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1-50 Perl scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

Scripts are listed afer name.       To display the scripts afet popularity please click here

1)   - HeroGrab - Yahoo Expired Domains
What is HeroGrab For Yahoo? HeroGrab will search the yahoo directory and find expired domains that are still listed at yahoo. Once it finds an expired domain, it will automatically send an email to all email addresses you have listed. (you can add any emails in this file and as many email addresses as you want)

2)   .Fantastic Shield
Fantastic Shield offers a dynamic solution for providing security services for your website. It features an integrated administrative panel fully loaded with all the tools you need to manage your shielded areas. Members can be easily activated, deleted, or suspended with the click of button.

3)   .htaccess Password Protector
This is a password protection system developed with perl that helps users to password protect htaccess or .htpasswd directories. This program also stores users informations so webmasters know who can access their password protected.

4)   .htaccess Protect With Pleasure v1.0
Advanced .htaccess/.htpasswd Manager with automatic users registration. Add, Modify, Delete password protection for any directory on your server. Suport PayPal, WorldPay and 2ceckout. Easy installation script. Automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd and .htgroup files. And Many More...

5)   .htaccess Secure Site Membership System
This is our flagship secure site membership program. This program is written in Perl 5 and was designed for use on a UNIX server. We designed and built this program on an APACHE server running the FreeBSD OS. The program was designed with the idea of giving the site owner or admin complete hands on control of who was approved or denied for membership, and control of all processes of their site membership. The admin control has many functions and controls.

6)   .htpasswd File and Site Access Manager
This is a user management program that helps webmasters to add, delete, edit or view users and groups through a browser based interface. Only authorised users can gain access to secured files and directories on the website. This program uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files.

7)   .htpasswd Manager
This is a perl based password protection program that helps users to password protect files and directories on their website. Only authenticated visitors having valid username and password can gain access.

8)   1 URL Keeper
1 URL Keeper is a perl based program which is used for getting old visitors after the site URL or name has been changed. You just upload it and you can view returning of your old visitors to your site.

9)   1-2-3 indexsoft access manager
The powerful web-based manager of .htpasswd, .htgroups and .htaccess files. It gives you easy management and control over all the restricted directories on your web-site, including managing access rights for all users, groups and hosts.

10)   1-2-3 indexsoft intuitive mailer
Is the powerfull mailing lists manager. supports unlimited mailing lists, subscribers, html messages, attachments, pending dispatches of the messages, backgroung messages delivery, automatic subscriptions and unsubscriptions by the users and many more

11)   1-2-3 indexsoft MySQL backups manager
This powerful script will make saving and restoring your MySQL databases as easy as "one-two-three.

12)   1-2-3 indexsoft Site-Up
indexsoft Site-UP is a multilingual web based file manager with build-in WYSIWYG editor. With help of Site-UP you can easy support your website using only a computer connected to the Internet and browser. Moreover indexsoft Site-UP with success can replace any FTP client and telnet or ssh access.

13)   1-Click
This is a perl based search program that allows users to search multiple search engine simultaneoulsy with a single click. This program offers the site visitors a valuable service making them come back again.

14)   1-Code
1-Code is an efficient affiliate software that allow users to get their HTML codes for all click bank affiliated links. This affiliate script is easy to install and configure.

Free and affordable PERL CGI scripts with installation service for every webmaster.

16)   1-Search
This is a perl based website search program that allows users to search the website with different boolean options like, search for exact phrase, all the words and any of the words.

17)   1-Submit
With only one click after URL submission, visitors can check their site's popularity at the major search engines-- AltaVista and Google.

18)   1-Submit Pro
With 1-Submit Pro, you can submit a URL to 50+ search engines with only one click. The script performs visual URL submission.

19)   100 Links
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based Free for all links script which has more new features like built in page counter, file locking system and much more.

20)   2N-com Bulletin Board
2N-com Bulletin Board is a simple bulletin board designed for both small and large communities to hold online discussions through forums. Admins have right to edit or delete users postings.

21)   3DeeArts' Calendar
This script allows you to add online scheduling and event management to your website. Some of its salient features are multiple views, repeating events, event reminders, address book, conflict checker and many more.

22)   404 Checker
404 Checker deals with error handling management which is created on perl script. Features included are: password protected log error calls and statistics on how many times the error page was accessed.

23)   404 Manager
404 Manager is to detect and track all 404 error pages into a log file using in-built perl modules. Redirecting the error pages to log file. Mailing error info to webmasters can be done simply.

24)   404 Manager
This script sends 404 error messages to the webmaster when a page cannot be found. This script maintain statistical reports of the URL.

