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Top 601-650 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

601)   Alpona FTP Manager
Alpona FTP Manager is a script based on perl that permits the users to access their server from remote locations. This program creates files and directories.

602)   FmPro Migrator
This is a perl based program that migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to SQL server, MySQL, access, Oracle, sybase and DB2. This graphical tool generates tables, scripts, CSV and documentation files in no time.

603)   mysqlwdb
mysqlwdb is a free (GPL) CGI script written in Perl5, easy to configure and to install, intended to manage MySQL database tables through a web interface. Just edit and configure ONE file.

604)   DarkChat
DarkChat is written in Perl. This supports a message box, user list, private message list and the public messages. This also has the Post/More/Private/Clear/Leave buttons.

605)   Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro
Email Form processor pro is a simple perl based form creator that helps webmasters to create their own email form or any other type of forms etc., This script supports multiple fields, attachments, customize designs etc.,

606)   RankMaster
RankMaster is a versatile Top Sites scripts on the Internet with customizable templates and vocabulary. It has a fully blown administrative and member interface.

607)   csLiveSupport
This is a customer support application which is live and allows you to interact with your customers in real time. The visitors to your website can contact you using only their web browser alone. Uses HTTP Protocol. It is a Browser-based chat, no client software to be installed.

608)   MyIPN
MyIPN is an advanced web based application using which you can allow payments from the paypal system for selling digitally delivered items such as scripts, software and ebooks from your website.

609)   Midmart Matchmaker 2
This is an enhanced version of Midmart Matchmaker, a system to run your own dating or personals site. This version includes all features in Midmart Matchmaker version 1

610)   csMailto form
This script is a simple and very useful form processor that helps webmasters to build forms on their website. Full secured, autoresponse, supports unlimited fields and forms are the main features of this script.

611)   RipIT
RipIT is used to create MP3 audio files from an Audio CD. It is a console based front-end without any fancy GUI. It is written in perl for dagrab for ripping the Audio CD tracks, lame for encoding the MP3 files and CDDB_get for CDDB retrieval.

612)   Random Page
Random Page is a simple and easy to use random pages script written using Perl program. The script allows you to display random web pages which are already stored in HTML files.

613)   Herong's Tutorial Notes on Perl - Part A
This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Perl himself. Topics include binary file, CGI, class, client server, DBM file, debug, directory handle, file handle, file test, function, references.

614)   Free Submitter
Free submitters is a PERL based script which can be used by the web masters to do a free website promotion service for their website visitors.

615)   EyB
This is a feature rich database manager with a web interface that allows you to view and alter records in an oracle database. Some of its salient features are adding, removing modifying and searching of rows as well as columns in the database, search function and many more.

616)   Numbers
Numbers is a Perl tutorial for learning how to work with numbers. Round long decimals. Add comas to a number. Get a random number.

617)   OptinMaster
OptinMaster is a full featured perl supported mailing list software with which sending personalised HTML and text based messages to all subscribed users can be done faster and easier.

618)   Contact Form
This script is a simple perl based email form creation program that helps the users for sending and receiving emails to and from the site visitors. Autoresponder and error checking facilities are available.

619)   Rave News
This is a free news management, that can be used on all websites, it is written in perl, so your server need to have cgi-bin, or perl access. This works fine on unix servers, but This will not run on windows servers.

620)   URL Promoter
URL Promoter offers full featured web site promotion service. It's features are submitting to 260 search engines, metatags and link popularity tools.You can update the search engine database from the admin area, you can also manage all of your users.All HTML and emails are customizable.

621)   ZCAL
This is a template based calendar system that can be customized. It provides views such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Its features are ability to allow events to be grouped by categories, events search and many more.

622)   The Rating Game
The Rating Game enables you to grab the rating indexes from an URL and shows more information about the particular URL page. Supports Perl for execution. It lets you find out the differences found with various browser's result for a same URL.

623)   MHF Media: FFA Links
This is a powerful FFA script which allows the public to submit their links to your website's database. The script does not require Server Side Includes.

624)   Dansie Anti Spam
Dansie Anti Spam is a script based on php and a server side anti spam email filtering solution where spam is moved into a quarantine file and out of users pop email account.

625)   Ricolog
Ricolog is a simple online counter program. It is used to track referrer pages and number of hits made by the site visitors on each page. It has several features with search engine query parsing.

