Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Web Traffic Analysis (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Referer Logger
Referer Logger is a programme written in PHP with MySQL database as backend to hold the details about the online visitors statistical details like, IP address, number of hits daily, weekly, monthly and more. It is easy to customize.

2)   PHP Stats
PHP Stats is a Web Statistic analyzer which counts the number of online visitors and stores the statistics details about that in database. It contain all of the current tools to configure. Easy to use and configuration is simple.

3)   PHPstat
PHPstat is a web traffic analyzer programme that analyses hits per day and month, time when they hit, screen dimension, country name and more reference about the online visitors.

4)   phpAwStats
phpAwStats is a web statistic analyzer which helps to see the statistic details about the online visitors and it is a mighty tool that provides statistics of webserver in graphical mode.

5)   PowerLog
Logs various information from your website's visitors.

6)   Comdev Geo Traffic v2.0
Comdev Geo Traffic act as your website logger to keep track of your site traffic, such as daily hits (unique visitors and page views), visitor country, referers sites, web pages traffic, browser & OS popularity. All reports presented to you in the easy-to-understand simple bar and line graph.

7)   Free PHP/MySQL Counter & Stats Script
Free Stats is a simple PHP based script used to view the statistics of your site visitors through MySQL database. It is easy to customize and to configure.

8)   PHP-RealtimeStats
PHP-RealtimeStats is an online tracker that it tracks the number of hits of your site and entire details of visitors, their country name with flag and date & time etc.,

9)   Traffic Stats PHP
This website will allow you to set up your own link tracking business! There are two different memberships you can sell with this script, and both are beneficial to you.

10)   WMStats
WMStats is a statistical details displayer about online visitors. It is used to view the entire information about visitors profile. It is user friendly and to configure this script is easy.

11)   Avanti Web Stats Lite by Liquid Frog
Easy to set up and very simple to use and understand, Avanti Web Stats tells you everything you need to know about traffic to your sites and also tells you whether your sites are reachable by your visitors. Avanti Web Stats will constantly monitor all your sites and notify you immediately should a site become unavailable - it will even provide you with a hit counter for your pages.

12)   ROI web traffic
ROI web traffic is a powerful webtraffic analyser designed especially to track the effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns on various other websites.

13)   SplitHit
SplitHit is a small software used to test different Operating system with different version of a webpage or website, in order to find which one sells best, which part makes a visitor leave, screen dimension, time and date of visit etc.,

14)   Actual Counter
Web-statistics tool for monitoring and analyses of audience of web-sites. There is free version.

15)   SECrawler
SE Crawler is a script that tracks the details of all search engine crawlers to your site. It is simple to use and easy to understand.

16) Unique Traffic Generators
FakeZilla is a search engine optimization website. It offers tools to increase page rank.

17)   I-FAKER
I-FAKER sends as many unique hits a day as your server can handle. Using PHP, it routes HTTP get requests through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers which can be defined by you. Even banners on your site get impressions! This is the most advanced software of its kind.

18)   Web-Analiser_PRO
Web-Analiser Pro is a system to gather and analyze statistics of your website traffic.

19)   Mojo Webstats
Mojo Webstats is a simple PHP script and MySQL database. MySQL database carries the list of latest visitors, referrer site and more.

20)   phpMyVisites | powerfull web stats analyser
phpMyVisites is a Web traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics. It is not an Apache log analysis tool. phpMyVisites creates its own logs, and it allows access to more complete statistics. phpMyVisites provides information about visitors, page views, visitor follow-ups, countries of origin, software configurations, referrers, and much more. It also includes a powerful administration and configuration tool.

21)   Geo Redirect
Geo Redirect is a simple PHP script used to track online visitors and statistic details about the visitors will be stored in a text file. It redirects the incoming link to the URL of other sites. It is simple to use and execute.

22)   HVT 2.0
This tool tracks all the visitors to your webpages. It logs ipAddress,file visited,time of visit, date, hostname in to a file. The simple and nice HVT viewer makes it so easy to view the reports. The new feature enables the users to set MaxFileLength value. i.e users can set the file length parameter so that whenever the file reaches x entries the oldest y entries will be removed.

