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1-50 Web Sites (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   All Webmaster Forum
All Webmaster Forum site is used by webmasters to discuss about their doubts and tips related to programming languages, website design and layout, graphic design forum, search engine optimization, directory forum, google forum, yahoo forum, report bugs and more.

2)   phpBB Forum
phpBB Forum is a website that host forums where users can discuss and post topics on issues related to developing and hosting. This site has a password protected login facility for users to sign in.

3)   phpBB Support is a team that guides and supports the web designers about phpBB. Users can make use of phpBBs wide knowledge base.

4)   make money fast working at home
Get Paid to Read Emails Website Features: Paid-To-Click section. Automated Member Signup. Automated Member confirmation email. Automated welcome email to members. Automated member password recovery. Advertiser signup script.

5)   Agent Zone :: A must have real estate website for all realtors
AgentZone has many sophisticated features to help your real estate business grow. You can list the properties you have for sale, let the internet users list their properties for sale on the internet. You can switch on or off the payment module with a single click.

6)   Design Shrine PHP factory
IT is an user friendly PHP website through which the users can collect various PHP scripts and Free templates. This website helps users in their online business and provides PHP turnkey solutions.

7)   UBBDesign custom web development
UBBDesign is a bridge for web developers that helps them to build websites. UBBDesign has more template, custom themes and more related to website design.

8)   GentleSource
Useful PHP web site tools.

9)   PowerWebPro
PowerWebPro is a site for webmasters to build their own site instantly with the use of designs & programmes provided by this site. They provide several resources for web developing.

10) site can help the users like, programmers and webmasters to post their codes and also allows them to download php scripts. It also works as tutorial for beginners.

11)   banner exchange website
All members to circulate other members in a rotation of websites using your banner exchange. All websites need to advertise, this is a cost effective method.

Programmers or webmasters can post their source code through this site. It helps the resource submitters to view number of viewers of their programme. They can discuss and chat about their programmes from this site.

13)   Forum Point
This is an active website focussing maily on forums and provides consultation services for webmasters who wants to integrate online forums on their website.

14)   PHPJunkYard
This a simple website containing every essential and useful details and entities related to and about PHP, like programs, articles, hosting plans etc.,

15)   Buddy Zone :: A Script for a Friends Community!!!
Buddy Zone has all the features needed to run a successful friends community website.

16)   SitePoint Webmaster Discussion Forums
SitePoint Webmaster Discussion Forums is a php online community and a forum which is an exclusive forum developed for the webmasters to discuss about the solutions and problems for them.

This site offers alot of cool scripts in .php, 4 your website. The best stuff is always 4 free right :)

18)   Second Hand Trading System Abstruct
Second Hand Trading System is a program which helps you to provide online trading of second hand products. This program is written in PHP and MYSQL.

19)   Ditto Scripts
Ditto scripts is a site used to download PHP scripts. It has six type of PHP scripts to download. These scripts are useful for webmasters that helps for their own site or their new scripts.

20)   mambodesign - mambo templates
mambo design mambo templates for mambo open source CMS

21)   iTech Forum
iTech Forum site helps the users to post their doubts or they can discuss about web site designs, operating systems, website managements, databases, system administration and more with fellow developers.

22)   FactoryBB news
Want to stay in touch with all the latest news in the world of IT?! Then this is the place ti visit! (RO)

23)   BuildWebsites.Net has more templates in many designs and it is useful for the developers to design their website. This site has both paid and free templates. You must login your account to download.

24)   PHP Faqts
PHP Faqts is an online knowledge base for PHP possesing every details of the programming language along with links, tutorials and documentations.

25) is a nightlife and entertainment site that helps you to run your own entertainment site in your city. You can also signup as an affiliate and earn through referral memberships.

26)   EasyWebManager
This is a powerful website management system written in php that helps users to create and maintain websites. Even users without technical knowledge can create websites easily.

27)   Freelance Zone :: Run your own Freelance Auction with ease!!!
A unique freelance script with an extensive admin panel, which is able to handle everything from CMS of the site to Auctions.

28)   Yet Another Community System
This is a simple PHP application that supports web based online communities. This program helps large websites to deploy and organize contents for their community systems.

29)   Code Library
This website allows programmers to add their codes on the website. Only members are allowed to post and view the codes to download.

30)   Apache-MySQL-PHP
This is an useful website for the pHP programmers through which they can collect information about apache server, MY SQL and PHP. This website offers various information about Unix OS and about PHP.

31)   nyfreelancer
Find hundred of freelance programmers for your projects.

32)   Phpitalia
Phpitalia is an useful PHP website that supports all kind of PHP sources to enhance the programming language of italian programmers.

33) is an active website that provides PHP based MIRC script along with winamp plugin and network managed automated backup script for the users.

This is a simple website meant for offerring custom solutions for PHP software developers in developing advanced internet client and server interface.

35)   Totally PHP
A growing PHP resource aimed at beginners providing free scripts, useful code snippets and more.

36) website is available with free php scripts to download. Users can use these for their requirements. Search facility is included in this site to search php scripts in this site.

37) is an useful website designed to share and exchange PHP and PHP related programs and articles between users. Several books, articles and magazines are available on the site.

38)   Real Estate Website
A PHP based readymade website template for building real estate website.

39)   Jokes Website
This is a php based jokes managing website that has advanced backend admin tools. This program has seperate user and admin features. Users can submit and forward jokes. Uses a Mysql database.

40)   Adaptive Business Design
Adaptive Business Design - Indianapolis, IN - Web design, custom programming, internet marketing, and more.

41)   mtWeb
mtWeb is a place for passing comments about PHP in different categories and also they can view the posted comments from this site for their clarification in doubts about PHP.

42) site is having different PHP programmes for free. It helps webmasters while building their websites. Users can discuss their doubts from this site.

43)   Script Wiz
Script Wiz is a complete script resource site.

44)   Bex Consulting Inc
From site webmasters can buy custom programming, new banner ads, clickbanks online mall and site packages. Project managers can post their requirements through this site for their projects.

45)   Creating a Table
PHP MySQL Tutorial is an article about using PHP and MySQL easily. This is meant for beginner programmer who has a little knowledge about php and MySQL. Teaches basic PHP.

46) is a website that offers PHP tutorials, resources and a book store.

a PHP scripts directory.

48)   eCommerce Website with multi-currency capabilities
We specialise in eCommerce solutions and provide a cost-effective way of selling online. This website has many advanced features.

49)   Mag Zone :: Online Library System!
MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent.

50)   phphub
phphub is a php online community where users can view the php scripts which are in different categories. This site is simple and easy to navigate and access by the users.

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