626)   Ad Carousel
Carousel is a random ad banner script written in perl. This script allows you to use either ready-to-paste HTML code supplied by affiliates, or you can use image locations and link URL's.The HTML for each banner is written to a flatfile database and retrieved at random for display.

627)   Aborior's Simplex Database
This is a script that can help you maintain your entire website. It is a system that offers a database, a development tool and is a collection of other applications such as guestbook, mailing list, linking list etc.

628)   Lyles Script Archive
This site offers a number of free Perl scripts. These include banner rotator, bulletin board system, top sites, interactive story, tell a friend, a couple of games, link trader, counter, clock, and many more.

629)   FileMaker Pro to MySQL Migration Script
This script was automatically created FmPro Migrator running on MacOS X. It runs on Windows so that it may copy text, numeric, date, time and JPEG image data from FileMaker Pro to MySQL.

630)   AccountHandler
This application provides member registrations and password protected area administration for web servers using the .htaccess method of password protection.

631)   txtSQL
This set of scripts can help developers speed up development. These are development modules for the sites that make use of flat databases, where developers insert and extract data from databases and use SQL commands.

632)   Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager FMLP v4.0 Lite
Features include: multiple autoresponders, multiple mailing lists, multiple domains, personalized followup messages, scheduled mailings, email duplication check, unlimited custom fields, multiple file attachments, powerful mySQL database (tested with 1 million subscribers), easy-to-use interface, no monthly fee, plus much more. Easy to setup perl cgi scripts available for free download.

633)   systemstatus
systemstatus is a server program written on perl which checks the status of the server and provides informations about the server. A handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

634)   Oveas Web Poll (OWP)
Oveas Web Poll (OWP) is a simple and powerful online poll and survey management system that has lot of perl driven features. Viewing, archiving , customizing etc., can be done with poll module.

635)   Master Snooper
Master Snooper is highly useful for those who intend to look for the entire source code to know how a website they visit works. Requires perl support on your website for utilizing this script.

636)   CountLink
CountLink will track the number of hits that any link gets on your website. It does so by placing a .htm link on your site. It helps to forward the user automatically to the address.htm link. The user need not give any input for this on any screen.

637)   NetBook
This is a web based address book program that can access addresses in real time through a browser based interface. Simple and very easy to use and understand.

638)   Easy File Manager
Easy File Manager is a script based on perl which permits users to set up web space accounts on a server and manage files and directories on them. This program manages any number of files and directories.

This is a Perl library that is used to parse Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF). It is designed to be utilized by filters.

640)   Simple Search For Unix or NT
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to search websites. The script is called directly by a browser and the total number of documents with keyword are displayed in a counter.

641)   FavIconTracker
Favlcon Tracker analyzes bookmarks and makes a report on the areas bookmarked and keeps a track on their frequency and popularity.

642)   Megabook
Megabook is a simple online guestbook that allow users to give comments and suggestions about the website and its services along with their name, URL and email address etc.,

643)   ABTi Guest Book
This script takes user inputs and writes them to a file. Then, it displays a thank you page that contains a link to the guest book. It has an admin panel.

This is a perl Tk script that was developed for interactive testing and improving of regular expressions. It can be used for browsing and filtering of structured data and supports highlighting of matching text, export of perl's matching parentheses, viewing of perl vars clipboard, etc.

645)   Header Footer Editer
This script helps the user in creation and edition of the footer and header files on your server, These files can be, in turn be inserted into any of your HTML pages.

646)   Sycro's Instant Messenger
This script is like an Instant Messenger that has been written in Perl. The latest version offers more user profiles and file attachments than the previous versions.

647)   Virtual Hosting
Virtual Hosting is used for hosting different domains in one IP address. It will hide real URL and it shows only a domain name.

648)   WAP Guestbook
WAP Guestbook allows your visitors to sign and view guestbook at your website. This keeps a check on bad words and screens off unsupported characters such as "$" and "&".

649)   Colored Scripts Easy Message Board
Colored Scripts Easy Message Board is an online discussion board in PERL with which users can post topics for online discussions with an excellent graphical interface.

650)   SystemMonitor
SystemMonitor is a server program written on perl which performs the checking process on the users servers main functions whether it operates within normal parameters or not.

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