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Top 1601-1650 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1601)   Power Affiliate Software
Power Affiliate Program is a full-feature tracking program which can be integrated into any shopping cart.

1602)   Site banner exchange system
Site banner exchange system is a simple but powerful banner exchange system which is designed for the purpose of small websites to manage their banners effectively with a web based interface.

1603)   MojoProtector MySQL
This is a password protection system developed with perl that allows you to protect thousands of membership areas at the same time. This program uses Mysql database as backend. This is also a account management system.

1604)   World Wide Filter
World Wide Filter helps the webmasters to block the spam emails. Perl based websites can utilize this security tool. MySQL requirement is optional.

1605)   Extreme PPC, Directory, and Web Search Engine
This is a Pay Per Click Search engine that allows users to bid on keywords to get listed on search results. It also visitors to submit free listings and has extensive admin capabilities.

1606)   VisitorBook Pro
VisitorBook Pro is a script created with perl where the visitors can create the guestbook that matches your sites design with templates. URL checking facility is available for the users in this script.

1607)   Vigenere Cryptanalysis
This is a simple perl script that decrypts the vigenere algorithm. This programme manually or automatically selects keywords with the ciphertext, and decrypts the text.

1608)   MojoPersonals Manager
Personals content management software which enables you manage your own or your dating agency's listings online.

1609)   remote logger
remote logger is a server program written on perl which provides log messages to a remote host. This program is easy to configure and customize for the users.

1610)   K.I.S.S. Site Search Engine
This is a perl based search engine that gets input from CGI form and perform search to find search terms. It uses to create valid list of files.

1611)   SSI Text Counter
This is a simple counter script that helps you to display a text counter on your web page, to keep track of the traffic on your site. It can be used if you have SSI installed on the server.

1612)   SPINE
SPINE is a script that offers Modules, which provide the Object Orientated structure and allows you to create websites online.

1613)   Ringlink
A Perl program that provides the tools you need to run one or more rings of web sites, i.e. systems of links between web sites of a similar topic, content, or interest.

1614)   CGI-Subscribe
CGI-Subscribe is generated using perl modules that can be used as an online communicative tool on web based systems. Users can login via secured admin interface to become a subscrber on your mail list.

1615)   Show & Sell
Show & Sell is a simple, easy to install Free CGI Perl 5 script which allows you to set up and log the display of clickable advertisements on your web site. This is easily configurable with easy user interface form.

1616)   LogInfo - Apache Log Analysis using perl
Log analysis for apache combined log files. Extracts the information webmasters need to improve their site. Has special handling for cgi scripts that use session data.

1617)   Elite Web Page Builder
Elite Web Page Builder allows you to make your community in which you can give pages to your visitors.

1618)   OSUtil
OSUtil is a module that is designed to help Perl programs to run on multiple platforms.

1619)   mp3riot
mp3riot is a PERL utility to build MP3 playlists. This script can support m3u, pls, and xml file formats.

1620)   WebSite Replicator Pro
WebSite Replicator Pro is a simple affiliate program designed to provide duplicated website pages for all the affiliates to upgrade marketing campaigns for all your products.

1621)   Daboo Backup
Daboo Backup script is based on perl which allows the users to split the tar files into bites for restoring files by setting the tar size.

1622)   OXMX - MLM software
A MLM/Direct Network Marketing software designed to make running MLM/Direct Network Marketing web site easier than you ever thought possible, feature include; Lead Generator, Web Site Replicator...

1623)   CsCalendar
This Web-based calendar program helps you to keep track of your company events, meetings, appointments, birthdays etc. The original calendar has added features such as recurring events, multiple day events and more.

1624)   Macurious Spider Search
Macurious Spider Search is a program that helps users to build a search engine for their website. This program also grabs links from internet and builds a searchable index.

1625)   webnotebook
This is a simple CGI / perl script that allows users to maintain any data on the web and multiple users can access them instead of every one having different notes.

1626)   Webbooking
Webbooking is a perl enabled software that manages all resources along with timings. Web based Admin interface supports authorized users to add / view bookings and projects.

