL database for creating tables.

16)   Weather Watcher
Weather Watcher is an useful PHP based tool which helps you to display the local weather report on your web sites. You can also display sunset or sunrise time using this tool.

17)   4CM_Grabber (DefenseLink)
4CM_Grabber (DefenseLink) is a PHP program that implements functions to get and display news from DefenseLink website. Latest news can be shown on your site that may be about any category on homesite.

18)   PHeadlines
Pheadlines is a simple news fetching script that runs on PHP driven websites. To store headlines and links MySQL database is used. RDF formatted news articles are grabbed and can be published on your site.

19)   Matt's Weather
Matt's Weather is a PHP driven grabbing tool that collects and reports weather information on your site from METAR stations around the world. It has a location list and from which you can find the current weather for required stations. It incorporates a template system for web page customization.

20) XML
This is a simple software that gives weather report for the current day depending on the area or city you specify. This PHP program is supported by MySQL database.

21)   InxStockTicker
InxStockTicker keeps an eye on stocks. Shows if market it closed or open.

22)   PHP Realtime Weather
PHP Realtime Weather consists of PHP driven modules to implement weather report online. It works on server and provides weather results in HTML format to viewers.

23)   Easy Weather
Easy Weather is a PHP application that displays weather data on your site. It provides a list of locations and to which weather information is displayed.

24)   Emovies - Movie Showtimes
Emovies - Movie Showtimes is a movie script based on PHP that supports features to publish information about movie theaters at needed area along with movie descriptions and official website URLs.

25)   Unit Miner
Unit Miner is robust, flexible and easy to use system for monitoring, retrieving and mining content from from web sites, documents, or any non-structured source of data. Unit Miner provides the industry's best solution for data mining. This next-generation automated data mining solution deploys the concept of pattern matching to radically simplify scripts creation and maintenance. Examples of use: Online price comparisons, automatic stock market surveillance, personalised online news aggregations, parsing clean data from huge files, transforming information from one format to other, etc.

26)   xoapWeather
xoapWeather is used on PHP based websites to forecast weather reports. Cache system is inculded for fast retrieval. No need for database. Zip code function is available to identify the location.

27)   Google SERP Position Check
With this PHP script, you can find the rank of your website on google.

28)   Snoopy
Snoopy is a little web based application which is Provided in PHP class. This script is used to collect headlines from news sites. It supports posting of files. HTTP status can be shown.

29)   SlashWatch
Slashwatch is powered using PHP programming that captures headlines from news sites and stores them in MySQL database. Mailing system is included to allow the users to mail new headlines.

30)   HPE
HPE is a set of PHP coded modules that is mostly used as a web fetching tool on PHP/MySQL based websites. Admin interface supports entry of users and put limits to access website. It can be accesed in many languages. Static files are used as storage systems.

31)   Yahoo NewsPod
Yahoo NewsPod is used as web fetching software that runs on PHP built sites. Collecting data from yahoo news and displays them on your site can be done simply.

32)   A Registered - Visitors' Planning Board
This program really helps any user or web builder to advertise their homepage or archives on your website and you have rights to customize the comments or advertisements if required.

33)   IVWeather.class.php
IVWeather.class.php is a PHP software that returns lacalized weather report on websites. Error message is displayed when a wrong entry enters. Supports modifications on reporting data.

34)   InXStockNews
InXStockNews allows you to have the latest in Stock from Yahoo. Also offers the latest news from Yahoo.

35)   Heise News Grabber
Heise News Grabber is designed by PHP program that publish latest and important news headlines on your start page which can be gathered from IT News of website. You can define the number of headlines. It Supports XHTML.

36)   phpWeatherReport
phpWeatherReport is written in PHP to publish weather news on your site. Report page can be customized with HTML and CSS based stylesheet. Modules can be modified to make changes with application.

37)   4CM_Grabber
4CM_Grabber is a PHP driven web fetching script that enables you to observe information, statistical data and news from required websites. Grabbing includes news, weather, stocks and more.

38)   Yahoo SERP Position Check
This is a script that helps to find the SERP position of a web page in Yahoo. It checks the position of the mentioned site in top 100 sites.

39)   EasyNews
Scrapes news listings from a meta news search engine and includes news from all the major news sources. This script offers the potential to create thousands of pages of dynamic, crawlable content just by creating some static search links and is very easy to use.

40)   Dr-Fun grabber
Dr-Fun grabber is a core PHP to include the cartoon system on your website. It holds cartoons from Dave Farley's daily Dr-Fun cartoon. This code can be changed to suit to your needs.

41)   Local Movie Listings
Seamless local movie listings for any community web site or portal.

42)   EZArticles
EZArticles includes great scripts providing easy, automated ways of displaying thousands of up-to-date copyright-free articles on your site. EZArticles automates the process of displaying content from providers who want you to use their free articles!

43)   Threat Matrix
Threat Matrix s a simple PHP module that is used as a web fetching script on your sites. Information about threat level can be displayed which is grabbed form homeland site. Supports HTML based text formatting.

44)   News headlines from Moreover
News headlines from Moreover is a simple PHP program that is used to fetch news from and displays them on your site for your visitors. Headlines can be numerous. News headlines page supports customization.

45)   HTTP Navigator
HTTP Navigator is a PHP program and it's working priniciples are based on perl's LWP. It is used for transmitting HTTP messages.

46)   PStocks
PStocks is entirely based on PHP language that implement a stock report system on your portals. MySQL is used as storage device. You can grab as much information from yahoo finance site as you can.

47)   mooSTAT lib
mooSTAT lib is set of PHP modules that lists your favourite games on your website. Template system helps you to run this script simply.

48)   How to automate web site updates with PHP
How to automate web site updates with PHP is a simple online webfetching tutorial that provides users with basic source codes for displaying latest updates and current news on your site.

49)   gHeadlines
gHeadlines is a PHP oriented web fetching tool that extracts headlines from Google news site and outputs them in HTML format on your site. Links for stories can be added unlimitedly.

50)   seekandFind
seekandfind is a little PHP module that gets your site with photography system. It features to customize modules to adapt for several servers.

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