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Top 1301-1350 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   Perl 101 (Part 3) - Looping The Loop
This is the part 3 of the Perl 101 series. It teaches you more about Perl's control structures and array variables. These include the FOR and WHILE loops.

1302)   FLATTEXT Class A
This script allows you to update your existing database or spreadsheet by exporting it from your desktop to the server. You can publish your existing database online. Nobody will have access to add, edit, or delete records through a web browser.

1303)   DB LiNKeR
This database management system has especially been designed to meet the requirements of a web master. Fast retrieval is assured through usage of a flat file database system.

1304)   CdomainPlus
This is a simple domain checking script which is written using Perl program. It is capable of supporting DomainSense from Oingo and contains a powerful search feature.

1305)   Active Relay Chat
ARC is CGI script for organizing your own WWW-IRC gateway on your site. Visitors can connect to IRC servers and chat with IRC-people on channels, defined by administrator.

1306)   comment.cgi
This is a Perl based web album which is created for the purpose of use in parties or in any other functions. The script allows the user to post comments for a picture in the album.

1307)   MojoTAF
This is a perl written site recommendation software to suggest your site to the others through your site visitors. An online demo for the users and the admin is shown on the website.

1308)   E-Vars
This script will help you to find your path to sendmail, or any available modules, operating system or environmental variables used and returned by your server. Simply upload, chmod then view all of the above information. Script will search for all sendmail locations.

1309)   PopUnderX
Popunder is to construct a script to create an own exit page exchange system on your perl websites that offers a high traffic to your site. Ads can be given with exit page window.

1310)   Photoaddict
This is a simple script written using Perl for the purpose of generating thumbnails for your images and also to display images from your digital camera.

1311)   CommunityWeaver
The Community Weaver program is designed to give communities to your website users. The program has tools such as guestbooks, discussion forums, polls besides other features.

1312)   Ababa Error Logger
Ababa Error Logger will assist you to track all error status with an error file which lets you correct your perl script using collected error information.

1313)   Local file search
This is a simple perl based website searching program. Users can search a website with keywords and search results are listed based on matchings to these keywords.

1314)   Prosupporter
Prosupporter is a feature loaded webbased helpdesk script to manage emails and support requests. One or more staff members use one POP3-Account to send and receive requests.

1315)   Start Page
Start Page helps you to make a handy start page of your favorite links and messages that you have sent yourself and the other lists of things to do etc. This page is made on the web and can be accessed from any computer, anywhere.

1316)   Robot Control Pro 4.0
Win The War Against SPAM, THIEVES, Security Risks and Brute Force Attacks. This program is definably a must for all webmasters.

1317)   Sub Domain Module
This script is useful for the users to change long url into short url to remember easily. It does not store static pages on the server and this script will save the server space.

1318)   UserInfo
UserInfo is a perl script, which keeps a track of the visitors coming to your web pages. This will give information on IP address, browser types and has other features.

1319)   ApaLogFilter
ApaLogFilter is a script, which filters and manipulates web server logfiles. This reduces the number of lines in the logfile to lines relevant for the statistics.

1320)   Sendmail Emulator
This powerful email system will help you to send emails to any desired mail address from your web server even if your web server doesn't have a send mail option.

1321)   ClickPayPro
ClickPayPro runs with perl driven websites using which webmasters can advertise through banner ads and text based ads. All payment transactions can be handled effectively via Paypal POD module. Comes with several features to enable an effective affiliate program.

1322)   CryptoPDF
CryptoPDF is a Perl module that can output encrypted PDF.

1323)   WebStore 400CS
WebStore 400CS is an online e-commerce software that provides complete and optimum solution for all online shopping cart owners to setup e-stores with user defined global setup files.

1324)   Basic Calendar
Basic Calendar is a simple calendar script that displays a monthly calendar on your Web page. You can use this script with or without SSI.

1325)   Rank It
This is a simple ranking system developed with perl that allows you to rank the websites. You can rate the number of sites as you wish.