1627)   Coding Domain
This site offers CGI Scripts, Perl samples and tutorials for Windows.

1628)   TurboReferer
TurboReferer is a simple affiliate software with which website owners can increase their product sales and expand their market through affiliates. Using this program you will be able to escalate your sales and web traffic.

1629)   Newsletter SCRIPT
Newsletter SCRIPT are Newsletter Solution and Ezine Machine for your Online Business. Unlimited mailinglist with unlimited autoresponder and followup with unlimited domain. Schedule with cronjob and powered MySQL backend. Easy to install and compatible with many webhoster.

1630)   Time Redir2
Time Redir2 is an useful program for webmasters to view the time of their sites last visited and they can set upto two timeframes with different redirections.

This search engine and database can be used only with ClickBank. This script allows you to earn commissions from every link in the ClickBank Marketplace.

1632)   Private Eye Security Software
Private Eye Security Software is an adaptable perl script for securing passwords from hackers programs. Admin area supports authorized users entry.

1633)   My Affiliate Program
My Affiliate Program is a simple online affiliate tracking script in perl. This script allow you to store all affiliates information like password, ID, website address etc.

1634)   Password Robot
This is a perl based password protection system that helps users to password protect directories on the website. This is a completely automated program. This program uses Mysql database to store all member datas.

1635)   YahTool Pro
This is a Perl script that can be used to find the available domain names still listed in Yahoo for instant registration. It has the capability of searching of thousands of domain names in very less time.

1636)   Macurious Auto-responder Pro
This email form script has autoresponder facility that allows webmasters to receive email from their site visitors and it will send custom reply message to the senders. It validates email and it is fully customizable.

1637)   PostCard Pro LE
PostCard Pro LE is a perl implemented online postcard system that lets a visitor on a website to send their desired cards to the persons of their choice. Receipt can be sent to email sender after the receiver has viewed the card.

1638)   FreelanceSpot
This site connects freelance professionals to project managers. It provides both freelancers and project managers the opportunity to expand their business and reduce their costs. Anyone can post a project for bidding or bid on current open projects on the site.

1639)   Improbable Postcards
Improbable Postcards is to implement a fully template driven postcard system on perl supported websites. It gives easier and faster means of functions on sending greeting cards.

1640)   PayBuddy
PayBuddy is an online payment software that allow users to manage all types of online payment services from their website either in manual or automatic transaction modes.

1641)   RapidChat
Rapid chat is a PERL based script which can be used by the webmasters to have a chat system on their website. This script can be easily customized.

1642)   iwebland's directory of links
This is a simple perl based link directory script that automatically adds links to the selected directories by users. This programme also has a hit counter in it.

1643)   adv.Spell
This is a combination of Perl and JavaScript program with which you can drop all your forms of source code or any article to check the errors in spellings and to change them quickly.

1644)   Meta Search Engine
This is a web searching program that allows users to search the web through popular search engines for their respective categories. This program consists of 12 modules for users to search.

1645)   GuzZzt MassMail Pro
GuzZzt MassMail Pro is an advanced mailing list program that is fully driven with perl modules. Seperate templates are used to send mass number of mails with an unique look.

1646)   Easylist
A quick and simple solution to adding a mailing list to your web site. Also created to be very easy to install. Comes with and extensive admin panel, subscription form, a mailer to mail members, confirmation email, export/import email addresses, customizable HTML/Email templates for responses.

1647)   Conditional SSI
This is a small tutorial on SSI. This tutorial teaches you how to logically use SSI to execute different commands depending on some defined variables.

1648)   SoftNet Super Slots
This is an internet gaming programme that gives your visitors a full fledged slot machine game. There is no need for plug-ins or downloads. Fun to play.

1649)   LedNews
LedNews is a perl / CGI enabled news tool using which one can handle the news based tasks with commenting features easily. Lot of features including mailing module are available.

1650)   Advanced-Basic.Com: Random Text
A simple script to randomly display quotes, jokes, etc on your website.

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