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1-50 Web Hosting Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Zpanel
Zpanel programme is PHP based. This script is used to host control panel for web hosting. It comes with security and full of customization. It shows total hits, server status and access great network tools and several features are available with this programme.

2)   Complete Web Hosting Script
Complete Web Hosting Script For Webhosting Resellers is a php script that automates the creation of new webhosting accounts. Complete Web Hosting Script integrates PayPal IPN, MySQL, and CPanel WHM to securely create new hosting accounts. Takes care of your customer from the Order form to the Welcome letter and saves the IPN data in a MySQL table. Well suited to virtual hosts.

3)   Hosting App
Hosting App software is created to manage web hosting servers. This script allows you to create virtual hosts. Customization is quite simple and easy to use.

4)   Elite Pro
Elitepro is a PHP based web hosting tool. This software has several features ie- administrating site management interface, reseller management, site information interface and reseller administrator feature management interface etc., This script is fully customizable.

5)   Flex Client - Billing and client management software
Webhosts and resellers get more flexability in client management and billing!

6)   AutoCreation
AutoCreation is a powerful Free Hosting program that integrated with cPanel/WHM. With AutoCreation, account creation process is automated. This ultimate program allows you to create cPanel accounts automatically after signup, or after approval.

7)   easyPSA Hosting automation.
easyPSA hosting automation sets automatically the billing accounts of users. This software has built-in billing system which uses PSA database. It has automated domain search, automated billing systems, automated connection etc., This script is user friendly.

8)   WHM Autopilot Custom order form
WHM Autopilot Custom order form, is a php based software that helps users to run a web hosting business online to help customers create the product package automatically in active server. It permits the customers to choose the type of package they want to purchase. It hides items in the order form.

9)   PHP Domain
PHP Domain is used for admin interface, billing, multi domain register, support for billing gateways etc. This is simple to configure and to use.

10)   Whois Cart Pro
Easy to setup domain name and hosting shopping cart script.

11)   WHM Automation
WHM AutoPilot software is available with automatic account creation facility. You can suspend, delete account in WHM, server statistics etc., You can view active server status.

12)   cPanel Proxy
This cPanel Proxy allows you to access your website's control panel to administer basic system and webmail maintenance through a secured admin interface.

13)   iPanel- Force Ads Into Users Websites With Your Free Hosting
Account Creation Automation with Forced Ads for Free Web Hosting Providers With Billing

14)   :: AutoHost ::
Account creation and billing automation for Cpanel web hosts.

15)   HostDirector
HostDirector is a powerful whois script that when installed on your website, enables site visitors to search for expired popular domain name extensions on the web.

16)   Hosting Signup script
Signup programme is a php based programme used for control panel administration. MySQL database is used to store the data.

17)   iHost Automation for Account Creation In Cpanel
Automation for Dedicated, Reseller, and Free web hosting companies. iHost can create both normal accounts (with billing) or free accounts instantly and automatically. Dedicated server owners can also user iHost to create reseller accounts. [ client control panel - email templates - subdomain support

18)   42go ISP-Manager
42go ISP-Manager software is a linux webserver management solution system and it is easy to operate. This software has several features with security.

19)   Webspace hosting script
Webspace hosting software is based on PHP. This software is used for developing a web site in a simple way. It supports multi language and is a highly secured software. Online demo is available.

20)   TinyTool
This is a simple web hosting tool that helps webmasters to automate account activation for their website customers. All customer details are recorded in a single file for later reference.

21)   Webhost Serv V1.0
With this Script can you open your own pay Webhosting Service, easy and fast!

22)   Client Exec Tool
ClientExec is a web host tool that helps the resellers to manage their clients effectively. ClientExec is designed to be flexible and can be easily added through its simple interface and simple to use.

23)   Auto Control Pro 550
Auto Control Pro 550 is a PHP based programme allows the customers of you to place an order online. Customers can manage their frontpage and databases by their own.

24)   SiteBuilder-FX
SiteBuilder-FX is a do it yourself web site creation kit. You can add graphics, audio, content, and knowing HTML is not required. It is user friendly and easy to use. Comes with templates, and more.

25)   Indigo HostCart
An easy to setup domain name and hosting shopping cart that is easily integrated into your existing layout.

