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Top 951-1000 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

951)   BanEx
. BanEx has been created for the average webmaster and webmistress to allow him and her to have random banners appear with links. It could be used to have have advertisers on your website, or for many other reasons...

952)   RW MySQL Dump
This software is used to backup the data and structure of the MySQL databases. For security reasons it runs from command prompt only. Easy to install and use.

953)   ENV Variable Retirver
ENV Variable Retirver is a simple program to help with installation of scripts on new servers, or even any server where you are not sure of the correct paths. Env helps you to retrieves all variables and displays them in an easy to read table.

954)   diWEBlo
diWEBlo is a script that will allow even the non-programmers to modify contents of Web pages It also offers password protection for each user and allows template-based Web page creation.

955)   - HeroGrab - Yahoo Expired Domains
What is HeroGrab For Yahoo? HeroGrab will search the yahoo directory and find expired domains that are still listed at yahoo. Once it finds an expired domain, it will automatically send an email to all email addresses you have listed. (you can add any emails in this file and as many email addresses as you want)

956)   aLbEcO's FREE Perl Scripts
Over a dozen free perl scripts. Use them anywhere you want, but please leave my links.

957)   CountSSI
Countssi.cgi uses SSI to help you get hints for each page of your website that contains the SSI tag. It will also capture the environmental variable of operating systems and browsers’ information from your visitors and present it in a customizable manner for you to use.

958)   Top Sites
This is a perl based ranking system that allows users to add their website to topsites and based on the number of clicks a link gets, it is rated in the topsite list.

959)   EZPOLMKR - Easy Poll Maker
Easy Poll Maker is to get the feedback with multiple ways from your visitors and users using web based polls and forms. Survey results can be archived after a particular duration and can be stored with a file. Perl supported platform is required.

960)   RateMeSQL
RateMeSQL is a quick rating program. Supports MSSQL, MySQL, and Postgres. Some benefits include, a good plugin system, template system, cheat prevention, thumbnailing, and more.

961)   DTP Topsites Script
DTP Topsites Script has a cookie & IP based anti-cheat system. It sends e-mails to all its and has an easy web-based configuration.

962)   Key Harvester
This is a perl based search program enables single user's input with a word and it then queries altavista and pull all keywords with that user's word.

963)   Mamak Counter
This is an easy to install counter where one script can be used to have counters for a number of pages. The counter can be displayed in text or graphic image or can even be invisible. It offers a password protected admin page, where all counter statistics can be viewed in one page.

964)   Cliff's Banner Rotater
This script randomly selects a banner that you've specified and puts it on your page. Even if you only use one banner, this script makes it a lot easier to change something, as you only have to edit the banner text once, rather than once per page. You can easily add, remove, and edit banners from an

965)   Submit Stuff
Submit Stuff is a simple perl based program that allows visitors to submit their site for adding to your links page. The text in the form will be coded into HTML and the visitors can preview it before submission.

966)   FileMan
FileMan is a script based on perl which permits the users to manage the websites without ftp access. This program can perform multi file searching and replacing for the users.

967)   AccuTemp
AccuTemp is an exceptionally simple and prompt cgi/perl script. It takes hold of the present temperature from any U.S. city or town and directly add it on your web site using SSI, with no programming knowledge required.

968)   Schlabo's Scripts - Show Picture (SP)
Automatically creates the page around the image you link to. Features display-counting, guest-logs, a comfortable admin-interface, picture-uploading, templates and more.

969)   Pic of the Day
This is an image gallery script which is capable of displaying a random picture every day on your website. This saves your time from uploading images and writing HTML pages.

970)   Simple CGI
This perl based tutorial describes and teaches the new perl and CGI in an easy way. Apparently it explains more about perl with what are the basic error messages and problems are found while programming etc.,

971)   Auto Address Collector
If you want to add your email address in mailing list of any website,don't try to confuse yourself. Here is the code. Its easy to use.

972)   PPALstore
PPALstore is an e-commerce software written in perl that allows webmasters to implement online shopping cart application on their website with product management features.

973)   Tell-Your-Friends For Clickbank
Tell-Your-Friends For Clickbank is a program that allows webmasters to have a recommend us link. It offers affiliate link generating.

