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Top 1051-1100 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1051)   Network Utilities
Networking utilities is a set of Perl script which can be used to access network tools through a webmin web interface. The standard networking tools like ping and traceroute are used in this module.

1052)   Jobboard - Professional
Professional version of jobboard software.

1053)   @Poem
@Poem is a perl script that displays unlimited poems with multiple categories and is useful for the webmasters to show ads on postcard output page. Emoticons and images can be sent with emails.

1054)   PowerSeek SQL
Create, manage and run your own Search Engine & Directory with total control and ease.

1055)   webmask url redirection system lite
This script is used by webmasters to facilitate their site with redirection system on their website to redirect to another website automatically. Not only it redirects to another website it also has auto mailer to mail their lost password by using this redirection program.

1056)   mojoQuiz
This particular script can handle unlimited number of categories, quizzes and questions. And above all, it gives you absolute control on the output.

1057)   Securitron
This is a perl based files security program that helps users to password protect files on a specified directory. Users have to get registered and create a username and password to gain access.

1058)   Alain's Guestbook
Alain's Guestbook is a guestbook program written on perl which permits the multiusers to add their comments and messages in the guestbook. The admin can control the users entries in the guestbook.

1059)   HotLinks
Hot Links is widely useful to make your site renown universally by allowing people to put their links on your perl supported site. This tool help your website to score a high rank.

1060)   Ascripts Customer Tracking System
This sales tracking system is very easy to install and compiles statistics that are useful to you as an administrator. It is integrated with every payment processor and provides information such as where are your customers coming from, which links send you sales, who forwards valuable traffic.

1061)   Customers control panel
This is a password protection program developed with perl that helps users to generate secured web pages and files. This program is suitable for custom start pages and customers control panel.

1062)   @1 Invoice Me
@1 Invoice Me is a simple and easy to use online e-commerce software written in perl with which users can view all their invoices by just entering their ID's.

1063)   Site mirror
This script will redirect your users to your mirror site that are hosted on various web server. This script is helpful for the webmasters.

1064)   Class::ParmList
This is a general named parameter list parser. It handles default values, required against allowed distinctions, optional name lexical checking, multiple retrieval and error reporting.

1065)   Upload Pro
Upload Pro with ht protection is a script based on perl and a community file sharing system which permits the users to upload and share sensitive files in server. Users can manage their files and folders after a secured login process.

1066)   ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System
ProAnalyzer is a powerful, yet easy to use ad tracker, that can be run from your website. Capable of tracking unique hits, sales and other actions, it comes with free upgrades for life and unlimited tech support. Includes an automated set-up wizard. It is built with a split run tester.

1067)   Stouk Bookmarks Manager Lite
Manage Web Links Online. Allow visitors to have online personalized link manager.

1068)   csDownload
csDownload is a script based on perl that perform file downloads with forms. This script permit the users to download from unique location.

1069)   PHPXref
PHPXref is a Perl script that will help to make working with the source code of a large PHP site easier. It allows you to cross reference functions, variables and database tables and generate documentation for each function defined in the PHP files.

1070)   Link Master Pro
This is a Perl based link management program which can be used to completely automate the links page on your website. The script is search engine friendly and includes bulk email sending utility.

1071)   PetSite
PetSite v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible perl script that quickly and easily permits you to set up and maintain an extensive and well organized pet directory under Windows or Linux with a minimum of effort on your part.

1072)   CCart Pro
CCart Pro is an e-commerce shopping cart software designed to assist webmasters to set up e-stores with both simple and multiple variable HTML tags to process customers order forms.

1073)   MasterWebpageMailer
MasterWebpageMailer is a simple Perl based application which allows your site visitors to send the content of the specified web pages on your website through email.

1074)   AgoraCart
AgoraCart is a simple online shopping cart script written in perl to assist online sellers and merchants to set up their own e-stores with powerful store managemnet system.

1075)   AdPass Password Protector
This is a perl based membership management program to password protect websites and directories. This program supports payment gateways like PayPal, 2CheckOut, ClickBank, and WorldPay.

