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Top 1651-1700 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1651)   jbForm Creator
jbForm Creator is a form processor program based on perl. It allows you to create your own form and utilize it in your website. It is highly secured and customizable. It tracks how many times each form has been used.

1652)   Secure HTML form processor
This script is a simple perl based online form creator. This script helps webmasters to create a form on their website to keep in contact with their site visitors. This script is highly secured and it contains thank you page for confirmation.

1653)   Redirector (REDIR.PL)
This software is used for redirecting the users from one page to a new URL. Before redirection it indicates the user "they are about to be redirected" and also it automatically logs the redirect.

1654)   Power List
Providing an easier and effective way to communicate the visitors on a website and enabling webmasters to earn good revenue are the motivation of this perl driven module.

1655)   WebGUI
WebGUI allows businesses to build as well as maintain any type of web sites. It is so designed that the website content can be managed online by anybody rather than specifically the precious time of IT staff.

1656)   Count 01
This is a counter that can be used either as a graphic, text or Hidden counter. With the help of SSI placed on your server, you can count all your pages with this one script. It also offers the feature of checking statistics for all pages at the same time.

1657)   RemindMe!
Remindme is a PERLscript, which can be used by the users to receive auto reminders through email. It lets the users to have the options to edit, delete and view any pending reminders.

1658)   MÆS
This is a set of Perl scripts which interface with MySQL so as to allow streaming MP3's over the net. This is a comprehensive package that includes sql scripts, shell scripts, Perl cgi, and many more.

1659)   MemberManager
This is a membership management program that helps users to publish their members to their website. This program finds email addresses and automatically hyperlinks them.

1660)   indexsoft access manager
The powerfull manager of .htpasswd, .htgroups and .htaccess files. It allow you very easy manage all restricted directories of your web-site, manage all users and groups. Try it and you will see as all work it will make for you!

1661)   PrO ICQ Database
This is a small ICQ database tool. Users can add themselves to the database and send messages from anywhere to their friends.

1662)   SFEWordSearch
SFEWordSearch is an online gaming script in Perl that allows you to create printable word search puzzles. This can be utilized as a teaching tool to the students also. Develops your memory power.

1663)   Cog
Cog is a intranet homepage which is modularized. With this almost every aspect of a website is made configurable via the web interface. It supports many users each with a separate configuration and password.

1664)   WWWdb
With the help of WWWdb you can view and or modify any data stored in database-tables and even display them in a format, as per requirement. This is a developing tool for web applications, that are based on a SQL database.

1665)   Networld Chat Lite
This is a perl based script used for creating chat room on your website. It supports unlimited rooms while chatting. Users are allowed to customize the program according to their web page design.

1666)   DupeCheck
DupeCheck is worked combined with mailing list manager to extract the fake email addresses from current member mail list. This script is powered on perl and CGI programming modules.

1667)   Mill Road Store Builder
Mill Road Store Builder is a simple and effective e-store builder by which you can design store front layout and catalog layout for your online store with a graphical interface.

1668)   Co-Reg Master
Co-Reg Master lets the perl site webmasters to acquire a good profit by allowing their visitors to create a subscription account for newsletters and automated email follow-ups. This tool enalbes you to send postcards to keep your visitors to come back again.

1669)   MyPoll
MyPoll gives you several principles to build your online polls on your perl sites. This enables the webmasters to find out the most effective programs and products on their websites.

1670)   Online Form Application Center
Online form application center is a perl based script by which the users can generate an effective email form on their website. This script is totally web based script and it generates html tags automatically.

1671)   WebAPP
WebAPP is a perl driven solution for creating and maintaining an automated portal site. It is suitable for building any size of websites with registration facility, community tools, links etc.,

1672)   CyCo's In-Quiz-itive
CyCo's In-Quiz-itive is a quiz program written on perl which permits the users to perform test and can get their results after completion.

1673)   ICQ Online Status
This script will allow you to display your ICQ status on your webpage. The "online image" will be displayed if you are online.

1674)   Eliza
This is a index based search engine program that helps users to search their home pages. This program handles large amount of data sets and is fast. Search words can be highlighted in a colour as you wish.

