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Top 101-150 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   e-Classifieds Premium Edition sponsored
This is a premium classified ads system that provides a real-time credit card processing feature. It has a powerful multimedia upload options, a unique context-sensitive help system, ability to create and customize multiple databases through an online interface, template system and many more.

102)   vaxbb-text based Web bulletin board
vaxbb-text based Web bulletin board is an efficient bulletin board system in PERL that allow users to discuss on various issues and topics with other members.

103)   SubmIT
SubmIT is a CGI script. It allows your visitors to submit their sites to most known search engines and FFA Links. SubmIT requires Perl 5.004 or above installed on your server, MySQL database, DBI, DBD::Mysql and LWP perl modules.

104)   URL Jumper
URL Jumper is a very useful script for people whose sites are updated very often, this script makes it easy to add a new link or URL with a selection box.

105)   WebChatter
WebChatter is a simple and fast web chat program that offers a Realtime web chat environment. Which means there is no browser refreshing and all the messages appear immediately. This is available in a plain Perl version and a compiled version also.

106)   htEdit
This is a perl based file management system that can create and maintain .htaccess and .htpasswd files. This program also creates database to maintain files.

107)   Newboard
Newboard is an online full featured discussion board in PERL that allow users to post topics for discussing with other members and website visitors.

108)   EGuest
EGuest is a perl script based guestbook program that allows the users to leave their comments on their website. This script is free and comes with the complete source code.

109)   CSV Edit
This is a utility for administrator to manage database. By using this database tool user can customize the data like, edit, delete or search the data from the database and also it allows you to customize the look of your database table using template.

110)   Friend Seeker
Friend Seeker is a people directory organizer. Your visitors get the option of searching personals, see members’ photos, chat and email them.

111)   wwwboard-to-mysql
This script reads all the messages from wwwboard and update them into the MySQL table. Users are allowed to convert all the posts in the messages into Nuke.

112)   Ruboard
Ruboard is a simple and effective discussion board written in PERL that supports multiple boards for a single program and allowing users to post topics for discussions.

113)   psGuest
psGuest is a guestbook script based on perlwhere the users can manage unlimited number of guestbooks by being in a single location. It specifies any fields required by the users.

114)   Paypal-IPNX
Paypal-IPNX is a perl based IPN interface software with which webmasters would be able to easily extract all sales and transaction details from the server.

115)   JoMiMo Home Page and Guestbook Generator
JoMiMo Home Page and Guestbook Generator is a web hosting tool, which offers your visitors the option of creating their own homepages with guestbook. This comes with a selection of templates so users are not stuck with one choice of page layout.

116)   EventCalendar
Eventcalendar is a PERL based script which can be used by the web masters to create a web based calendar on their website. It has many options for displaying events to let the users to know about the scheduled events.

117)   ActualTime
This time converter can be used to display time in the required format. It converts the time of the server to your requirement so that the desired time zone is displayed on your web page. It caters to setting of 12 hours ahead or 11 hours behind server time.

118)   G.Date
This script allows you to add date to your web pages.

119)   WebChat
WebChat is a real-time chat application that allows people on the WWW to talk to one another simultaneously. Users have the option to chat with or without Frames, choose how many messages to display, set automatic refresh rate and more.

120)   Pennywize Password Protection Online
This is a website security program that is capable of preventing brutal attacks and password traders which consumes your server bandwidth, slowing down server speed and costing extra bandwidth fees.

121)   Time
This script will display the current date and time on your site. The display options can be customized according to requirement, because various format, color and size options are available. SSI is required.

122)   Multi-Page Layout for Matt's WWWBoard
Multi-Page Layout for Matt's WWWBoard is an efficient addon script for WWWBoard that provides complete and optimum solution to make easy file archives.

123)   bp135's Guestbook
bp135's Guestbook is a program which permits the users to add comments and messages of a site through a web browser. This script provide details about the number of entries made by the users in the guestbook.

124)   Web Guest
Web Guest is a database allowing visitors to your website to leave their details and comment if they wish to. Web Guest uses a HTML template to write the database information to, which means you can have total control over your guestbooks aesthetics, the only limitation is your HTML skills and imagination.

125) is a guestbook program written on perl that allows the users to make more number of entries in the guestbook which can be viewed by any users.

