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Top 1101-1150 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   pureBB
This is a Perl based bulletin board or discussion board system that allows your visitors or your customers to post their message on your website. It uses MySQL database as backend.

1102)   Traffic Source
Pinpoint exactly who is sending traffic to your web site. Traffic source will record referring URL statistics of web sites that sends visitors to your web site. Statistics comes with accompanying graphs and in an easy to understand format. Requires MySQL.

1103)   Schlabo's Scripts - Download (DL)
A fully featured download-counter. Easy administration through a comfortable admin-interface, leech-protection, download-logs, support for templates. Automated configuration, no CGI-Knowledge required.

1104)   CGI City's Printer-Friendly script
Generate printer-friendly pages on the fly.

1105)   Disk-based data structures (DBM)
This tutorial provides many Perl database management solutions for programmers who need to store a dataset on the disk for future use but don't want to involved with a relational database with its required supporting software.

1106)   PureMessage
PureMessage is a script based on perl that initiates the users company to have a control over email traffic by providing protection against spam for multiple language mail streams.

1107)   Subscribe Me Pro
Subscribe Me Pro is more helpful for website owners to keep track of their customers / users mailing list on their dynamic perl websites. Supports importing of maiiing lists.

1108)   AccessProbe
AccessProbe gives you complete information to effectively market your web site. The main features are Extended (combined) and Standard log file formats, Relative Date selection, Generates Reports for Page, IP, Top Level Domain, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Bytes Transferred, Referrer, Query Strings.

1109)   OptiPerl
Make CGI scripts in Perl, offline in Windows. It is a fully integrated visual environment and editor for creating, testing, debugging and running perl scripts, directly or through associated html documents. Includes:Internal server and web browser for previewing, feature packed editor with syntax highlighting, integrated debugging, context sensitive help, code librarian and templates, project support, URL encoder, perl printer, pod viewer, query editor, regexp tester, source reformatter and more.

1110)   UtilMind solutions: Contact form
This script is basically for generating an email form. Webmasters can use this script to contact with their site visitors. It stores the sent letters in a simple text file.

1111)   YellowBuilder (Yellow Pages Builder)
Set Up Your Own Yellow Pages.

1112)   The Original Self Replicating Affiliate Software by Webscape Worldwide
The Webscape Worldwide Affiliate Replicator is a powerful replicator system that helps you to create personalized website for your affiliates. This system has an easy to use web administration panel.

1113)   Hacker Honeypot Exploit Detection Library
Hacker Honeypot is one of the perl based security methods that can clean up unwanted programs and contents from your system. Also, it notifies about abusing process occuring on your site pages. SSI support is included.

1114)   Smart Archive
Smart Archive is a program built on PERL which can be used by the webmasters to add files to their websites and let others also to do the same through a file archive.

1115)   Log Watch
Log Watch is a Perl script, which keeps a track of the updating, via web, of your web server logs or any other log on your server.

1116)   HiFriend Pro
HiFriend Pro is a perl script to refer your webpages to others through your site visitors. This tool includes, routing of URL, unlimited recipients and more.

1117)   News Page Updater
This is a content management program written in perl that helps users to update news on their sites. The updataion can be carried out from any remote location through a web based browser.

1118)   Freescripts Form Processor
This script is free for webmasters to create an email form on their website. It allows visitors to fill out the form to send message to the web owners. This script is highly secured and also has email validator to validate email address for error.

1119)   Scripts by Tammie's Husband
This site offers many free CGI scripts that are written in Perl. Some programs that are available are form processors, chat script, shopping cart, site recommendation, guest books, ad rotator, web quiz, link indexing, redirection, file editor and many more.

1120)   HiMap
This is a perl script shows the location by fetching the results from the database. Users are allowed to click any locations on the map and they will get the results from the database.

1121) The CGI script developers forum.

1122)   CGI:IRC
CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser, it is designed to be flexible and has many uses such as an IRC gateway for an IRC network, a chat-room for a website or to access IRC when stuck behind a restrictive firewall.

1123)   What's wrong with Perl and XML?
Perl, the choice of many for programming on the Web, lags behind Java and C++ in the XML popularity contest. Although many excellent Perl modules dealing with many aspects of XML, are available, the languages that seem to be favored by XML developers are Java, C/C++, and maybe even Python. The author shares his opinions on what's wrong, and what could be done about it

1124)   Aborior's Simplex Web Counter
Aborior's web counter is helpful for webmasters to create their own web counter on their site. It helps them to count their site visitors online. SSI support on your web hosting account is required. It stores the data in simplex database.

