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Top 51-100 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   Jody Salts Guest Book
Jody Salts Guest Book is a perl guestbook program where users can comment on the guestbook. This script is easy to control through the built in control panel.

52)   Aborior's Simple Guestbook
Aborior's Simple Guestbook is a guestbook program based on perl that permits the users to comment about a site through a web browser. The users can edit and delete the messages posted in the guestbook.

53)   Mask URL
Mask URL allow visitors to redirect to members specified URL. Visitors cannot see the members specified URL. MySQL database is used as a backend.

54)   Ikonboard
Ikonboard is an efficient bulletin board system in perl supporting unlimited number of password protected forums with nest and unnest categories to post topics for online discussions.

55)   Custom CGI Guest Book
Custom CGI Guest Book is a guestbook perl program that permits the users to make several entries on the guestbook. Error checking facility is available for the users in this script.

56)   GuestWho 2
GuestWho 2 is a perl based guestbook program which permits the users to search through any field using several types of match. This script allows the users to edit the entries.

57)   ABTiGuestbook
This is a guestbook developed with Perl. This is used to get opinion from the visitors of your site. With this guestbook you can view the list of posted comments.

58)   Networld Chat RGL
This script is used for creating chat room on the website to allow site visitors to chat with others. This tool can be easily translated to different languages and it has customization facility.

59)   Fresh Guest Book MySQL
Fresh Guest Book MySQL is a guestbook program that allows the users to change the design of the guestbooks that matches their website layout. This script has the ability to send emails to the guests.

60)   Web Spell Checker- Speller Pages
This is an open source Perl script used to check the spelling. It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker.

61)   XChat
X Chat is a script built for the webmasters to run a chat program in their site. This script has many features in it to be used as a customized chat system.

62)   BW Whois
This is an advanced whois script which contains numerous features like self detecting CGI support, optional result caching with an SQL database and much more.

63)   GuestLog
GuestLog is a guestbook script based on perl which initiates the users to perform more number of entries in the guestbook. The users can use logos and images between their entries.

64)   FTLS' Guestbook
FTLS' Guestbook is a perl guestbook program which permits the users to add comments about a site in the guestbook. This script is easy to handle and install.

65)   The ACVerify FormMailer
The ACVerify FormMailer is a script based on form processors which accepts the users information by verifying their email addresses.

66)   HIBAsites
This is a perl based content management program that allows users to create and manage websites. This program uses templates to build webpages. Many in built modules can be added instantly.

67) is a guestbook program written on perl which provides a built-in form for the users for reviewing their entries made in the guestbook.

68)   t4w-d-goods
t4w-d-goods is an online e-commerce software in PERL designed to provide optimum solution for secure online digital and software file downloads of paypal and pin coded products.

69)   Smart Elf Membership Gateway
This is a perl based program that collects and verifies payments. This program helps webmasters to protect membership area. This is a completely automated program.

70)   Find and Replace
This is a perl based file manipulation utility using which you can edit and update files and folders of your website through your web server.

71)   Free eBook from AboutEMarket
This site offers free ebooks for programmers and webmasters. It has ebooks available on CGI, Perl, Visual Basic, Java, VBScript, Visual C++, Visual J++, and networking.

72)   BNBBOOK Guest Book Processor Script
BNBBOOK Guest Book Processor Script is a guestbook program based on perl which permits the signers to use HTML. This script allows the users to handle private messages also.

73)   Resellable FFA Script
This is a Free For All script with which you can allow your website visitors to submit their links in different categories which suits them. It is easy to customize if you have some knowledge in basic HTML and CGI programming.

74)   Self Scoring Questionare
Self Scoring Questionare is a quiz program written on perl which permits the users to attend the quiz by selecting the answers through radio buttons and drop down list boxes.

75)   SunnyScript's AdvertisingSuite
SunnyScript's AdvertisingSuite is a top-featured advertising banner management system.

76)   @1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld
This perl embedded news engine assists you to manage articles using desktop and handheld devices where there articles can be viewed with the help of browsers or PDA software.

77)   Lars Ellingsens Guestbook System
Lars Ellingsens Guestbook System is a guestbook program written on perl which permits the users to have guestbook on their homepage. This script provides preview facility for the guests to view their entry before submitting.

78)   wwwboard-rescue
wwwboard-rescue is a simple online discussion board addon script written in PERL to allow users to create their own message lists file in the WWWBoard message board directory.

79)   PlayList Generator FX
PlayList Generator FX is perl-CGI script that generates playlist for streaming media. After configurating this script, everything you have to do, is upload your media files to server (or delete some of them).

80)   HTTP File Upload
HTTP File Upload is a script based on perl which permits the users to process uploaded files through a web based browser. This program reads multiple lines from the uploaded file for processing.

81)   AFFA - Advance Free For All Link Page
AFFA is a Perl based script with which you can create your own search engine on your website and allow your website visitors to submit their links to your database.

82)   UBB.x Module
UBB.x Module is a simple and efficient discussion board program designed to categorize and store created contents by using powerful content management tools.

83)   The File Transfer System
The File Transfer System is a script based on perl where the clients can perform file transfers in a server without getting support from administrator.

84)   f2m.cgi
This script is used for creating a web based email form. This script takes the copy of the existing form of your website and then automatically it builds a layout template. This script is highly configurable and fully secured. Autoresponder is available in this script.

85)   Gamma Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal Links allows webmasters to exchange links with each other.

86)   Flexbook
Flexbook is a guestbook program written on perl which provides guidance to the users about adding entries in the guestbook with templates.

87)   Redirect
Redirect is a PERL based redirection utility which comes with four types of menu options like Drop-down, option, text box and form button.

88)   PSGuestbook
PSGuestbook is a guestbook perl program which permits the users to have a posting form on the page like the guestbook. The users can display guestbook entries in ascending and descending order.

89)   WWWBoard Rescue
This script creates message list from all HTML files in wwwboard. This script is also used to regenerate links to get messages. It comes with admin control panel.

90)   UBB.x Module
UBB.x Module is a simle and efficient discussion board program designed to categorize and store created contents by using powerul content management tools.

91)   My WebBoard
My WebBoard is an easy to install PERL discussion board that helps users to post topics on several issues to make online discussions with the website visitors.

92)   Mini Forum
Mini Forum is a program built on PERL which helps users to run an online forum on their websites. It supports template to suit users websites layout.

93)   mySQL Export
Using this script, you can export your mySQL tables into delimited text files. These files are exported individually for each table and are then compressed using a zip tool.

94)   MYBoard
MySQL based Bulletin Board/Forum system. Forums can be displayed threaded or not. Email notifications of responses. Multiple forums etc

95)   Image Gallery
Image Gallery is a simple and easy to use script that can be used to display all the image files in a directory. It contains a friendly admin area and also more new features in this current version.

96)   UBB Developers Network
This is a great resource for Perl, CGI, html, java script scripts. This site is an independently owned and run by coders who volunteer their time. This is a collection of web developers who share their knowledge on this platform.

97)   GuestFriend
GuestFriend is a guestbook perl program that permits the users to customize the texts and layouts by editing the HTML files on their web editor. This program can add value to the users site.

98)   @ Last Modified Date and Time
@ Last Modified Date and Time is a script built on PERL which can be used by the users to verify the last modified date and time of the file. A handy utility for tracking file modifications.

99)   Alumni Register
This is simple script that can be used to create and manage an online alumni register which helps the users to find their classmates who have studied with them at schools, colleges etc.

100)   CartIt Commerce System
CartIt Commerce System is a simple online shopping cart software designed to assists small and medium size business concerns to start and run an efficient e-store on the net.

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