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Top 1501-1550 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   SFEBlackJack
This is an online card game written in perl script that can be easily setup on your website. This funny game starts with 100 credits and you can play the game upto the exhaust of the credit.

1502)   Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version
Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version is a simple e-commerce software designed to assist users to launch full featured web stores with an easy interface on their website.

1503)   MUSE
It is a webbased playlist for icecast. This script utilizes a perl and PHP3 web page. Customization has been allowed. It has easily perceivable commands and it is comprised with friendly features.

1504)   Netads
This script allows setting up of an advertisement program. In addition to keeping track of the number of times a banner is displayed, it also allows you to add, view, edit, delete, reset each banner's data easily and edit configuration file. This is an easy to install and use script.

1505)   Easysponder
Easysponder is a script based on perl where the users can follow up with their customers to offer upgrades and new products for maintaining their business. This program sends more messages in a specified interval.

1506)   CosmicBannerRotator
Free banner rotation software to script for rotating advertisments for web pages.

1507)   Wcal
This is a web based calendar designed for companies that publish schedules and time tables for their employees and members on the web. Its supports several users with their own or shared calendars, read only views and much more.

1508)   URLSubmit
URLSubmit is a simple little script that needs very little editing to install on your server. The only restrictions are facility to run CGI scripts on your server, ability to use SSI calls and a frames-enabled browser.

1509)   Alpha E-Mailer with AutoResponder
Alph E-mailer is used for receiving message via email from the site visitors. It helps webmasters to get some feedback from their visitors. It checks for error in email address. Autoresponder is included in this script.

1510)   Justify
it justifies your plain text into little columns in your web pages, in place of the uneven lines that we generally have on the web pages. It is a perl script. The program works on fonts like courier which have same width for all characters.

1511)   MojoAuto Manager
Automobile content management software which enables you manage your own or your automobile dealer's listings online.

1512)   DMOZ negotiator
DMOZ negotiator is a PERL based script that helps the user to serve the whole's contents on their sites.

1513)   PC WebDNS
PC WebDNS is a server program written on perl where each users can have multiple domains. The domains are hosted as a primary and secondary and also as both.

1514)   Perl Code Compressor
You can use this perl software to compress, save and rename the source code files of your perl applications through a mouse click interface.

1515)   Perl as a command-line utility
It is accepted that Perl can easily accomplish tasks that require pages of code in most other languages. This article teaches the formation of command line through some useful examples.

1516)   Look Who's Linking
Look Who's Linking is an useful Perl based utility which helps you to track the number of visitors to your web site. You can also know about your website traffic with the help of this utility.

1517)   Pitbull PRO
Pitbull PRO is a secured system developed with perl where webmasters can protect any area on the website. It is also a user managing system that helps webmasters to manage users from the admin backend area.

1518)   Get Your Hits Here
This program is used for advertising. People join and for every two sites they visit, one person will visit their site. You can also run banner ads or use the space to run text such as jokes, etc. This software also has an affiliate program.

1519)   GT Counter
GT Counter is a perl based counter. This script counts how many visitors are online at present and who ever visited earlier. IP address of the site visitors are also tracked by this counter.

1520)   Perl Authnet AIM
Perl Authnet AIM is an efficient online credit card processing software designed to helps users to process all their online transactions through payment gateway system.

1521)   Webbooking3.0 - Resource Tracking
A Low cost database driven resource tracking system. Keep Track of resource and timelines.

1522)   Speed Search
This is a perl based search engine program. This program helps visitors to search web pages throughout your site and also helps to speed up searches.

1523)   visitors
After reading your HTTP access logs, the visitors script displays graphs showing the number of visitors to your site. You can move in closer to see details of visitors by year, month, day and hour.

1524)   Printing all CGI environment variables
This article provides a short CGI program. This program is capable of printing every environment variable that it knows.

1525)   Perl Cookie Maniplution
This script demonstrates handling input to CGI scripts in a consistent way. All the Form, URL, and Cookie input is processed and placed into an array.

