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Top 901-950 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

901)   MojoPersonals MySQL
This is a Personals Classified system, which has been modeled like the Yahoo Personals on MySQL backend and is ideal for matchmaking and/or dating web sites. Users can browse the ads or choose from New, popular, simple search and advanced search. It is an easy to install and can be modified.

902)   iPaidEmail
Using this 'iPaidEmail' you would be able to create and manage your own paid-4-email website with full administrative support. It has many enhanced features.

903)   HyperNews
HyperNews is a simple discussion board program that provides complete and optimum solutions for implementing an online discussion campaign on your website.

904)   Stop That Hacker
This is a perl based website security program that helps users to password protect their websites from password hackers. This program also secures website contents.

905)   Jefflog
The Jefflog program creates an HTML report from an Apache log file and generates reports on page views, referers, downloaded files and keywords for search web sites.

906)   Free Virtual Guest book
Free Virtual Guest book is a perl guestbook program where the users can post messages and comments with their email and name. It permits the users to alter the guestbooks design.

907)   Mail Dispatcher
Mail Dispatcher is useful for website owners who need to send regular mass mails to their subscribed members automatically. Future mails can be set on queue. It is fully template based where with you can use your own formatted ones.

908)   Today In History
This is a perl based program that allows users to see what happened on this day back in history. The archived events are called upon user's querries.

909)   HiShop
HiShop displays the products online with shopping cart utilities. HiShop uses HTML Templates, so its easy to change the appearance. Includes an admin panel.

910)   AutoMailman- Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager
Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager

911)   MultiCount
This is a flexible counter script that displays the hits count in text based format. It requires SSI. The script can give you monthly, weekly and even daily counts. This one script can handle information from all your counters.

912)   iMailer Email Marketing Solution
This is an useful perl driven tool for e-traders to integrate their internet sales through automated online mailing lists. Ability to manage subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, tracking bounces, sent emails and much more.

913)   Be Counter
Webmasters can use this Be Counter to view the tracking informations like, how many visitors are online, hits per page etc. Installation of this script is easy.

914)   Access Panda
Access Panda is a visitor tracking tool, which generates reports on the visitors in the form of graphs. This script gives reports on hits by the hour, day, week or month.

915)   Real Music Jukebox
This is a basic RealAudio Jukebox program. While using this program, you can build a list of your favorite songs. It allows you to customize a song list.

916)   Minimalist
Minimalist offers as many facilities as to make your mailing list processings easier through it's incorporated perl and CGI driven modules. Features included are: archiving sent message , blocking lists, viewing and much more.

917)   NewsFinder
NewsFinder would be a selective script for the CGI / perl websites which want to display the important and latest news headlines from major websites. Categories can be created with unlimited sub categories to group the grabbed news.

918)   AccountStats
AccountStats scans Common format access_logs and then summarizes the account activity for people who have logged in (name/password) to password (.htaccess/.htpasswd) protected areas on the system.

919)   Form Mailer with attachments
This script is an useful mailer form which is used by the web site owners on their site for receiving feedbacks and comments from their site visitors.

920)   Advanced Logger
With Advanced Logger as a statistics tool, website owners can keep track of the visitors coming to their site. This tool generates reports, keeping track of the hour, day, month, leading referrers, pages, browsers, operating system entry pages, exit pages, countries and screen resolutions.

921)   Users Only
This is a password protection system developed with perl that helps users to password protect directories on their websites. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

922)   SQL-Ledger Accounting
SQL-Ledger is an extensible, customizable, double entry accounting system written in perl. Accounting data is stored in a SQL Server. Any text or GUI browser can be used for the display. In addition to the browser display, data can also be processed from the command line.

923)   SunnyScript's EasyData Cute
EasyData Cute is a database management system that can manage multiple databases. Its interface allows creation of new databases, modifications and much more. It allows each record to have unlimited fields and special attributes.

924)   Protect Online form by image code
The main activity of this script is it protects the online form from abuse. It is highly customizable that allows users to change fonts, color, size and background etc.,

925)   Easy File Manager
It's a cgi script that will perform most of the file operations required for web site maintenance. You can use it to copy, move, edit, delete and upload files, and to create, move and delete directories and more.

