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Top 451-500 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

451)   Gamma Web Shell
Web Shell allows you to execute shell commands directly from your browser. It is useful if you don't have shell access to a server.

452)   GID-contact
This is a handy little program which processes form data and sends one e-mail to the person running the website and a slightly different one to the person who filled out the form.

453)   WebTools 2010 FFA Links Page
This is a Free for all Links script written using Perl program. The script allows you to create and manage a FFA links page on your website easily.

454)   Power List Plus
Power List Plus tracks all user mailing contacts with multiple lists which are handled by MySQL and perl modules. Supports double opt-in and opt-out functions to obtain valid email addresses.

Host ENVIRONMENT script will take a look at your environment variables like location of Perl, location of sendmail, and the location of all installed modules and display them in an easy to read table. You will need the FILE::RECURSE module installed.

456)   Mill Road Classifieds
This script can post ads with photo upload and also offers password protected editing. This has the feature of automatic ad expiration, and deleting ads. This comes with the option to use ClickBank to receive payment for ads.

457)   Popeye1 Image Gallery
Popeye1 is a simple and easy to use image gallery script that allows you to expand an image based website. It contains various features like random advertising etc.

458)   Watch Dog 2
Watch Dog 2 is a visitor logging program, which uses image tags to trace browser, date, IP and host.

459)   YaWPS
YaWPS is embedded with perl script that can be used as a content manager, news system, forum module with a password protected admin area. Internet to internet based websites can get useful features from this module.

460)   HAMweather
HAMweather is to forecast the weather details on your perl supported websites. This software outputs the information for weather for two days in advance with the current weather data.

461)   RNNetwork Guestbook
RNNetwork Guestbook is a guestbook program based on perl where the users can make comment on a site through a web browser.

462)   LogIT PRO
LogIT PRO keeps track of the traffic on your site. This complete traffic logger/statistics program has many unique features such as % averages on month, week, day, hour basis.

463)   Apache Easy Debug
Apache Easy Debug is CGI/Perl script intended to replace default Internal Server Error Message. With this script installed web developer doesn't need to lookup and scroll web server log after each script error because latest records are nice formatted and displayed just on error page.

464)   TrafficMaker
You want more traffic to visit your website? This CGI script puts online tools at your disposal that can shoot your site into the heavily traveled site that it should be! The tools available do many things to achieve this goal.

465)   Rapid WebSHELL
Rapid WebSHELL is a script based on perl where users can manage their files through a web browser. This program permits the users to upload their own files in a server for file managing operations.

466)   Slideviewer
This is a slideshow script which allows you to run a slideshow from a list of images in your database. It comes with different set of controls for running the slideshow.

467)   Go2it
This script is used for creating a drop down menu list box which will have multiple url links to connect. Visitors should select and click the name of link to connect.

468)   CGI Scripts @
This site mostly has free CGI scripts written in Perl5. Some that are currently available include site recommendation, mailing list managers, guest book, form processors and log analyzer.

469)   Server Info
Server Info is a server program based on perl that provides several informations about the users webserver. Simple to configure and customize for users.

470)   ClickAffiliate
Pay per click affiliate tracking and management script.

471)   JSCart
JSCart is a simple e-commerce software designed to sell unlimited number of products online with a powerful database manager having excellent web based interface for all the products.

472)   Abax Web Server Status
Abax Web Server Status is a program written on perl which checks the status of web servers and domains for serving web pages and for queriying the web status.

473)   CGI , PERL Auction Script
This is a Perl based auction script which allows you to create auction web sites. This script is useful for the web administrators.

474)   ImageFolio Commerce Edition
ImageFolio Commerce Edition is a simple and efficient online shopping cart software designed to sell all type of products with powerful customer and order management systems.

475)   BN Soft Spider Sniffer Pro
This is a search engine spider or robot detector written using perl. This script will notify you when a bot or search engine robots creep through your website.

476)   QANDA
QANDA stands for Q&A and like its name it lets you ask a number of questions in serial form.

477)   Formmaker
At this site, beginners can learn how to create and use forms on a web site. The process is simplified through provision of an editable box where required code can be pasted for all elements of the form.

478)   Easyform
Just edit 4 lines in the config file to setup this formmail. Features unlimited form fields and redirection.

479)   Referer
With Referer you can see the number of times your page is referred to by each URL, how many times the link on that page has been followed to reach your page and the percentage of people coming from that particular page.

480)   Power Safelist Pro
With the help of this program you can generate a fully featured online safelist program for your site visitors with automated paypal billing system.

481)   WebStore
WebStore is a simple and efficient online shopping cart software written in perl that allow webmasters to sell their products online through their own active e-store.

482)   NueQuiz
With this script, you can create an online trivia quiz in a simple and fast process. You also have the option of editing, adding and removing questions via browser.

483)   Virtual Greeting Card Server Script
Virtual Greeting Card Server Script is a full fledged online postcard module that consists of many useful perl driven features to execute greeting card mailing in an effective manner.

484)   Net-Card
As the name says, Net Card is an electronic business card for your users. With this program, your users create their pages on your website which look like business cards.

485)   Mailing List Manager
Webmasters who need a mailing List manager with perl support on their websites to allow visitors to include their address with email subscription list can utilize this perl program.

486)   Aborior's Simplex News Manager
Aborior's news manager offers ultimate solutions for implementing news based processings with perl's features. Users can update their news stories, events, articles to form your website as a community based news website.

487)   NMS CGI Project
NMS CGI Project is a collection of scripts built in PERL. It provides scripts like Form mail script, Guest book, Cookie lib, Random image, WWW board etc.

488)   Publication Manager
Publication Manager is a script based on perl where the users can face their online email needs. This program has a capability of sending several emails by the users.

489)   CKGuest
CKGuest is a perl guestbook program that allows the administrator to leave their comment on entries. This script use the html template to adapt a complete design by the users.

490)   Auto URL Submitter Lite
Auto URL Submitter Lite a visual URL submission script. With this script you can let your visitors submit their URLs to 140 search engines.

491)   BigSender
BigSender is a suitable perl script for people who wants to manipulate their members, customers, clients etc, in an easier manner. User defined customization, broadcast details, language interface and a lot more are available with this script.

492)   POP2PIPE
POP2PIPE is a full fledged online email piping program capable of performing server mail processes. You can access and send messages directly to the reciepients in the standard format.

493)   Follow
Follow is a visitor tracking program with a difference. This script traces the complete path taken by a user through your site.

494)   Ultra5-Cart
Ultra5-Cart is an online shopping cart software available with preformated templates to assists webmasters to sell their products online with powerful administrative backend.

495)   PageInserter
PageInserter works similar to SSI and webmasters who need SSI functionalities on their websites can utilize this script. This tool will grasp the content from any file on your web server and include it wherever you want on your website. CGI and perl based websites can utilize this script.

496)   classifieds
This CGI script allows you to either display or add classified advertisements.

497)   Coranto
Coranto is a high featured perl script that is used as a handy tool for webmasters to maintain their dynamic based news pages. SSI functions are included. Supports multiple categories, online user administration and more.

498)   vgImages 2D
Unlimited number of categories. Unlimited number of images. Easy setup of the number of images shown per page. Easy setup of the image's label and description.

499)   Subscribe Me Enterprise
Subscribe Me Enterprise is an adaptive tool for webmasters to keep track of their customers / visitors mailing info with several number of maiiing lists. This script is based on perl programming and Sendmail, BLAT, and SMTP can be used to mail.

500)   LinkPopularity
Link popularity can be used by the web owners to produce additional search engine traffic to their site. It helps to know the details of all links which connect to the site presently.

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