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Top 801-850 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

801)   File Uploader Pro © v3.0
File Uploader Pro © Has many features and options that allow you to have total control over the files being uploaded to your site!This is our Professional Version of our popular File Uploader ©, with over (16,000 downloads) and still going strong!

802)   FirstClass Classifieds
FirstClass Classifieds is a automated online classifieds Ads program. It can be completely administered via a Web browser, and allows visitors to place and manage their own password protected Ads. This also offers automatic customizable Ad expiration, Automatic notification etc.

803)   PageSnooper
PageSnooper is integrated with CGI and perl script using which finding out the HTML code for a particular URL and including the retrieved code on your site is simply done. This script is available with many features.

804)   BBJuke
BBJuke is an easy to use interface to shout/icecast. It’s a small Perl script that uses a MySQL database and shout to stream MP3 files to icecast.

805)   PayPal IPN-Lite
A General Purpose IPN interface for single purchase and shopping carts

806)   A Beginners guide to Perl
This site is helpful for the beginners in perl programming. They can learn how to build script on perl in different categories. It is easily understandable and easy to use.

807)   Nether-Log
Nether-log is an alternative to the slow loading remote stats programs. This script generates individual stats for each page in your site.

808)   Printer Friendly/Email Delivery
Dynamically create Printer Friendly pages from the web page! No requirement to use copies or clones of existing pages. Also allows visitors to email a link (with page title) to fiends and colleagues.

809)   CGI's form to mail
This script is used to create an email form with spam protection to avoid misusers from stealing your email address. It is very simple to use and to install in your system.

810)   Agents Unlimited
This advanced online affiliate program is bundled with an integrated billing system to help you to pay your affiliates according to the set commission percentage or flat rate.

811)   MySpreadsheet
MySpreadsheet is used to work and share the online data and files located in the same place. This script is very safety and secure for the webmasters.

812)   TGMAIL
TGMAIL is a script based on perl and acts as a sendmail for NT that do not require any configuration. A simple and handy tool for webmasters.

813)   The Classified Ads
This classified advertising program permits your clients to enter ads into your site. The allows the setting of a limit for the number of ads. This ensures that old ads are deleted when new ones are added.

814)   Kake Pad
This is a perl based text and file editor. This program has a graphical interface. It also comes with features that can debug scripts.

815)   URL Redirection
This script allows webmasters to view destination URL that is selected by the visitor from their site and also it tracks date and time of visitors entry and their IP address etc., These information are stored in a log file.

816)   Mail Form
This script is a simple mailer form. It is used to receive message from others. It has autoresponder facility. This script supports unlimited number of fields and form.

817)   MojoCalendar
Mojocalendar is an online web based calendar. This is a PERL based script and it lets the web owners to create, publish and manage online events. It supports MySQL data base and it is easy to use.

818)   Podftp
Podftp is a script based on perl which permits the users to upload a webpage. This is an alternate to regular ftp programs. It is easy to use and manage by the users.

819)   Crossword Puzzle CGI system
Crossword Puzzle CGI system is a gaming script based on perl. This software allows you to generate and play crossword puzzles on your website easily.

820)   The Address Book
This is a web based address book program that manages contacts in real time on the net through a browser based interface. This program looks like regular paper type address book.

821)   VirtualPage
Virtual Page is a script for advanced users. This script allows you to create virtual websites and virtual web pages, which can also be customized by the user. It is a Perl CGI program.

822)   Quick Count
This is a hidden counter script made in perl. The counter is hidden within an image url, the script stays behind the scenes counting your visitors. When you run the script, direct display of all the statistics for the page counters along with showing the total takes place.

823)   Matt's Whois
This is a professional domain name checking script which is written using Perl with which you can allow your website visitors to check the status of any TLDs.

824)   Web Mailer Script
Web Mailer Script is a perl script which is used to send multiple email messages from users browser. In this program the webmaster can edit the existing contacts.

825)   Online News Updater and Manager
Online News Updater and Manager is a perl based script that implement functions as it name defines. You can get your news updated automatically by providing a browser based online submission form on website.

826)   ApplyLeads E-mail List Manager
ApplyLeads provides more facilities for webmasters who wants to build an efficient subscriber and unsubscriber module with their mailing list manager. Supports perl platforms. Newsletter and announcements can be sent unlimitedly.

