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Top 651-700 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

651)   NCSA Imagemap Tutorial
This step wise tutorial teaches you how to design and serve graphical maps of information resources. These are designed with either an external CGI script or internal support available in NCSA HTTPd 1.5.

652)   myMP3
This set of perl and mysql based cgi-scripts allows you to set up and manage your own archive of mp3 files. The set includes tools such as web based admin to enable add, delete and update of database.

653)   dbm
dbm is a perl based database tool that allows users to add or modify their entries in the database from command line. The data given by the users are stored in flat text file in ascii code.

654)   Perl Builder
Perl Builder 2.0e is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl which runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP or later or Linux. By bringing editing, testing and debugging features together into a single, intuitive environment, Perl Builder makes it easy to develop sophisticated Perl applications right on your desktop. Perl Builder 2.0 also includes a powerful CGI Wizard so that even non-programmers can easily create scripts.

655)   Easy Auction Site Generator
This script allows your visitors to create their own auction sites. It also permits them to choose the color scheme, select categories, allow user posting and perform browser based deletion of items and categories.

656)   Kazam Form Wizard
This software is a form creator. It is helpful for webmasters to create a form to contact others. This script is not only for email form creation, it also supports to create any type of online form.

657)   Multiple page hit counter
Counts multiple pages with ease. No serverside includes, updates the page counter with a JavaScript tag that calls the Perl program - this program has been tested with most browsers and so far has proven to be 100% compatible. Easy to install, takes only minutes. This hit counter displays the number of hits on the page.

658)   BookCMS
BookCMS is a Content Management System. This script allows you to add, delete and edit HTML files. It is an easy to install and is browser based.

659)   shoutbox
Shoutbox can be used by the users to post their messages with out signing into the website. No installation is required and it is easy to customize and to use.

660)   Link Trakker
This script is helpful for webmasters to view, through which source did the visitors enter your website. It allow webmasters to measure the effectiveness of their online promotion.

661)   CosmicDirectories Lite
This active directory script allows you to create a yahoo style directory and your own search engine.

662)   Tecform
Tecform is called Template Extended CGI Form Mailer that allows template specified mime compliant mail. It checks each field whether there are any field empty or not, if found empty it will send an error message.

663)   iPaid 4 Clicks
Complete Paid-4-Clicks Website CGI Script iPaid4Clicks is a complete collection of CGI scripts that will allow you to run a highly profitable Paid-4-Clicks website with complete control of it at the touch of a button. The iPaid4Clicks script comes with a complete and very useful members section, ad

664)   CGINews
CGINews is composed with perl tools using which you can construct news engine on your sites. In-built modules support controllable user accessings, templates for page outlook, uploading of files to articles and still much more.

665)   WebHost Free
WebHost Free is written for users who wish to make a small version of Geocities. This automatically acccepts user signups and uploading from the Web.

666)   Sendpage
Sendpage is a Perl program tool that lets send numeric and alphanumeric pages via a modem. You can communicate directly with Paging Centrals to send these messages. To send these messagees the program uses ASCII delivery system known as "TAP".

667)   All-Stat HitTicker
All-Stat HitTicker is a server-side stat and real-time client-side program. The main features include daily and monthly hits, unique hits, browser and system stats and a multi-page support.

668)   UA Block
UA Block is built with perl modules that can forbid the accesses made to grab the contents and emails. Redirecting the user agents to error message page can be done.

669)   RedirectMe
RedirectMe is a very simple PERL script for redirecting visitors to other links using forms.

670)   The Quiz Engine BreezeBase BB Tester
With BB Tester you can create multiple-choice tests for the web. It works very well for teachers who want to create quizzes or serious multiple-choice tests for their students.

671)   iClass
iClass is a Classified Ads system that can be simply plugged into your website. It allows your visitors to add and delete their own ads. All correspondence is handled through a secure email interface. You can delete ads individually, or by date.

672)   Simple Redirect
Simple Redirect is a PERL script and as its name suggests, its a very simple redirection script.

673)   Superstat
Superstat generates statistics such as top requests, frequently visited directories, top clients, and hourly breakdown of activity by taking a server's access log.

674)   HTML Slide Show
This is a Perl script which allows you to run a slideshow using the HTML pages. With the help of this script, you can add and remove slides easily at anytime.

