Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 XML and PHP (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Shoutcast Stats
Use this script to have cool music to be played on your website. Shoutcast Stats is a very cute and simple script for playing online music on your Windows media player.

2)   Parsing XML with PHP
Parsing XML with PHP is a tutorial and an article that teaches the users about how to process XML documents with PHP by using the built in expat parser.

3)   DJ Status
This is a simple PHP application intented to help webmasters in managing their shoutcast radio station and to provide current active DJ details for the visitors.

4)   XML guestbook
XML guestbook is a tutorial and an article which teaches the users about how to make the xml guestbook. In this tutorial users should have basic knowledge about the use of XML in PHP.

5)   rssparse.php
rssparse.php is a very simple PHP script for parsing XML news feeds from other sites to display it on your website.

6)   MiniXML
MiniXML provides a 100% PHP API to parse and generate XML. It is comprised of a set of PHP classes that allow you to access XML data and create valid XML output with a tree-based hierarchy of elements. MiniXML does not require any external libraries or modules.

7)   PHPtunest iTunes Music List Parser
PHPtunest is a cool PHP script for parsing iTunes Music Library. The output is given as a HTML file and the look of it can be customised with CSS style sheets.

8)   Using PHP to Access XML Weather Feeds
This script is cool utility to access the US weather forecasts from another site and display it on your website for the visitors.

9)   Class.Jabber.PHP
Class.Jabber.PHP is a solution for Instant messaging, unlike the present IM providers it overcomes the problem of cross protocol messaging.

10)   XMLize.php
XMlize.php is an extremely easy to use XML tree and statistic parser.

11)   RSS aggregator
RSS aggregator helps in creating a list of RSS feed addresses from a MySQL database. It also has templates to display the response.

12)   Google News RSS or RDF Feed Generator
Google News RSS/RDF feed generator is a very cool script for everyone who wants to display Google news on their website. The browser can search for the news of their choice based on the keywords they supply.

13)   JONAH - Horde framework
JONAH - Horde framework is a set of PHP scripts thats of much help in content management. Using these set of scripts one can create a very dynamic website.

14)   iTunes XML Playlist Reader
With the help of this program the users can track ID, track bit rate of album, artist, genre etc., of songs which reads in XML files that generated by iTunes and shows list of songs.

15)   Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader
This is a simple PHP program that can read RSS news feed sources from your server and displays the news on your webpages. This program is simple and easy to handle.

16)   Backends Sharing Data
Backends Sharing Data is a tutorial and an article that tells the users about how to make a script for performing remote procedure calls by using php.

17)   Parsing XML With PHP
Parsing XML With PHP is a tutorial that tells users about how to parse the xml file by using php which provides updated news headlines straight from the site.

18)   RSS headline grabber
RSS Headline Grabber is a cool script to parse RDF/XML feeds and then display them on your webpages.

19)   Instant RSS, XML Feed Generator
You can use this program for creating RSS news feeds. This program will also assist you to create a seperate news channel for your website through the XML file.

20)   CaRP
Caching RSS Parser is another cool utility for converting RSS feeds from other sites or pages to HTML on your PHP enabled server.

21)   zFeeder
zFeeder is a cute PHP script that can display RSS content from other sites on any php page. It parses RSS content from other specified sites, formats it and displays on your website.

22)   UPS XML Address Verification Tool PHP Function Library
This is a PHP driven module that is widely useful as a customer support tool. This script reduces the problems with address creation and helps to deliver shipments to the appropriate address.

23)   myxml
myxml is a very simple PHP script to generate a XML data file from a SQL query.

24)   DOMIT!
DOMIT! is an XML parser that is consistent with the DOM (Document Object Model) specifications and is simple, quick and rigid. It doesnt have complex functions so is easy to use.

25)   ExcelXML
ExcelXML is a simple tutorial where you will find some useful guide on the method of reading and getting HTML outputs from XML files.

26)   PHP RSS Reader
The basic function of this script is it retrieve the information from RSS feed and compile the data into an array and the users are allowed to format the data as they like. It helps the users to display their required news from required field.

27)   xml22
XML22 is PHP4 script helpful in parsing XML documents. It parses any type of XML document and gives the output as a multidimentional array. It has a cool functionality comparable to DOM (Document Object Model)

28)   PHP RSS parser
PHP RSS parser is based on PHP for parsing XML. We can use this tool to get RDF site summary.

29)   xml2tree
XML3TREE is a simple script for parsing and displaying content from any php supporting webserver using PHP script.

30)   RSSgenr8
RSSgenr8 is a tiny but cool utility to convert any HTML page to RSS feed form. Typically no configuration needed, just a mere upload to the server will do.

31)   RSS Builder
RSS Builder is a very simple script for creating RSS files.

32)   XML on The Fly
This is a tutorial for novice that deals about XML and RSS. It explains about the basic print and loop commands. The 2-dimensional array concept is also discussed in this article.

33)   CaféRSS
CaféRSS is a Simple RSS aggregator that is quite easy to integrate into your page

34)   SOAP with PHP
This is an online tutorial brings out the compatibility of SOAP in developing web based application. By reading this article you will come to know about XML, Multi-Tiered Application Programming, SOAP etc.,

35)   SearchHippo - PHP Search Source Code
SearchHippo - PHP Search Source Code helps your website visitor to search '' right from your site without leaving it.

36)   MyCoupons XML Parser
My Coupons XML Parser is a coupon tracking system. The user can choose the number of coupons to be displayed, filter and change the border colour and is a nice way to earn money from your site.

37)   Grouper
Grouper is a cool tool to fetch content like news, etc., from other sites and post them as RSS feeds on your website. Now it's easy to put Google, Yahoo or other news on your site.

38)   Orange Box
This program allow web content publishers to fill out the form to add items to RSS. It allows users to edit and manage items. This program is used by web content manager.

39)   rssClient
RSS Client is a PHP script that parses allmost all types of RSS feeds.

40)   Easy PHP News
Easy PHP News allows one to add live News feeds from and multiple feeds can be displayed at the same time.

41)   RSS generating PHP script
This Script helps generating XML RSS feeds using a backend database. Helps keep a website lively.

42)   phpRPC
phpRPC is a libray for XMLRPC. It can be inserted into almost all sorts of weblogs. It is also very simple and easy to use.

43)   Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR
Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR is a tutorial which teaches the users about using the xml rpc package in their websites. The xml rpc package wraps informations within the XML framework.

44)   Krysalis Platform
Transform XML documents into XHTML with PHP and XSL.

45)   PHPTagLib
This package contains a PHP class for parsing XML using a tag library. It also contains a sample library, a sample XML file and a sample calling script. With this class, you can create custom tags like or

46)   The web of services: using XML_RPC from PHP
The web of services: using XML_RPC from PHP is a tutorial and an article which teaches the users about making of the web of services with php and xml rpc.

47)   PHP and XML: using expat functions
PHP and XML: using expat functions is a tutorial that tells the users how to parse xml documents by using php. The author says that the DOM parser is very easy to use for the users.

48)   Docwalla
Simple XML/XSLT/PHP micro-content management. Docwalla is intended for website owners who want to add some easily updated pages to their site, and for amateur developers who want to try out some simple XSLT and PHP coding. Comes with dynamic FAQ, transcript, wish list and link list. Free.

49)   Ahha XML Parser
Ah-ha XML Parser is a tiny yet cute utility to parse XML results from and display on your website.

50)   Transforming XML with XSL using Sablotron
Transforming XML with XSL using Sablotron is a tutorial that teaches the users how to parse xml documents with xslt. The users can read xml document from the web and can transform it to html.

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