974)   ECHO Interchange Payment Module 1.1
Open source files necessary to accept credit cards and checks in RedHat Interchange shopping cart using ECHO's low-cost payment processing services. ECHO ( merchant account required.

975)   Rumors
Rumors is a HTML/Perl/CGI-driven program which allows you to operate a chat room on your website.

976)   Spider Traps
Spider Trap deals with security management on a perl website that detects malicious hackers and spam emails using .htaccess programs. Error displaying module is included.

977)   Free Link Page
This is a simple and easy to use link indexing script written using Perl. With this script you can allow your users to submit their links in the specified category.

978)   e-Classifieds Standard Edition sponsored
This is a powerful classified ads system that is upgradeable. Its features include photo ads with intelligent thumbnail scaling, context-sensitive help system, ad review, privacy mail, send ad to a friend, auto-notify, user registration and many more.

979) AdView Adview enables the webmasters to advertise the products of on your site and gets you with more revenue for each click. Requires perl and no SSI.

980)   Web Rate Pro
This is a perl based rating system that allows users to rate topics specified by webmasters. This is just like and

981)   Aardvark Catalog
Aardvark Catalog is an online e-commerce application software meant to generate online catalogs for your products with browsable indexed categories.

982)   Easymailer
Easymailer is a simple perl supported program that allows you to send mails to a group of people with your own created content. Sent messages can be stored with flat file system.

Bnbform.cgi is a perl coded program used for sending email messages to any specific email address and it stores the information in a text file. Autoresponder and data validation is available.

984)   PerlEx
PerlEx is a script that can be used to improve the Perl performance on the windows based web servers. It offers fast execution of Perl programs, contains a CGI script encryption for protecting the Perl source codes, and provides web services support and much more.

985)   e-Jobs
This provides a complete recruitment solution as it is designed for jobs, resumes, and other employment or career-related web sites. It permits upload of photos, video, and audio. It has a unique context-sensitive help system, flexible online database creation and much more.

986)   Clickbank Marketplace Script
With Clickbank Marketplace webmasters can have a market place on their websites.

987)   MHonArc
MHonArc is a script based on perl which is used to convert the email messages to the html for the users. This program provides support for MIME.

988)   MaxSponder Autoresponder System
Autoresponder System activates internet marketing through emails and is designed for perl driven websites. Also, supports email campaigns with subscription revenue module. Autoresponders keeps the subscribers notified of up-to-date data.

989)   URL Tracker
URL Tracker is helpful for the webmasters to allow their site visitors to go to another URL from their site. It also has tracking facility which tracks date, time, country name, type of domain logged by the visitors etc.,

990)   RZ Ad
RZ Ad is a script that will make a banner rotation system for your web page. Along with allowing you to place advertisements on your sites, it will also allow your advertisers to track statistics like hits etc on their ads. Also offers automatic expiry on the basis of number of clicks r views.

991)   Solution Scripts
Since 1997, Solution Scripts has been offering high-quality free and commercial CGI scripts written in Perl. Programs. These include mailing list scripts, picture rotators, click and sales trackers, virtual community building, Web-based email and Top Sites.

992)   Link Master
This is a Perl based link checking script which allows the webmasters to to completely automate their links page on their website. It also contains an admin control panel.

993)   MojoClassifieds
Universal ad posting and listing classifieds software in perl on mysql backend.

994)   ns Form
ns Form is a simple form processor script based on perl that helps web owners to create a form on their website. This script is highly configurable. Users can customize template, form setting, colors and messages etc.,

995)   Active Classifieds Standard Edition
A dynamic classified ads system with extensive user and admin features.

996)   Overstock DataFeed Script
This is an easy to use utility which helps you to import the massive overstack datafeed into your MYSQL database. This utitily is useful for the webmasters who uses overstack programs.

997)   RiMap
This is a perl script to plot map on your site. This script draw a map between two cities of USA. This tool doesn't require GIS software. It has many enhanced features.

998)   8Ball
8Ball is a CGI script that enables users to ask it a question and then receive a standardized type answer.

999)   Click Manager
A free script that allows you to track the number of times a link is clicked and use SSI to show that number.

1000)   QuikStore
QuikStore is a simple online shopping cart software that allows users to setup HTML e-stores enriched with FTP, catalog and logic wizards.

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