675)   EKLog
EKLog is a tracking system that records all visitors coming to your website. This system also takes into account the visit time, visitor host and visitor browser agent. The counter can be made invisible and the IP addresses (or a whole sub-net) excluded in the access log.

676)   Clubware
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based script which allows you to handle the membership functions for clubware on your website. It contains an admin section for managing the members.

677)   vhcount
vhcount is a graphical hit counter that will send you an email every adjustable set number of hits. It also features referral counting and creating pages with the statistics. It also has a feature of not counting your own ip-address as a hit. It does not require SSI.

678)   CGI environment variables
This tutorial leads you towards building a script to collect web site statistic information. It teaches you how to use Perl or PHP to read the visitor's IP, distant machine language preferences, URL of the referring page etc.

679)   NetCheck
This is a simple Perl script used in a network connection to monitor and test their connection in every node.

680)   PopService
This offers you the facility to provide real time customer service to the users of your site. The customers can directly seek answers to product or billing questions and also offers a leave message option in case you are either busy or out of office.

681)   MixedGuests
MixedGuests is a perl based script and is an online guestbook solution that helps users to allow their site visitors to post comments on the websites.

682)   Say What?
This is a Perl based random text script which can be used to display random text on your website whenever it is refreshed or reloaded. The script does not require SSI mode.

683)   Perl WBMP Generator
This software can open, mix, layer, modify, save and send WBMP images for wireless applications (WML/ WAP/GPRS).

684)   Superscripts: Topsites
With Topsites results may be inserted into any webpage on the fly. This script helps affiliates & promoters to send traffic and earn reciprocal displays on a link list. It gives detailed breakdowns by day, week, pay period and archives statistics for the entire year.

685) News Board News Board is more useful for online communication that runs on perl enabled web portals. News stories of any length would be accepted which are sharable among members. Webmasters can edit the posted news, comments, stories, etc.

686)   MySQL-Bounced Email Tool
This script reads a pre-defined bounced mail file and gathers email addresses that have bounced back to the mail server. The script writes email addresses to a text file, and deletes the records from a MySQL database. It also send an admin email notice.

687)   ImageFolio Postcard Mod
ImageFolio Postcard Mod is a high featured online greeting card script which is fully written using perl software. Multimedia type of postcards are allowed.

688)   Fetch a File
This script is useful for your site visitors to receive the files from your site through email as attachments. This script has password protection, autoresponder, cc and Bcc etc.,

689)   Link Organizer
This is a Perl based link management script that can be used by webmasters of websites those who have small to huge number of links on their site. It contains a password protected admin area.

690)   InSite
This is a Perl based site management tool with which you can check for the valid links in remote web pages, calculate download sizes for remote pages and much more.

691)   EasyIndex
Easyindex is a script built in PERL which can be used by the web owners to do an automatic search engine submission without any other input. Submission in all major search engines takes less than five seconds, since it is a fast system.

692)   FTP Free
FTP Free is a FTP Tool for automated download of remote files.It has an option to send EMAIL to an Admin + write to a log file.

693)   QuoteCatcher
This is a perl based quote displaying program that randomly displays a quote from a set of quotes in a database. Users can display the quotes anywhere they wish on the web page.

694)   Linkman
Linkman is a PERL Script that stores the HTML for your links in a text file, and in any page you insert the code, it will display your links. It rids of the hassle of updating links on every page, every time you add a new page or change the address of a page.

This is a perl based security program that helps users to password protect files and directories on their website. This program uses htaccess files and htpasswd files. This is a replacement for NCSA's htpasswsd.

696)   CGI World
CGI World is a company which develops lots of scripts built in PERL. By using these scripts the webmasters can promote their websites in several aspects.

697)   Ad Click-Through Redirection CGI
This CGI is designed for use with ad banners. In order for you to properly calculate compensation for banners, you need to know who is clicking through them.

698)   yourhost
yourhost is a short script that is designed to give you the hostname of the person connecting to your web server. It works best when used as a server-side include.

699)   AIM All-In-Wonder
You can use this perl application to customize and edit your AIM profiles. There are also provisions for maintaining a seperate guestbook within your profile system.

700)   MailMyStats
MailMyStats is a visitor traffic tracking system. This script records all information about visitors such as date and time, page visited, host name/IP, browser/OS.

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