1526)   Membership Client Pro
This is a member management system written in perl that allows webmasters to manage members. The site visitors can sell their products on the website.

1527)   Web Site Replicator
This program allows you to build online membership based business with duplicated website pages containing multiple matrices and customizable triggers.

1528)   Andrew's CGI Scripts
This site offers a number of easy to install CGI and Perl scripts. It also offers CGI services which include creation of custom CGI scripts and script installation.

1529)   Page Updater Pro
Page Updater Pro has the ability to update pages on all of your websites, from one page itself. You do not have to do editing of hundreds of files, but can update all your pages simultaneously from one location. It also offers two separate administrator logins for administrator and sub-administrator.

1530)   UBB Developers Network
This independent site is run by volunteer coders and is a great resource for Perl, CGI, html, java script scripts. This is a collection of web developers who share their knowledge on this platform.

1531)   HandyKit
HandyKIT offers powerful templates engine, that allows creation of server parsed html pages. HandyKIT includes built-in polling and mailing list systems that are fully customizable both in appearance and operation. This also offers an advanced banner exchange module.

1532)   Send Them!
Send Them! can be of much help for those who need a redirection utility on their website.

1533)   Ox-Support
This is a feature rich help desk system with a browser based administration control, built in FAQ system, easy ticket and user management system and much more.

1534)   Auction Software
This is a powerful perl application with which you can build personal and business auction websites with paypal payment integration and accounts administration.

1535)   b3 Feedback
b3 Feedback assists the perl site webmasters to upgrade their rating system simply via this module. Rating text and images can be done and result can be displayed in various styles.

1536)   Common Server Errors and Messages
This site is helpful for the beginners in perl program to know what are the common errors found and what are the reason for those problems.

1537)   CS Counter
This is a perl based online counter which is used for displaying a website with daily reports and number of hits made by the visitors on each page and it has password protection facility.

1538)   Aborior's Random Content Manager
This is a quote displaying program that allows users to add variety of contents like quotes, banner codes, images and any other things on the website and displays them in a random manner.

1539)   iPaid Email CGI Script
Complete Paid 4 Email Website CGI Script iPaidEmail is a complete collection of CGI scripts that will allow you to run a highly profitable Paid-4-Email site with complete control of it at the touch of a button. The iPaidEmail script comes with a complete and very useful members section, advertisers

1540)   Dabbling in Live Databases: MySQL
This article covers all aspect of setting up MySQL. It teaches its management complexities and also shows how to create a MySQL database and then how to populate a table with data.

1541)   load
load is a server program written on perl that scans the system load. This program provide info about occuring of problems using real time server load.

1542)   Quick File Mailer
QuickFileMailer is a programme to send files to anyone right from your webpage.You can send files from your server from any webpage.

1543)   MimeSlapper
This is a workaround for mime-type file headers wrt mp3 files, for servers which have no mime-type headers set for mp3 files and for webmasters who may need additional mime-type headers sent with select mp3 files.

1544)   RateMeSQL
This is a photo rating program and is a perl based script that allows users to rate photos on the websites. This program is fully template based and has autothumbnailing feature.

1545)   Infinity Systems
This site offers very high quality Perl scripts that will help you to manage your website.

1546)   Interactivetool's Search Engine
This is a perl based search program that allows visitors to search your website. This program offers extensive customizing abilities to admins to decide on searchable files for the users.

1547)   Auto Page Reload
This script reloads every fifteen seconds and works with netscape, internet explorer and mosaic. An online demo is available on the website.

1548)   Download Form
Download Form is a script based on perl which makes the users to enter their email address and email before downloading the files.

1549)   Amar - aLL mY amazon randomizer
Amar - aLL mY amazon randomizer is a online affiliate script written in PERL with which you can get subscribed as an affiliate to promote the sales of amazon books.

1550) lets you create your email subscribing account with just one click. It is more beneficial for all perl supported websites. Supports customization with HTML templates to produce output forms in a way you like.

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