26)   cWhois Domain Cart
cWhois Domain Cart is a PHP based programme. cWhois software is perfect for web hosting and domain registration sites. This software is simple to use and easy to incorporate into your site.

27)   Hosting Client Manager
vHCM is an easy to use and cost effective web based customer management solution designed for hosting companies.

28)   Complete Image Hosting Script
Complete Image Hosting Script lets you run a free and paid image hosting business within minutes of downloading the zip file as this script comes with an auto-installer. Fully-featured admin control panel. Admin control panel lets you manage site settings, members, payments and uploaded images. Users can use your service to store images for forums, family photos, banners or for just any reason.

29)   NOC Status
NOC Status is a php based programme designed to provide the server status and a help line for your customers to contact you during disaster situations. A very useful programme for webhosts.

30)   Modern Bill
ModernBill is a PHP based software integrated with server control panel from CPanel, ensim and plesk. Domain registrars allow customers to register domains automatically. This script is fully automated and configurable.

31)   DRAMS
DRAMS is a PHP based programme used for domain registration, billing and web hosting signup. This is a very user friendly programme. This script is powerful, scalable and fully customizable.

32)   ClBox - an automated custom hosting package
This program can be used for creating an automated custom hosting package. With the help of this program the users can order their hosting package as they required.

33)   DomainCP
DomainCP is a webhosting software tool with which you can resell domains without any additional payments.

34)   SFS Domain registrant
Start your own domain registration service! It is easy as 1-2-3

35)   NOC Wizard
NOCWizard is a PHP based software which is used for client management, server management and IP management. Built in support, device management, RTG integration and built in billing are the important features of this software.

36)   Online Customized plan solution
Online Customized plan solution is a PHP based programme. This is an user friendly software that allows the customers to customize easily. It comes with more customization facility to simplify their work.

37)   Host Directory Pro
All the functions of the major web hosting directories. Search functions, extensive admin area, user search and built in advertisement system and payment gateway. Template driven.

38)   PSA Password Manager
This is an advanced and useful password protecting tool for plesk server administrators and other customer service personnel to manage and administer their webhosting clients.

39)   Domain Name Availability Tool
Domain Name Availability Tool is a script allows you to show which domains are available. This is simple to install and free to use. This is a PHP based programme.

40)   Aesir's Dedicated Web Hosting
Aesir's Dedicated Web Hosting is an online tutorial based on webhosting plans, explaining users about their usage in different server conditions.

41)   Hivemaker Professional
It is a web based content management application which can be used to construct websites and helps to manage the content of the website.

42)   PureWebAdmin
PureWebAdmin is a simple and online efficient web hosting software tool written in PHP to effectively manage webhosting servers with unique FTP passwords.

43)   Proposal System
Proposal system software helps the webmasters to grow their site. Proposal system allows the webmasters to add dynamic content to their site. This is a PHP based simple script.

44)   Web Tools
This is a collection of plugins that help the webmasters regarding webhosting. It allows them to create structure for their plugins. It supports CSS and allows users for customization.

45)   ServNetix
ServNetix is a php based software that helps the web hosting resellers or business people to take care of their customer relationship management, marketing management and billing etc.,

46)   OOApp Web Hosting Service
This is a web hosting service provider which helps the webmasters to host their websites theirselves by enabling the given host information like DNS records, whois etc.

47)   vSACS
vSACS is a simple php based programme. This is a web hosting automation software comes with resellers hosting plan changes and domain deletion facilities.

48)   Server Uptime Percentage
Server Uptime Percentage is a php driven script with mysql backend that shows the status of the services of your servers. Version 1.2 enables you to easy customize the look of the status page and listen on seven different server ports. Supported services are: cPanel, ssh, ftp, http, DNS, pop3 and mysql.Beside that, script shows server IP number, and most important, it shows server uptime percentage!

49)   EAPI
EAPI is an open source PHP based software used to make interface with enom server and parse for visual use. This software can be utilized as a working component inside the enom test or live servers.

50)   web-cp
web-cp is a Web hosting control panel. It consists of 4 control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server. It allows domain owners to add new users and aliases, and allows users to update their personal information.

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