1675)   Top Perl Studio
Top Perl Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for Perl

1676)   Chatologica MetaSearch
With this perl script you can start a metasearch service from your own web-site. Metasearch queries are performed by a parallel querying of numerous search engines, merging and sorting their results and returning the resulted set to the client.

1677)   The Programmer's Forum
Perl programmers can come to this online community to post messages about relating subjects to perl.

1678)   indexsoft access manager
The powerfull manager of .htpasswd, .htgroups and .htaccess files. It allow you very easy manage all restricted directories of your web-site, manage all users and groups. Try it and you will see as all work it will make for you! features Intuitively understandable navigator on website directories; Create access permission for any selected directory for list of users or groups; "One-click" view all of protected directory; and many more..

1679)   eBackup
This is a simple online server management program using which you can backup important data, files and documents from your server under critical situations.

1680)   Spy.cgi
This is a script used to display the current date on your webpage and sents administrator an email . This script uses SSI. This script is easy to customize.

1681)   mojoEnv
This is Perl script that can be used to display your server environmental information and installed modules.

1682)   jbJokes
JbJokes is a Perl based script used in your websites to make your site more traffic. It has many enhanced features for the users and also for the administrator. This system can be used into any existing entertainment web sites.

1683)   LibWeb
LibWeb helps build and manage community websites and applications. This is a Perl library and can be called a web site backend.

1684)   Alzabo
Alzabo when used as a data modelling tool allows you to define a schema by creating tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, etc. When it is used as a RDBMS to object mapping system then instead of using SQL to access your database, you are given an object-oriented wrapper with which to access your data.

1685)   Download Tracker
Specified files are logged as they are accessed. This is a nice enhancement to the standard logging that the web server does, as it only tracks what you specify. It masks the download directory to prevent other sites from linking directly to your downloads. Download Tracker uses a combination of JavaScript and PERL to track the downloads. The following information is stored for further analysis using Local Analysis: Date, Time, IP Address, Item.

At Ucanlance, you can receive free quotes from professional programmers and web designers. These can be addressed for all your requirements of web development.

1687)   Site Submitter Pro
This perl based site submission script helps the webmasters to submit their site to popular search engines and directories in fraction of a second.

1688)   Auction Website CGI
Member Feedback Lost Password feature Advanced Search Feature View New, Hot, Ending Soon Items Email All Members Advanced Admin w/ PayPal Accounting & Invoicing ....

1689)   Birdseye.cgi
This is a networking as well as server information tool available in Perl. With this script you can get information about a host, ping, whois, finger etc in real time.

1690)   Smartlist Manager
Smartlist Manager gives perl embedded solutions that makes you feel easy to access mailing list program. Website users can be notified about all current affairs on your site via this email subscription software.

1691)   Genpage
Genpage as a tool to build and maintain medium to large sized website. The script has some consistent/regular elements, in which if a link is modified in one file it gets reflected throughout the site. It is a perl script which helps in managing content in a web site easier.

1692)   Crashinto Learning Central
This site offers tutorials on Perl, html, and many more languages. This has been designed to assist you to run a website. The site also provides color codes that help in this process.

1693)   Diary2002
Diary2002 is as similar as a weblog system since it allows you to hnadle the articles as you like on your perl enabled websites. It supports reading, adding, searching and deleting functions.

1694) DataFeed System DataFeed System is an efficient affiliate software program in PERL to implement instant and automatic online e-store for all products.

1695)   Virtual Shop Lite
Virtual Shop Lite is a simple e-commerce software with which you will be able to sell your products online with indefinite category nesting accompanied with advanced sales system.

1696)   HTTP Error Page
HTTP Error Page is built with Perl programming which helps you to display the error message on site pages as you like by customizing HTML code.

1697)   Pro@utoReply Autoresponder
Pro@utoReply Autoresponder is a script based on perl which allows the users to send unlimited number of follow up emails to the subscribers in a certain time interval.

1698)   VirtualCatalog
VirtualCatalog is an online e-commerce addon script in PERL that provides complete solution for creating and managing product catalogs for active shoppping carts systems.

1699)   EasyHost Free
Whether you are just starting out or just need a simple hosting solution, EasyHost Free is very easy-to-use and takes only minutes to get up and running.

1700)   LedLogger
LedLogger generates traffic reports based on various environment variables. This simple Perl script creates its own logs and does not use server logs.

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