1326)   ErrorFriendly
Website error redirection for the ultimate visitor experience! Prevent the annoying 'HTTP 404 Error: File Not Found' message with ErrorFriendly! Fully customizable error pages (containing a funky animated graphic to brighten up your visitors day!) and e-mailed error reports for website maintenance.

1327)   Stouk Phonebook
This is an online phonebook program written in perl. This program alows users to add, search, delete or edit phonebook entries. Security features allow only authorized users to perform changes.

1328)   Advance Print
This is a perl based web page printing program that allows users to allow their site visitors to print web pages without navigational links or images the visitor do not need.

1329)   IPN file Delivery
IPN file Delivery is a script based on perl which allows the users to watch their email client for the orders. This script creates a different email messages for selling.

1330)   SiteMgr YAP
SiteMgr YAP is a script based on perl where users can manage their homepages through a web based browser. This script permits the users for editing the files and directories in a server.

1331)   Campaign Analyzer
This script logs the actions of every visitor. The actions may be the sign up, the sale he conducts or any other activity on the site. Then these actions are reported so that you as an analyzer would be able to say where the hit or the click came from.

1332)   Web Mail
Web Mail script is used for generating an email form with multiple fields and this script turns the output of a form into email.

1333)   Cyberstash- automatic membership & admin system for cybercash password sites
This program is used for providing automatic security and billing system for pay sites. Cyberstash sells password to the membership sites by interfacing with cybercash server.

1334)   MIDI Index
This is an effective perl based program that helps users to create HTML web page where they can display all MIDI files in a specific directory and generate a link to each MIDI file.

1335)   Webget
Webget is desinged on perl classes that helps you to download the files from particular URLs at night. CGI module maintains the database for URL list and perl tools to download the files.

1336)   PERL doGoogleSearch Script
This script can be used for featuring the website with search engine with the support of WEB API method. This program is simple and easy to setup.

1337)   A Short Guide to DBI
This is a guide to the Perl Database Interface Module. It covers general information about relational databases, provides example on usage of DBI, cached queries, transactions and much more.

1338)   Anaconda Foundation Search
This is a perl based search engine program that helps users to search the web using 8 popular search engines like yahoo, open directory, Altavista etc.

1339)   eRS
eRS is an abbrevation of eRecommand Site, it is used to suggest your website to the others with the help of your site visitors.

1340)   DynAds
This script has very interactive display options and is meant for managing, tracking and rotating online advertisements. It allows unlimited categories and supports banner, text, rich media, html, script or dhtml ads.

1341)   Simple Affiliate
This is a simple program that will get you started with your own affiliate program. Some of its features are setting up new affiliates automatically, assigning an ID# to each new affiliate and many more. Benefits include increased sales and traffic.

1342)   LEB CMS
This is a website and content management program that can add, edit and delete web contents from a browser based interface. This program best suites individuals and small businesses.

1343)   A1 Professional MLM Affiliate Scripts
A1 Professional MLM Affiliate Scripts is a group of affiliate related scripts.

1344)   Online Test Engine
Online Test engine delivers objective type questions online effectively.

1345)   Dada Mail
This is an web based email Management System. It is easy customizable and setup can be done easily. This will run on any hosting accounts. You can send email either in HTML or in plain text format.

1346)   FreePFM
This is an online finance manager written using perl with MySQL as the backend. This script is used to manage your day today finances.

1347)   Perl Course
If you wanted to learn Perl to be able to write your own scripts and make your web applications or if you just want to be able to modify and customize existing scripts then this Perl programming course may be able to help you to a great extent.

1348)   Click Manager
Count the number of clicks your links are getting. Provides graphs, link monitoring, and outputs for a single link as well as the sum of all links. Quick and easy installation procedure which require little editing.

1349)   WebUMake Mail
WebUMake Mail is a script based on perl where you can offer the email addresses to your clients, members and users. It provides spam filters for the users.

1350)   HiAlbum
HiAlbum is an online image gallery system which is capable of managing the photos or images effectively on your online gallery. It contains two editor types which are visual mode for WYSIWYG editing and List mode and contains numerous features.

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