Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-26 Web Search (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Search The Web
Search the web is a an application written in PHP. With this script you can let your website visitors to search all of the major search engines without any difficulty right from your website.

2)   Google Search
Google Search Engine script is an application to run your own search engine. Easily configurable. All you have to do is upload your files, enter your web sites title, google key and you are ready to run your own google search engine.

3)   Multi-Search Form
Multi Search Form is a tool for searching multiple search engines or its other search services using one form. This form lets you any number of hidden fields along with your search.

4)   K-Search
This meta search engine cache all search results for your queries from major search engines and displays only the relevant results in a page.

5)   Fast Meta Search Engine
This is a search engine that queries several other search engines at the same time and returns their results with the help of automated results cache system. This has a web-based Admin panel to set from web the product parameters.

6)   SearchGooSimple
This is a simple PHP based search utility by which users can create a searh engine for their system with the help of Google Web API and NuSOAP.

7)   Quick Web Search With Google
Save time and be searching the web within your website in seconds,by pasting two lines of php code.

8)   Top-PPC Search Engine Script
Top-PPC Search Engine uses Top-PPC's XML feed to display search results, as opposed to using JavaScript.

9)   PortXML - PPC
PortXML - PPC is a simple online web search engine program with which you can retrieve XML feeds from various PPC providers. This program is easy to interface.

10)   phpPosterSearch
This programme is meant for creating your own posters search engine using the affiliate programme, Easy to customize and lets your users to make a profitable poster search.

11)   PEngines
This is a PHP script that examines the subject matter of webpages to extract the form fields and makes hidden forms performing the same function as front-end search engine.

12)   phpMyeBay
phpMyeBay is a software in PHP. This helps to own eBay search engine on your website. The script is easily configurable to your website needs. By registering with and join eBay's affiliate programme and earn money.

13)   PHPgoogleSearch
You can include and add free web searching functions to your websites, using which your site visitors can search on the google API. All visitor queries are supported on a seperate window.

14)   Google Dance Tool
This software is a web-search tool that shows the changing updation of the google search engine. The latest updation is named as Google dance. This is meant for comparing the previous one.

15)   Mail 2 Google
Mail 2 Google is a google SOAP interface to browse google through email. With this you can access google search engine easily.

16)   DeadMan's Redirect
DeadMan's Redirect (DMR) is an application that allows users to create aliases to their favourite search engines. This a web-surfer's tool that can be fully customizable to the user needs.

17)   Pay Per Click (PPC) module
This programme is meant for members to setup their advertisement on the site and afterwards buy a credit balance of funds. This is a PHP based script. Advertisers can setup several ads as they wish and the user can set several options for bids.

18)   Google PHP Search Interface
Google PHP Search Interface is a simple online search engine software with which end users would be able to search through various websites in the net.

19)   Google in your site
Google in your site is an application that provides you a google search engine results on your website easily. This is a PHP based script using the API SOAP of Google.

20)   SearchFeed Search Engine Script
SearchFeed Search Engine Script is an application for you to run your own pay per click site quickly and simply. Just you have to enter your search feed account id, tracking id, site title and get the results ultimately.

21)   CyberCrawl Meta Edition
This software is a complete modular MetaSearch solution for webmasters. This queries several search engines and deliver the results in arrays.

22)   TailSearch
TailSearch is a simple PHP script and a meta script that searches and collects complete details of aircraft and owner information from FAA's Aircraft registry which is based on an aircraft's tail number.

23)   RevenuePilot Search Engine Script
RevenuePilot Search Engine Script helps users to create a pay per click site. Easy to configure to your needs. This uses revenue pilot's XML feed to display search results and each page loads in less than a second and the average search takes one or two seconds to display.

24)   PHP Cake's Siterank
This program helps you to check for your site rankings and positions on all major search engine listings. This program supports search engines such as MSN, AllTheWeb, Google, Lycos, Altavista etc.,

25)   MySearchFeed
This is an application written in PHP. This script allows you to make your own search engine on your website by using the's payperclick affiliate programme.

26)   Dragemon - Cheat Search
Dragemon - Cheat Search is a software for linking cheat search to your site and lets your visitors to visit your site again and again.

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