126)   GuestBook Star
GuestBook Star is a perl based guestbook script where the users can create their own guestbook using original fields. Unlimited number of guestbooks can be created by the users in this script.

127)   GuestFriend
Guestfriend is a simple yet powerful, free guest book. All texts and layouts are 100% customizable. You have complete control over the look and feel.

128)   Date Time
This script is useful for displaying accurate time on your system. You can customize the time and date according to your time zone. It is very simple to install in your system.

129)   Verti-Cal Event Calendar
verti-Cal Event Calendar creates web based calendars that vertically display events for a day or a month. This offers features such as email reminders, single posting of recurring events, search function and more.

130)   Date & Time
Date & Time is a Perl Tutorial for learning how to work with time and date.

131)   Clock - time zones online clock cgi script
Show different time zones right on your site

132)   wwwboard-to-mysql
wwwboard-to-mysql is a customizable discussion utility function script that allow users to add MYSQL database to their existing "WWWBoard" discussion board.

133)   GetDate
GetDate offers you six formats to display date on your website. This program is used as a Server Side Include (SSI). After edits you can choose the format in which you would like to display the date on your website. The latest version v2.00 has been released under GNU License.

134)   Web Site Replicator
This is a powerful online perl application with which you can replicate webpages to promote and enhance your online membership programs with MySQL support.

135)   Image SQL Gallery
A very powerful Image Gallery management script. Uses PostGres, MSSQL and MySQL. Powerful plugin system, template system, auto-thumbnailing, language options, works with mod_perl... and more!

136)   Mega FFA Submitter
Mega FFA Submitter is one of the best ways to attract immediate traffic to your website. It allows you to setup your own "real-time" free submission service, to send submission reports and thousands of spam-free e-mails per month, advertising your opportunities.

137)   IC-GuestBook
This guest book is simple to install, only one file. Upload the file, give it permissions to run and give its folder permissions to write, thats it. Cool admin feature that allows the admin to edit anything once he/she is logged in. Users are also allowed to modify what they have written. The admin password uses timed session id's and encrypted passwords with session id's.

138)   Top Referers
This script spans top referers pages (if need - customizable) and can show referrer link in compact format (without paths).

139)   OSoft Thout Reader
ThoutReader™ is an open source documentation platform that allows users to browse, search, bookmark, and append your Perl documentation as well as your favorite reference books at the same time – offline.

140)   Ababa Comment
This is a perl based content management program that helps users to allow their site visitors to leave comments on the website. No programming knowledge is required.

141)   A Computer Portal. Freeware, Shareware. Download software. Computer languages and Programming code.
A Computer Portal. Freeware, Shareware. Download software. Computer languages and Programming code. Webmaster Tools. Internet Marketing, Website promotion. Hardware Help from BIOS to Windows and UNIX.

142)   Top Rep
This is a perl based script that helps users to create a topsite list replicator. This program is template based and users can customize the design and look, and has a Mysql backend.

143)   BS Guestbook
BS Guestbook is a program written on perl which permits the users to add several comments and messages on the guestbook about a particular site. Easy to install and handle for the users.

144)   CalendarScript
This is a fully customizable event publishing solution. It provides you with a ready solution for a calendar of events to meet the needs of your company, intranet, club, organization, family or personal web site.

145)   BURP- the Basic User-Registration Package
This is a password protection system developed with perl that allows webmasters to protect membership area. This is also a user registration system that allows users to signup for accounts on the website.

146)   CuteCast
CuteCast is a web-based discussion forum application written in Perl. It supports both unix and NT platforms. Visual cutecast is a feature where plugins can be added like, a shopping cart, game or chat etc.

147)   Noughts and Crosses, Tic Tac Toe game
Noughts and Crosses is a perl scripted gaming programme that makes you fun. This is a game for all age group people and provides space on the top of the pages in the game for banner advertisements.

148)   VizBook
VizBook is a guestbook program written on perl which provides many options for the users to change the appearance of the guestbook. The webmaster has the ability to rename all input field labels.

149)   mail2mysql
mail2mysql is a perl script that is used for reading mailbox files. This program displays the database entries on a webpage using PHP as html files.

150)   Universal database shell (database explorer) WebToSQL
This script offers a tool for development of Web database driven applications and offers universal access to databases. It can create dictionary based systems or even generate source codes in multiple languages. It offers developed options for export-import and report generation.

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