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Top 1201-1250 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1201) is a photo management software that allows you to browse a directory tree and displays all the images in the directory. It is also easy to customize the settings.

1202)   f2m.cgi pro
f2m.cgi Pro is a script based on perl. This script can be used for creating an email form. This script takes the copy of the existing form of your website and then automatically it changes the layout as a template. This script is highly configurable and fully secured. Autoresponder is available.

1203)   aq.cgi
This is a simple tool for getting to a database over the web. This script will help you Upload files of SQL for populating a database. By simply entering in SQL you can have the statement run. You can even see the results of selected statements and any error messages that come about.

1204)   xFlow v5.x - Complete Business Solution
Skymarx Solutions provides professional services to the MLM / Affiliate / Network Marketing industry. Bringing you complete software solutions, along with SEO, design, consultation, hosting, merchant services.

1205)   dbUnder
dbUnder is a micro-RDBMS Database Library using flat-files to manage tables and data. It works best with Perl5. It is easy to use and even little knowledge of procedural Perl is adequate to have the maximum results from dbUnder.

1206)   3DeeArts' Calendar
This script allows you to add online scheduling and event management to your website. Some of its salient features are multiple views, repeating events, event reminders, address book, conflict checker and many more.

Our sole purpose is to provide webmasters all over the world with cost-effective tools and solutions to aid in the process of createing and maintaining a successful website.

1208)   CGI Environmental Variables
Web server use environmental variables to pass information to a cgi script. This page highlights some of the most commonly used environmental variables along with a brief description and notes on possible uses for them.

1209)   NeonSlideShow
NeonSlideShow is an easily implemented Image Gallery / Slide Show cgi script. Can be used to view any combination of the following: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, mov, mpeg, mpg, swf

1210)   Allexperts Perl & CGI
Questions and answers of perl and cgi related topics.

1211)   SunnyShop
SunnyShop is a simple e-commerce software designed to provide affordable solutions for all webstore owners to build e-stores with a powerful database management system that uses reliable easy data technology.

1212)   AutoMailman- Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager
Automatic sequential email autoresponder with powerful mailing list manager.

1213)   Country Determinator
Country Determinator determines the visitor's country by remote host extension, even if your web provider can not determinate the remote host name and does not allow to use $ENV{'HOST_NAME'} property.

1214)   Gannon Chat
This is written in Perl and is a Web-based chat program . It uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling, and requires MySQL's Perl modules (DBI). It offers features like Private messages, User registration system, Cookie-based login, Admin panel, and more.

1215)   Eligia HTML Gallery
This is a Perl based image gallery that helps you to generate a HTML file of a photo gallery on your website. It contains a new GUI interface and supports wide range of image formats.

1216)   Scratch n Win - Claim Version
Now, the internet's most popular and addicting game can be yours. Attract more users and keep them even longer. Easy to setup and easier to maintain. Multiple prize version.

1217)   csFiler
csFiler is a script based on perl that manages users website online for uploading files and creating directories. No ftp and html knowledge is required for the users to access files.

1218)   b.
b. - is a web based bookmark manager. Bookmarks are stored in an XML file. Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts. Has the ability to share bookmarks,and acessible from any web browser.

1219)   wp.cgi
This is an open source whois tool for looking up the information regarding the name of the owners, technical contacts, their IP address etc in real time. It is capable of running in two different modes.

1220)   Virtual Lot Manager
This is a web based content management system which allows you to update your own search engine database on your website. The script will be useful for those who would like to display the dealership inventory on the web.

1221)   iTreePad
This is a tool to display tree like navigation on your webpages. To run this script place Treepad HJT files in your webserver.

1222)   Quotesie
This is a quote displaying program where users can add sayings, quotes from bible or other scriptural verses or by famous people to be displayed on their websites.

1223)   Dajen Dating Pro
Dajen Dating Pro is a CGI program to operate a on-line dating site.

1224)   Web Frame
This script is helpful for webmasters to allow their site visitors to enter into another link by clicking the frames which are placed in their website. It also allows their site visitors to get back to their site.

1225)   BMGFACTOR.COM - Web Software Repository
We specialize in web-based "Project Management and Process Management" softwares. This repository is managed a team of developers with each member having more 5 years of web-application development. Our products are developed using PERL, ASP, JSP and Java. We can also customise design applications for your business.