23)   32Tech Free IP to Country Database For MySQL
A PHP script that helps the webmasters to find from where and which country does the visitors belong to.

24)   Simple Visitor Tracking script
This tutorial will teach you to track visitors for your site with their IP, referer details, date and time of visits, host name etc.,

25)   ifmonitor
ifmonitor is used to monitor the interface of network traffic logger. The result will be displayed in graphical mode. It is easy to use.

26)   FreeWebStat
The FreeWebStat offers you a high configurable web traffic analyzing script without database connectivity.

27)   User Fingerprints
Simple but thorough tracker

28)   Visitors Statistics Logging script
Visitors Statistics Logging script is basically used to track number of hits per page by the visitor to your site, IP address, country of origin and more. MySQL database is used as storage database.

29)   PHP RobotVisit
PHP RobotVisit is a simple online web traffic analysing software capable of providing instant notifications to the web masters through emails about their web traffics.

30)   AudiStat
AudiStat is a programme which is used to view the statistic details about visitors to your site. Statistics like, country name, IP address and more about your site visitor will be stored in MySQL database.

31)   MP Stats
MP Stats is a php based web statistic analyzing programme. It tracks the number of hits and number of visitors to your website, a handy tool for all webmasters.

32)   Search engine referrers
Search engine referrers is a PHP based script which counts the queries of your website in various popular search engines like yahoo, google etc.

33)   SearchTraffic PRO
This simple PHP application can increase your webtraffic by redirecting visitors for your website from search engines and generates content rich webpages for your site.

34)   Web Log Analyzer
Web Log Analyzer is a simple web statistic analyzer programme and a good web server log analyzer. It displays your site visitors information. It is simple to understand.

35)   Alien-STATS
Alien-STATS is a program that comes with the ability to count the hits that occurred to a website. This is for website analysis.

36)   Calc Bandwidth
Calc Bandwidth is used to calculate the bandwidth of online visitors and statistics will be in percentage. It shows accurate result about bandwidth in numbers. It is easy to use.

37)   Creating Your Own Log Files
This tutorial teaches you how to create log files on your own for the purpose of tracking the information about your website visitors.

38)   Robotstats
Robotstats is a simple programme developed for web masters to view the statistics of their online visitors with full details, referrer site etc., and these statistic details will be written in MySQL database.

39)   CommonClassifieds
CommonClassifieds is a PHP based web application that helps the webmasters to manage classified ads on their systems. Several features are given with this module and SQL / MySQL can be used as back-end. Plugin system can switch on / off displayed ads.

40)   User Logger
User Logger is a simple PHP script that displays the users information. It shows the users IP, browser and display the users ISP.

41)   Logwriter
Logwriter is an user friendly traffic analyzer programme helps the webmasters to handle their unique customer, their IP address and entire information about user etc.,

42)   ABM
ABM is a PHP based script used to count the bandwidth of the system. It is used to view the online visitors count in statistical format. Easy to setup and size of the file is low.

43)   TriLOG
TriLOG is a software that enables the webmasters to keep uptodate statistic details about their site visitors, system information and their origin etc., It is easy to configure.

44)   Webspy
Webspy is an user friendly counter and it works as spy for the webmasters to view and handle their site visitors information and it is simple to use and configure.

45)   Smart Statistics
PHP script that you can install on your site and get human readable statistics for you pages.

46)   Hit Inspector
Inspector differentiates between unique visitors, repeat visitors, how long they have visited, and counts every page that they accessed.

47)   Logging with PHP3
This simple and useful tutorial helps you to log various details about your website and displays as a statistical report on your website. You can download the source code from the website.

48)   IP logger
IP Logger is a web traffic analyzer that helps the webmasters to keep the uptodate lists of their site visitors with IP address. It is easy to customize and to install.

This is a simple PHP based application through which site visitors can access the statistical reports without logging into control panel.

50)   phpOpenTracker
phpOpenTracker is an analyzer for web traffic. It is highly optimized logging engine that stores the access information into a database. It can be used to track both dynamic and static pages.

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