1076)   Chetter Group Inc
This site offers free and commercial Perl scripts for webmasters. They also undertake any type of custom CGI installation or custom development to suit user requirement.

1077)   Zone Coaster
This is an archive of free and commercial Perl/CGI scripts. The available programs include free for all links, survey, redirection, guest book, chat script, website managers and many more.

1078)   Playmess
This is a small menu-maker script in perl for the games of Xmess emulator. This script searches your roms and puts them in a menu. It is your option to choose or ignore or add a game or rom.

1079)   InterVote Photo Voting System
InterVote Photo Voting System is one of the perl enabled photo rating script with unlimited features for both users and webmasters. Real time stats, setting photos visible or invisible are some of the facilities available with this tool.

1080)   CosmicSecureFormEmailer
Free email form script to create a html form to email. Feature rich and very, very secure.

1081)   Is-A-Sites
This is a clone of the type of sites like It has literally every feature as those sites and is one of the best ways to keep traffic.

1082)   ePoll
No mess, no fuss, easy to use Voting script. Create as many polls as you like.

1083)   SAREP
Sarep is a search and replace tool. It can be used for writing out to a new file rather than overwriting the modified file, reading search or replace string from a file, and silent or verbose modes.

1084)   Analyse
Analyse is a script written for reading the daily and monthly log files for your website. The script is particularly useful for websites using different groups on the HitMatic Website Counter system.

1085)   L10 Hit Counter
Advanced yet easy to install hit counter with Flash based web site statistics reporting. Counts site visitors and page hits by hour, day, week, month and year. Display up to 10 scrolling messages for different statistics. Unique Flash based admin provides graphical and tabular site traffic reports.

This site offers resources on free Perl, ASP, PHP, Unix Shell, and related scripts for webmasters and developers. It has a large cache of useful scripts that are free to download.

1087)   @1 Auto Delete I
@1 Auto Delete I is a server program where the users can delete the files which are older than the specified days. This program supports file deletion on multiple folders.

1088)   HTMLfixIT PaYPal IPN
HTMLfixIT PaYPal IPN is an e-commerce software with which online sellers and buyers find it easy to deal with any kind of online transactions through paypal payment gateway system.

1089)   DeadBolt
This script creates and/or updates the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for securing directories.

1090)   Clicks Counter: Download Counter
Clicks Counter is a script that will keep track of all hits and clicks that take place on any links of your Web pages. This comes with an online viewer to view the log files online. You can also use it as a download counter.

1091)   HTML::KTemplate
This is a script that can be used to process HTML templates written in Perl program. The script supports multi dimensional data structures and much more.

1092)   Madclicker's Auction Software
This online auction software is feature rich. Some of its offerings are automated proxy bidding, silent auctions, multi item fixed, accounting program, buy it now, interface with pay pal, verisign and authorize net and many more.

1093)   Infrequently Asked Questions about Perl
This is a comprehensive list of answers to most of the commonly asked questions on CGI programming. This collection is a contribution by many developers and programmers.

1094)   Kloak It
Kloak it helps the webmasters to protect the source code and techniques that help achive top ranking of their site in an search engine. This program uses a stealth technology that protects your sites from robots and others trying to steal. Very easy to install and to maintain.

This is the simple perl script which reads all your HTML files and automatically creates a simple page with all those file links.

1096)   PictureFrame
Picture Frame is a script for displaying a series of thumbnail images in tables and then linking those images to full size versions of the images and is easily customizable.

1097)   PerlQuestionnnaire
PerlQuestionnnaire is designed for perl websites to implement a survey system. Survey pages are highly customizable with templates and CSS driven stylesheets. Exporting of survey results into CSV, Excel etc., is supported.

1098)   @1 Newscroller
@1 Newscroller is one of the news publishing perl scripts that displays news with the scrollbar feature. Scroll bar's properties can be modified to your own. And also supports all basic processings with news items.

1099)   ROADS
This is a resource catalouging system written using Perl program. It helps you in building a Yahoo like link directory system on your website.

1100)   prunehtml
prunehtml is a script based on perl where the users can delete the unwanted comments, tabs, blanks and the newlines from the html files. A simple tool to cleanup html files.

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