25)   4est's Photo Album
This is a simple image gallery script designed using Perl for creating your own online gallery. It contains features like pseudo code, editing the censored word list and also includes SSI function.

26)   4est's Weblog
4est's Weblog helps anyone to post any kind of message on your perl and SSI integrated network systems in two ways. Submitted entries can be customized before displaying. Bad word filter is available for the removal of abused words.

27)   5 CGI Scripts with less price
With Resell Rights Build your Profitable Online Business and Start Making Money from your own Website Now! Here, we provide you with complete cgi script packages that MAKE YOU 100% of the Profits and you can easily run in almost any hosting account. And at prices anyone can easily afford.

28)   5 Star Review
This is a perl based reviewing program that helps users to review and rating on specified topic by webmasters. This program has many admin controlled features.

29)   555 Perl Scripts
This is an useful website for the programmers where they will be able to search and find as many as 555 perl scripts and programs within a single archive.

30)   8Ball
8Ball is a CGI script that enables users to ask it a question and then receive a standardized type answer.

31)   9Volt
Simple, threaded bulletin board. IP/URL banning, search engine, more info on the site.

32)   9Volt+
Unlimited boards - each customized just the way you like it and fully threaded. Unlimited, personal, colored membership handles.

33)   @ Last Modified Date and Time
@ Last Modified Date and Time is a script built on PERL which can be used by the users to verify the last modified date and time of the file. A handy utility for tracking file modifications.

34)   @-Manager
@-Manager is a mail form script. This script is basically used by web site owners to keep in touch with their site visitors by receiving email messages like comments and feedbacks through online email form of webmasters. This script is configurable and easy to use.

35)   @1 Active Table
Plot an MS-Excel® or MS-Access® table as an HTML table - in your template and your choice of attributes.

36)   @1 Age Status Indicator for Files and Folders
@1 Age Status Indicator for Files and Folders is a server program based on perl which checks the last modified file date. It displays an image indicator for the file age.

37)   @1 Auto Delete I
@1 Auto Delete I is a server program where the users can delete the files which are older than the specified days. This program supports file deletion on multiple folders.

38)   @1 Auto Delete II
@1 Auto Delete II is a program written on perl that deletes the files in users server which are older than a specified date. The users can configure and monitor from a web based control panel.

39)   @1 Calendar Publisher
This online web calendar script requires SSI. It offers features such as listing of designated number of nearest coming events, viewing events by individual days, listing all events in a month, highlighting current date and much more.

40)   @1 Calendar Publisher I
This is an online web calendar script. Features: admin interface, can define own color scheme, customizable font size, font face, automatically list "X" number of nearest coming events under the calendar, view events by days months.

41)   @1 Calendar Publisher II
Online web calendar type II. Supports multipe sub-users with individual calendars.

42)   @1 Categorized Headline Publisher Lite
News posting script that can embed an image (with image upload) in the detailed news page. Also, it support category icons. You can even upload your own icons or delete old ones.

43)   @1 Categorized Headline Publisher Pro
News posting script that can embed an image (with image upload) in the detailed news page. Also, it support category icons. You can even upload your own icons or delete old ones.

44)   @1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld
This perl embedded news engine assists you to manage articles using desktop and handheld devices where there articles can be viewed with the help of browsers or PDA software.

45)   @1 Current Visitors Online
This is a CGI script that can give you the count of number of visitors in the past so many minutes/hours/days etc. This can also track the number of unique visitors to the site and ignore the repeat loads by checking for the IP address recorded earlier. It will also delete the records that are later than x number of hours/days.

46)   @1 Customer Records
This script is used as an online customer database program and has an alert mode, single emailing mode, targeted bulk emailing modes and any other features.

47)   @1 Data Sorting Tool
This script can help you grab the contents from a text-based data file and sorts the data. It then tabulates this data into a HTML table. It works with any tab/pipe/colon-delimited text files or MS-Excel/Access data file. The program can support unlimited user and sub-user accounts.

48)   @1 Day Publisher
This Perl script uses SSI to display pre programmed event for the current day on web pages. The event can be displayed either as a text message or an image.

49)   @1 Document Publisher
Maintain your online documents such as installation guides, handbook, FAQ, manual and so on .... all in an organized manner with index numberings. C/w 3 skins to choose from.

50)   @1 Document Publisher
@1 Document Publisher helps you to create and maintain your online documents without the help of a web designer. It also helps you to organize these documents with automatic indexing. No prior knowledge of HTML is required for regular maintenance. It is easy to setup.

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