1226)   RiSearch SQL
This is a search program written in perl to search indexes. This program is suitable to search files between 1000-10000. Uses Mysql for index storage.

1227) - Page Publisher
This content management system is meant for users (including those who do not know HTML) and allows them to update information on their websites. Some of its salient features are easy to install and set up, password protected login screen, advanced setup options and many more.

1228)   Referer Access Control
Referer Access Control helps you to find out all links on a specific page and redirect the links to another location if a link contain error / bad contents. Perl supported websites can utilize this program.

1229)   PathFinder
PathFinder is a program written on perl which provides the path information for the available sites and directories. This program saves the time of the users during installations.

1230)   HPFind
This is a perl based search engine program where users can search websites for their keywords. This program offers extensive customizing options to the users.

1231)   MultiHTML
MultiHTML program can be used for an unlimited number of HTML files and it allows you to put an SSI call where you want the HTML file to be displayed. Every time a new page is added or links edited, we edit one file instead of every page on our site, thereby reducing time for edits.

1232)   Alert Manager
Alert Manager is a program that monitors the status of the users commands output. This program pass messages from the command line to the alert commands.

1233)   Ace Web Mailer
Ace Web Mailer is a script based on perl which permits the users to send emails from any system that is connected with the web.

1234)   E-Z Auction Software
This auction software is completely customizable and is available with resell rights. Some of its salient features are sniper protection, email verification, closed auctions, classifieds, wanted ads and much more.

1235)   WebFinance
This is a financial calculator for your site visitors. It helps to peer in your financial future. It has different types of mortgage, retirement and general calculators.

1236)   Imagell
Imagell is a high featured image gallery display system with keyword searching, categories and creating thumbnails. It has a combination of Javascript and HTML output.

1237)   Kumera
Kumera is a Content Management System. This system allows multiple users who can edit, create, modify or delete pages, but each one of them is prescribed a certain role.Roles are that of writer, sub-editor, full editor.

1238)   ES Shopping Cart
Our full featured shopping cart systems allow you to put your business online. With full customization you can keep your cart up-to-date. The user friendly Admin Center allows you to add, delete, and modify products and categories. With the built in members area your customers can track orders, modify orders, view order history, and create their own wish list.

1239)   World Wide Banner Rotator
This is a very simple and easy to use banner rotation script .It is very easy to install and takes very little time and effort to install. It also allows you to add and delete banners. It requires SSI.

1240)   Dave's Mailing List Manager
Dave's Mailing List Manager is built for perl based websites to implement a subscribing module for their customers, visitors. Admin supports full control over mailing list addition, deletion and customization.

1241)   Smart Router
This script is helpful for website owners to detect specific URL where they are coming from and then according to the information it will transfer them to the specific page. This is a perl based program.

1242)   NewsAdmin
NewsAdmin is a way with perl features to design your news pages in your own format with templates. Secured administration prevents the users to post anything on your news pages. Password utility is optional.

1243)   HiJobs
HiJobs is an online content management utility. This script enables a firm to maintain an up to date jobs vacancies list on their website. HiJobs supports auto archiving of older jobs, a search engine, and includes fields like job reference, hours per week, closing date, contact details etc.

1244)   aq.cgi
This is a simple tool for getting to a database over the web. This script will help you Upload files of SQL for populating a database. By simply entering in SQL you can have the statement run. You can even see the results of selected statements and any error messages that come about.

1245)   Master Syndicator
Master Syndicator makes online syndication very fast and simple. It is specially beneficial for professionals like consultants, trainers, writers, authors agents etc who must update their clients knowledge of content constantly. It allows you to reach your content to multiple websites and manage syndicated content via browser based control panel.

1246)   Recommend
This is a perl script to recommend your website to their friends or families. This is an useful tool to increase the number of hits to your website.

1247)   Checklinks
Checklinks is a Perl based HTML link checker script and supports SSI(SHTML) files. With this script one can check the validity of links on a website quickly and accurately.

1248)   Swish CGI Interface
Swish CGI Interface is a program that acts as a gatway for SWISH searcher from the web. You need SWISH and perl install in your system for this program to work.

1249)   Qadmin-TMDA
Qadmin-TMDA is an online tool for administration and configuration for TMDA Anti-Spam solution.

1250)   Script to retrieve bounced email and delete from MySQL DB
This script reads a pre-defined bounced mail file and gathers email addresses that have bounced back to the mail server.

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