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Top 1401-1450 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401) CGI Scripts offers a large collection of software solutions. The available scripts range from affiliate program to search engine software.

1402)   Schlabo's Scripts - Picture of the Day (POTD)
Powerful POTD-script with a comfortable, calendar-like admin-interface. Also supports descriptions, password-protection, templates and IP-Logging.

1403)   MedLink
MedLink is a perl based program which deals with general medical sites. This program includes cardiovascular risk assessment module for the users.

1404)   MisterHouse
MisterHouse is a perl program which can control and display functions like time, events, web, sockets, and voice based home control functions. It takes actions on voice inputs, at particular time of day, file data, etc. It has a web interface to allow control and feedback from any browser.

1405)   POD (Picture of the day)
This is a random image script written using Perl proram which helps you to display a random image on your website and changes them every day automatically.

1406)   SMC sitesearch database
This is a perl based program that offers users to create search solution for their flat file database on their websites. This program provides fast searching solutions.

1407)   Aardvark Publisher
Aardvark Publisher, a perl based tool which helps the webmasters to handle their article publishing and content management in an easier means. Mainly, it supports users to post articles, information and has editors with several levels to manage the article submissions.

1408)   Environment
This utility allows you to view the environment variables present when a CGI is called on your server.

1409)   searchem
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to search the web through popular search engines like yahoo, lycos, google, altavista, goto and excite.

1410)   get_web_test
This script will get the source from the other web pages and sends them as a HTML file to your site and stored into a file.

1411)   Aaron's All Engine Expired Domain Finder
This is a perl utility to find the expired domains listed in search engines. It shows domain ranking in eleven top search engines.

1412)   Tell A Friend Script
This is a perl viral marketing tool which allows your site visitor to send an email message about your site to others. It is easy to customize and to understand.

1413)   Local Analysis
Local Analysis is a reporting package for use with Download Tracker, Local Search, Meta Spy, and HTML2PERL. The following information is analyzed from the above listed log files: Date, Time, IP Address, Item, (Times Found, where applicable)

1414)   Animated Counter (SSI)
Two versions of this script are available: the PHP version and the SSI version. This is an animated counter and each time a page is reloaded the counter increases the digits "live".

1415)   ffileman
ffileman is a file and directory manager that performs the selection of multiple files and directories from a web based interface. The users can download the files.

1416)   @1 Know Your Events
@1 Know Your Events is powered with perl software that plays an important role on events handling module. Supports event posting to an incredible number and can do faster searching with events. Images are allowed with posts.

1417)   SmartFAQ
This is a knowledgebase script which enables you to create and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website. The latest version includes additional features like displaying related questions or categories when viewing an answer and much more.

1418)   SearchQuotes
This is a perl based search program that helps users to search for quotes online. The search window provides options to users to search quotes by title, quote and by exact word.

1419)   Ascad Text Counter
This is a popular and widely used CGI text counter. It will help you track pages on your website. Will allow you to have a customizable look for your counter. It is available for free.

1420)   Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software
This Script Archive features a growing number of free Perl scripts and a small number of Java applets. It currently offers guest book, classifieds, searching, redirection scripts, counter, Java clock and more.

1421)   akcanSoft Anket Cgi Script
akcanSoft Anket Cgi Script works with perl driven websites to build a ballot system on it. Poll tools can be created in many ways. Result can be got along with bars, percentage and total number of votes.

1422)   9Volt
Simple, threaded bulletin board. IP/URL banning, search engine, more info on the site.

1423)   Open Source Development with Perl, Python and DB2
To help you gain a better understanding of Perl, PHP, and Python and their popularity with Open Source developers, this article tells you about the important features and functions of Perl and Python. As these languages are used in many software projects today, due to their flexibility, simplicity, portability and extensibility

1424)   Customer Tracking System
This is a script which is designed to handle the online requests submitted by the customers and sends email notification alerts and displays colorful status indicators.

1425)   WebUMake Mail
WebUMake Mail allows you to provide web-based email to your users with a browser interface. You can provide unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a 1 email accnt

1426)   Flexible Posting Script
This is a posting script written in perl. Using this script user can post anything on their websites. Useful script for the webmasters and the web developers. It has many special features.

1427)   Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program
This is a set of Perl scripts that can be used to create HTML photobooks from the images of your digital camera. It allows you to change the size of the thumbnail images by adjusting the height and the width.

