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Top 751-800 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

751)   Click for Hits
Click for Hits is implemented on perl program that gives efficient features for website owners and members to earn credits and lets them receive a good profit through exchange system.

752)   Newslog
Newslog offers useful perl features to upgrade your homepage with latest and updated news dynamically. Supports SSI system for displaying current news. RSS can be used for news aggregation.

753)   Ascripts - Traffic Exchange Software
Ascripts creates high-end traffic exchange software for personal usage, individuals and small businesses.

754)   CGI Technologies Classifieds
This is an affordable yet powerful professional classifieds script. It offers features such as unlimited categories and subcategories, option for image upload, auto expiration of ads with e-mail sent to user when ad expires and many more.

755)   Introduction to Perl
Introduction to Perl is a tutorial that starts for the beginning and covers the basics of Perl. It teaches aspects such as use of variables, arrays, control structures, conditionals, file handling subroutines and much more.

This script allows you to easily convert files to lowercase. This can be done in one single step.

757)   Article Manager
Article Manager is a full fledged news management script that is given with Perl modules. You can create, publish articles on your site and can administer them for later requirements. Multiple users can be given access with different access levels and permissions.

758)   TekBlend
TekBlend is a Perl-based internet/intranet engine and template system for building dynamic and customizable applications for the web.. TekBlend helps you to create optimal structure for any internet/intranet applications with flexibility, re-usability and accuracy in mind.

759)   Amibanex - banner exchange script
This is a banner exchange script which contains a number of features for the users as well as for the administrators. With this script you can manage a banner exchange with hundreds of banners effectively.

760)   Grad-Net Counter
This counter script allows you to use inline images or a text based counter using server side includes. This counter also has the feature of counting unique hits only, repeat hits are eliminated.

761)   CNS Membership Manager
This is a membership management program written in perl that allows users to add, delete or edit members in real time. This program redirects logins to the website.

762)   EZshopper
EZshopper is a simple online shopping cart script written in PERL that provides complete and optimum solution for all e-commerce professionals to setup a full featured e-store on the net.

763)   Advanced-Basic.Com: Text Counters
This script offers two different text counters. A basic text counter ; that can count only one page and has no options. The other one is an advanced one that can handle multiple pages and allows custom leading zero padding. Both these counters require SSI.

764)   IntelliLink Pro
This is a perl based link exchange management program that allows you to improve traffic on your website. You can block traffic from certain IP address.

765)   Multipart
This is a coranto addon written using perl. This script creates thumbnail for the uploaded files using coranto. It has many advanced features.

766)   The Last Cookie
This perl script will inform you when the page was updated. This script will also inform users what was the last page they have visited before updating any pages.

767)   @1 Helpdesk XP
This is a powerful help desk system coded in Perl and requires MySQL for storing all the information. It can handle thousands of tickets without any slow down in performance. An online demo for users and administrators is available on the website.

768)   csFileShare
csFileShare is a script based on perl which permits the users to share files on their server. This program allows the users to configure disk quotas in the shared drive.

769)   Thumbie
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based script that can be used to create your own image gallery online. It also creates a main index page for your gallery.

770)   My Simple Chatroom
This chatroom allows users to enter under an alias, post comments and read everyone else's comments.

771)   CGI Casino
This is a gaming programme written in perl script. This gaming script is easy to customize. An amusement game that keeps visitors of your site visit again and again.

772)   Live Advisor
This script allows you to chat with visitors on your website. Its salient feature is that it runs in the background and has auto chat window pop ups with audio alerts. This ensures that the administrator always gets notified when ever a new chat session commences.

773)   Bouncer
This is a perl based encryption program that can password protect contents on the websites. Only authorized users having valid username and password can gain access to secured webpages.

774)   Perl Fast Training Course
This perl library is useful for the beginners in perl program that helps them to understand perl programming in an easy way. It is user friendly and easy to learn.

775)   SmartDejaPoster
SmartDejaPoster is built with perl coding which helps to post the messages through provided forums. It saves your time to submit postings without any effort.