827)   YellowMaker (Yellow Page Maker)
This business directory system that is written in Perl, is designed for internet users/communities so as to enable them to easily setup and maintain a professional yellow pages on the world wide web.

828)   Autobuild
This perl script is used to generate news by itself within the specific time. This tool is an addon for coranto.

829)   CGI Shopping Cart
CGI Shopping Cart is an online shopping cart software in perl designed to assist small size business concerns with a simple and scalable webstore setup containing HTML pages.

830)   Webmin
Webmin is a server administration script based on perl which supports tables and forms with any browser. This program has a simple web server and a number of CGI programs to update system files.

831)   ABTi Mailing List
The ABTi Mailing List allows users to subscribe to/unsubscribe from a mailing list. It allows site administrators to circulate text files (e.g., news and announcements) to subscribers. This updated version allows viewing and editing of the mailing list. The gateway to admin pages is password-protected. This version also includes confirmation mails to new subscribers and alert mails to site administrators.

832)   Banner Rotation
Banner Rotation is a simple and easy to use banner rotation script that can be used to rotate banners of your advertisers on your website easily and can manage them effectively.

833)   Directory and Classified Ad
This is a link indexing script written using Perl program. The script can be used for creating FAQ section, classified ads or links directory on your website.

834)   Networld Chat Ultra-Lite
This program is basically built in perl to allow webmasters to create chat room on their website. It allows their site visitors to chat with others.

835)   Bookmarks from CGI biz
This shall allow your visitors to keep their bookmarks on your Web site. They will be able to store their bookmarks in a categorized list. Its easy to install and some of its features are template based architecture, administration panel, multi user support and many more.

836)   Creativyst Glossary
This is a Perl script which helps you in creating a professional and customizable glossary system for your website with innovative capabilities and features. It allows you to include links to glossary terms directly in web pages through XML transport standard.

837)   Done Right's Forum Search
This is a perl based search program that helps site visitors to get their favourite forums using 2 top engines like aim groups and yahoo groups. This program is easy to configure and install.

838)   ImageFolio Basic
This is an image gallery script that offers built in support for postcard, lightbox, and batch thumbnail mods. It will be ideal solution for small personal websites, beginners of Perl language.

839)   AdminPro
AdminPro is the client/server application that will allow you to upload, download, rename, delete, open, edit and save files, create, rename and remove directories and perform two-click CGI debugging - all from your favorite web browser.

840)   PayPal MAF
PayPal MAF is an online e-commerce software that helps online sellers and merchants to extract additional details of their customers by just adding required fields on paypal's HTML table codes.

841)   AcmeList Plus
AcmeList Plus utilizes both Perl and MySQL modules to provide easier ways to access web driven mailing list processings. Single / double opt-in and opt-out are supported with subscrption and non-subscription.

842)   Trouble Ticket Express
This is an open source program with which you can create a customer support section on your website. It automatically generates instructions regarding submission of follow up messages and sends email notification to all customer service operators instantly after receiving queries from the customer.

843)   Local Analysis
Local Analysis is a script based on perl which acts as a reporting package for the users that uses local search, html2perl etc. This program is easy to handle by the users.

844)   CGI and PHP Script Installation Service
CGI and PHP Script Installation Service

845)   Ascripts Exit Traffic Exchange System
Ascripts Exit Traffic Exchange System is one kind of exchange module that is powered with perl ptogramming using which webmasters can run a traffic exchange system when the website visitor exits the websites.

846)   Perl 101 (Part 5) - Sub-Zero Code
This part of the Perl 101 series introduces the subject of subroutines and also teaches how to structure your code to ensure for maximum reusability.

847)   Ranson Johnson's Slide Show
This is a simple slideshow script with which you will be able to run a slideshow with images stored in your database on your website. It is also easy to customize the script.

848)   Information Manager
Information Manager generates personalized pages, and can be used to do anything that requires the user to log in to the website or get personalized content. This handles formatting of the site and the links on a web page.

849) CGI Scripts offers a large collection of software solutions. Currently available scripts range from affiliate program to search engine software.

850)   Premium scripts from is a site that offers scripts such as FreeLove, FreeCV, FreeCast, FreeHome, FreeSwap, etc. Thus, it can be termed as a specialty site to obtain these scripts.

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