1428)   Big Medium web content management system
Browser-based content management system offers WYSIWYG text editing to allow non-technical staff to publish web content without touching HTML. Easy to use, the website editor is also powerful enough to manage large, fast-changing websites and can manage hundreds of sites on a single server. Free demo.

1429)   Image Compressor
This is a script with which you will be able to compress an image into the minimum possible file size in real time.

1430)   Consolidator
Consolidator is a full featured perl based mailing list manager that has numerous flexible functions to handle the mailing functions. File attachment, auto responder, subscription module are few of the in-built features.

1431)   Hosting Configurator
Designed to build and price custom hosting plans on-the-fly. If your company offers hosting services - Hosting Configurator is designed for you . Allows the client to configure hosting options and then make order for default or custom hosting plan.

1432)   AlsPersonals
This software is to build an online dating service. It allows you to maintain a database of user profiles, members can update and manage their profile easily. It uses an onsite mailbox system so there is no need for members to connect via email.

1433)   IC-PostCards
This post card program is packed with features. This program creates thumbnails of all images automatically. No need to re-size images, all of these are re-sized automatically by the post card program. Simply upload all images into a specified directory and bam, your done.

1434)   MultiDB Express
This script can be used to create any number of MySQL databases. Its features include presentation to the user is fully customizable, has import and export function, is integrable with access and supports over a million records.

1435)   Auto Gallery
Auto Gallery is a simple image gallery script which is written using Perl that allows the webmasters to post thumbnail galleries on your website. It contains a password protected admin area for managing the gallery.

1436)   Editor Pro
Editor Pro assists the perl site webmasters to integrate their news pages with it's WYSIWYG system. Updating the created news and adding new news, tracking the stale news can be done easily via this tool.

1437)   PostCard Pro
PostCard Pro is a perl based internet card system which is available with unlimited images, background pictures, MIDI files for music attachment and has customizable templates.

1438)   Alain's Webcounter
This is a javascript based web counter and works as a text counter or a simple graphical counter. It is especially good for multi user sites. It can manage multiple counters by placing counter.cgi scripts in several directories. When working as a graphical counter, digit appearance can be configured

1439)   HTML to CGI Converter
HTML to CGI Converter allows you to convert an HTML file to either C or Perl code, which can then be included in a CGI script for further use.

1440)   Support System v2.1
Support System by Ascad Networks - Comprehensive Helpdesk Builder

1441)   IN and OUT PRO
IN and OUT PRO is an enhanced perl based tool that can organize all working people's status in an organization on two status with a single online board. Mailing facilty is avaiable in this version.

1442)   Ad Smart
Ad Smart encourages advertisers to outbid each other to display their advertisements on your website and in turn increases your advertising revenue. It gives you an incredible number of options to customize the look and performance of the script.

1443)   Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events is a simple monthly calendar script. This uses a customizable template and style sheet to create calendars for months between Jan 1970 and Dec 2049.

1444)   QuickQuiz
QuickQuiz is a Perl script, which can be used as a quiz or survey tool. As a survey tool you can run a multiple-choice questionnaire and collect all the data in a tab-delimited ASCII file. As a quiz tool you can return the score, show the average, percentile, the grade, display the answers.

1445)   Quick Reference
Quick Reference is a CGI/Perl based script which can be used to store the entries in a MySQL database and to organize them by keywords or grouping them by category.

1446)'s ezCounter
ezCounter is a counter program that will help you count all visits to your site. This script can help you count unlimited number of pages together or individually. This script requires SSI to operate but also has a feature that if your site does not support SSI , then it will be able to access it with javascript.

1447)   Sven Neuhaus's Notify
Sven Neuhaus's Notify has been written with perl and CGI classes that lets the webmasters to inform their subscriber about the changes with pages whenever they occurs.

1448)   Cookie Login System
This is a password protection system developed with perl that allows webmasters to protect cookies on the server. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

1449)   Michael Arndt's WebCal
This calendar program uses perl based cgi script to view all pages and allow you to keep track of your appointments, meetings, birthdays etc. It offers multiple calendars, file locking, flexible scheduling, multiple language support, multiple views and much more.

1450)   Finance-QuoteHist
Finance-QuoteHist is used as a web fetching component on perl supported websites and using which collecting and publishing the stock quotes on your content page can be done in an easier way.

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