926)   indexsoft XML viewer
indexsoft XML viewer is a simple PERL script which helps to navigate website directories and view XML contents. This is cool tool for parsing XML content over the web.

927)   Visitor Activity
This script is used for counting number of visitors who are online currently and to count when did they come into your site and what did they look up etc., It is highly configurable.

928)   Link Popularity
Link Popularity tool to help webmaster finding out who are linking to their sites.

929)   Virtual Tour Creator
Virtual Tour Creator is a web based page creator, which creates a Virtual Tour HMTL page, and then adds your pages information to a database. This has an admin module for editing or deleting your page information straight from your browser, and is password protected to give security.

930)   Advanced .htpasswd Manager Quick Edition
This is a security program written in perl that helps webmasters to protect multiple directories on their website. This program uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files.

931)   Domain Grabber
This script will inform you when a domain name is deleted or expires. This script supports only .com and .net. This script has some limitations.

932)   World Wide Ad Maker
This script allows users to register and create ads with pictures, description, and keywords. It allows various categories that can be configured in a desired array. Background and text can be configured and a default picture can be set for those ads that do not have a picture.

933)   Web Mail form
Web Mail form is a simple perl based online email form creator. It allows webmasters to make contact with their site visitors in a secured manner. It has error validation and supports multiple forms.

This is a perl based user management program that helps webmasters to manage users through a web based interface. Only authorized users are granted access to secure contents.

935)   Quick Links
This is a small perl script which makes a HTML file with a link to every file in a directory lists. It has many enhanced features with this script.

936)   The Fluid Flow Calculator
This allows you to calculate pipe friction losses for straight piping that handle water and also that handle water with varying percentages of ethylene glycol. Based on some inputs, it calculates the velocity, the Reynolds number and many more.

937)   WebBanner
One of the basic advertising tools developed for the Web is the random banner advertisement. WebBanner is used to display a random advertisement within an HTML document to provide a link to the advertiser.

938)   Majordomo Archive
Majordomo Archive will perform it's functions together with mailing list program where it tracks all sent emails with a text file for later use. Runs with CGI and perl supported websites.

939)   Album20
Album20 is a perl based utility useful for alowing site visitors to create photo gallery on your website. They can add upto 20 photos on the photo album.

940)   4est's Weblog
4est's Weblog helps anyone to post any kind of message on your perl and SSI integrated network systems in two ways. Submitted entries can be customized before displaying. Bad word filter is available for the removal of abused words.

941)   Leave Your Mark Yo
Leave Your Mark Yo is a guestbook perl program that permits the guests to leave their comments on the site. It provides a admin control panel to control the users.

942)   randomquote.cgi
This is a simple Perl based script that can be used to display random quotes into your shtml page. The script requires Server Side Includes to display the quotes.

943)   PhotoPost Lite
PhotoPost Lite is related to Photopost. The difference is that is does not have all of the same features.

944)   BlueSend
This is a perl based referring system to refer your site to the others through your site visitors.

945)   Show Time
This text-based clock requires SSI and can display standard or military time.

946)   Amazon Affiliate Search
This script was created to provide a daily updated listing of books or other items on your site that provide links for your visitors to purchase these items on using your affiliate code in the URL.

947) is a perl scripted gaming programme. The aim of the game is to find out all of the mines. If you opened all cells that do not contain a mine, you will win.

948)   eThread
eThread is a web based discussion board software written in PERL that supports online discussion between members and web site visitors through forums.

949) allows locking mechanism under UNIX and Win32. It also creates file or mutex if it does not already exist. In addition, it also allows timed waiting specification. It FMutex object is destroyed, its lock is automatically released.

950)   e-Classifieds Lite Edition
The e-Classifieds Lite Edition is an entry-level classifieds script with powerful features. This offers support for fee-based ads, has easily configurable categories, e-mail address harvesting, automatic expiration notices and purging of old ads, support for optional banner ads, and more.

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