1125)   AdCycle
AdCycle is ad management software powered by mySQL. This script is written in perl.

1126)   SearchStar
Thousands sign up every day, and even more renew their subscriptions. Companies such as Overture and Find are making millions selling search results to the highest bidder.

1127)   Apache Centipaid
Apache Centipaid is an e-commerce addon module designed as a micro payment gateway to provide users with the ability to access paid websites.

1128) is a site that allows expert programmers to create custom scripts for you at the prices you want to pay. You are required to post your projects and programmers will place bids, then you choose the one you like and the one who meets your specific requirements..

1129)   Password Administrator+
Put your members area on auto-pilot with the Password Administrator+. The Password Administrator+ is the only account manager that is completely automated, personalized, and hassle-free.

1130)   crypt.cgi
This is an encryptioning program developed with perl that allows users to encrypt a plain text password for accessing secured web pages. This program restricts unauthorised users to access protected contents on the websites.

1131) provides an online marketplace for designers and web site owners to find programmers who bid for their projects. Includes, Flash, CGI, Perl, PHP, Javascript and other internet programming skills. Signup is free, no monthly payments, and low commissions for providers.

1132)   Using a flat-file database in Perl
This tutorial teaches web developers ways of speeding up the development process. Tis can be achieved through building an easy to use flat-file database in Perl and thereafter, access it via a web page.

1133)   SPAMbaffle
SPAMbaffle is a perl script and an email filtering program which is created for working with QMail function in perl. This script filters mails based on the terms set by the users in the program.

1134)   WapMail
WAPMail is a mail sending script, which works well with servers without a CGI-BIN also. This script is easy to install and works fast also.

1135) is a script based on perl which perform the process of file uploading in the server. A password protecting facility is provided to the users.

1136)   NePublish Server
Nephp Publish Server is known as a mutli-purpose software which utilizes the features of perl for enabling the webmasters to adminster their news and content modules on their perl driven websites.

1137)   RiLax
RiLax is a fast database search engine that searches database. It enables you to convert your existing flat file database into a searching application.

1138)   uReserve Online Resource Scheduling System
uReserveTM, a perl based tool that helps to book the resources online with an organization. Members can utilize the features through secured admin interface. Viewing, deleting, booking of resources and schedules can be done in an easier way.

1139)   Quick Fix
Quick Fix is a script based on perl which allows the users to find and change text in every file on their server. It is a handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

1140)   Add2it AutoRespond Pro
Add2it AutoRespond Pro is a script based on perl which permits the users to advertise their products to the group of prospects. This script sends the autoresponse messages at anytime.

1141)   Ascripts Popunder Exchange System
Ascripts Popunder Exchange System is constructed using perl classes which can be used as a traffic exchange software for websites. Paypal IPN system, Statistics, referral module, user profile, and much more features are available with this script.

1142)   Using CGI::Application
This is an application that adds a structure for writing reusable Web applications. It provides a structure to put down some programming techniques that have not looked upon it with favor.

1143)   The Spider Web
The Spider Web's motive is to increase your ranking on popular search engine. Inbuilt perl modules provides simple feature to manage trading links on your system.

1144)   Add2it Mailman Free
Mailman Free gives perl oriented features that are more useful for website owners to send mails for a group of people. Any number of newletters can be sent with in seconds using web based interface.

1145)   Comparing PHP with Perl for Dynamic Web Pages
Comparing PHP with Perl for Dynamic Web Pages is an article which compares the utility and performance of both PHP and Perl. The author concludes that PHP works faster than Perl and the perl is best for generating dynamic HTML.

1146)   ChatterBox by Poetic pollution
Chatterbox is a script built on PERL which lets the webmasters to have customized chat rooms in their site. It is easy to customize this script.

1147)   My Linktracker
This script allows you to track links and also see results on a daily basis. This script will help you keep track of links to your site from the other sites and also the other way round for links from your site to others like the banners etc that your site is a part of.

1148)   Scriptmaster
Scriptmaster is a script based on perl which acts as a download form for the users which get name and their email address before they perform download process on their server.

1149)   Ensim Backup Service
This is a backup service for your server to protect your valuable informations. You can restore the data with the help of secure SSH.

1150)   FAQmaster
FAQmaster is a complete FAQ management system for your website that is programmed in Perl language. It can be integrated with existing websites. Online demo for users and administrators are available on the website.

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