776)   Link Popularity Reports for Popular Pending Delete Domain Names
This is a script where you will receive an email report of dropping domain names. It is useful for the webmasters to take care of their website.

777)   asRep: Google AdSense tracking script
asRep tracks and reports the views, clicks and CTR of the AdSense ads you publish in real-time. It reports the stats of domains, pages, directories, channels, clicked ads, referrers, AdSense options, IPs & countries. It tracks up to 3 ad units per page. It can email the reports periodically.

778)   Template Editor
This is a perl script used to edit and generate template files with *.tmpl extentions via admin interface of coranto.

779)   PC Configurator
PC Configurator is a simple online shopping cart software designed especially for selling computers and peripherals on the net with real-time delivery of requested system configuration details.

780)   Link
This is a Perl script with which you will be able to create and maintain a Yahoo like search engine on your website with hundreds of links. It includes an advanced template programming and various other features.

781)   Your Own Affiliate Program
Your Own Affiliate Program is an excellent affiliate software program with which you will be able to implement a wide spread affiliate network for promoting your product sales.

782)   BBC News retriever
BBC News retriever is a news aggregator which is oriented on perl classes and collects news headlines form BBC website and helps to display them with various categories.

783)   SiteEngine
SiteEngine allows you to create, edit, and manage articles and columns. You can run it with hosting, as it doesn't require any database support. It is easy to install the script as SiteEngine comes with a setup CGI script.

784)   Movable Type
Movable Type is a powerful system which can be used by the users for publishing the frequently updated website content like news publishing. It is also used by the individuals and organisations for managing and updating weblogs, journals etc.

785)   Genetic algorithms applied with Perl
This article introduces you to the genetic algorithm in simple terms. It shows that genetic programming produces algorithms required for improved computer programs. It provides Perl implementations for some specific tasks that have generic use.

786)   AutoTopper Secure Email Attachement Tool
This is an useful tool that securely detaches and saves all your mail attachments on a FTP/HTML server enabling you to decide whether to view those attachment.

787)   kb.cgi
The kb.cgi is an online knowledgebase system which is written using Perl language. The data in this database are arranged in the alphabetical order which enables the user to easily locate the category that they want to view.

788)   indexsoft MySQL DB dump manager
This perl the script will allow you simply as "one-two-three" to save and restore your MySQL database.

789)   Password Protection
This is a simple password protection system where users can password protect directories on their websites. Admin has rights to add, delete or edit any user.

790)   SalesDoubler
SalesDoubler is an affiliate program in PERL with which website owners can succesfully launch a secured affiliate network as means of expanding their online markets.

791)   Webhost 5.7
Webhost 5.7 is a simple to configure and use billing program designed for small hosting companies and resellers.

792)   TimeDisp
An SSI-based clock script can display time and date in varied formats . This time and date feature is configurable. This requires SSI. The script can also display messages at a preset time and date for example you can kept track of your holidays and vacation.

793)   Servers Redirection
Servers Redirection is a redirection cum traffic tracking script built on PERL. The log file can be accessed through a web browser.

794)   Easy Counter
Easy Counter script is used by the webmasters on their site to view how many visitors are online and who have visited earlier. Webmaster can get their site visitor's system configuration with their IP address. It requires no SSI.

795)   Web Directory SQL Search Engine
A Perl based link directory script which can be used to build your own Yahoo style link directory on your website. It can be completely administered through a web based admin interface.

796)   MWH-Counter
MWH - Counter counts the number of visitors coming to your website. This script records all the hits and presents them in the form a table.

797)   Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software
This site offers an increasing number of free Perl scripts and a few Java applets. It currently offers guest book, classifieds, searching, redirection scripts, counter, Java clock and many more.

798)   EzLance is a web site where you can post your projects without any cost and you can also get bids from professionals world wide.

799)   Interactive Fiction
This is a interactive story management system and a story board script. Users can add their part of contribution to an ongoing story. It has an intuitive interface with text editing capabilities.

800)   Web Host
This script is used for a web account set up and monthly, quarterly, semi and annual billings. The other features are user password, Auto Billing, PayPal and all credit card gateways.

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