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Top 1701-1750 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1701)   Link Manager
This is a Perl based link management script that allows you to manage thousands of links on your website effectively. It contains various features and online demos on the website.

1702)   Ascripts Info Management System
AIMS is a management system which will allow you to display popup windows on your website. These windows could contain information like help to different topics on your website, additional information regarding the advertising messages to your visitors via image or text links and add a link to the s

1703)   Advertisement Click Through and Logging
A Perl script to log each click on an advertisement on a page. The logs are later analysed by Ad-Master to find the click/view ratio for a page.

1704)   Private Messenger
This is a perl script to message between two or more coranto's user. Messages can be sent to multiple recipients.

1705)   Jason's Postcards Pro
Jason's Postcards Pro is an advanced perl driven internet greeting card module that allows you to upload your own pictures with postcard sending. It is highly adaptable for bigger websites.

1706)   Notes for installing a CGI script
These notes assist in the installation of a CGI script and have been written in Perl. Salient topics addressed are uploading scripts, permissions about file system, setting permissions from FTP, available permissions and many more.

1707) sitemap script
This is a perl scripts to display HTML files present in the folders in tree like structure. This script is useful to list HTML files.

1708)   The Interactive Web
The Interactive Web features a collection of high quality free and commercial CGI applications for your web site: Forums, Search Engine, Classified Ads, Shopping Cart, Guest book, and more.

1709)   Worldsubmitpro WebStats Counter
This script will help you to give your users a report on traffic, hits tracking and traffic analysis services. It will also send these users a weekly report on the current statistics of traffic and hits.

1710)   Profile Copier
This is a perl script to duplicate profiles. This tool is an addon tool for coranto. This script has powerful admin control panel.

1711)   RegisterMe Lite
This is a website security program written in perl that helps users to password protect directories on the website. Users can view or edit their account details on the website.

1712)   Multi-Page Text Counter
This is a simple Text Counter script. The script is called Via JavaScript. It needs Perl 5 to run and does not require SSI.

1713)   WebKNotes
This is a web based knowledge database management system which is written using Perl. The data regarding the FAQs are stored in a plain text file.

1714)   Advanced Web File Editor
Advanced Web File Editor Has the capability to edit in a directory or in all the sub directories in a set path indicated to the script. The script will make the changes in every file it finds, It will tell you how many replacement it made, and number of directories and files it searched.

1715)   FileProtect
Tired of losing Bandwidth to hotlinkers? This script allows YOU to control from where people can access your site/images.

1716)   @1 Word Publisher
Edit web pages via an ordinary browser. This is a simplified version of our @1 Web Publisher.

1717)   events
Events is a cgi library that will help you to build an automated list of all events and display the next event automatically. It is especially useful when you have a web site displaying any kind of dates and events.

1718)   Script Scrambler
This reads into the Perl source code and renames all variables and subroutines. In addition to renaming them to random characters, it adds random comments throughout and removes blank lines which makes it difficult for anyone to read your source code.

1719)   Easy Calendar Generator
This script permits your guests to make their own calendars at your site. The guests can edit their calendar to change the title, color scheme, administration password and the list of valid users. The administrator gets full control.

1720)   Bandley3 Software
This is a Perl CGI Library which includes the 5 Star Rating, Five Stars Review and the new b3 Comment Poll. Some other scripts that are available include the free server time converter, ActualTime and many more.

1721)   Creativyst News Entry Widget
Creativyst News Entry Widget is an easier method of displaying your press releases and to inform the announcements. file System can be used for storage facility. SSI, RSS, XML are included with perl modules for news aggregation.

1722)   Revenue Auto Pilot
Revenue Auto Pilot is used as web fetcing tool that supports perl for implementation. Using this script webmasters can advertise programs on their site and can accquire revenue upto 60% increadibly.

1723)   Debugging CGI Scripts 101
This article assists you in solving problems with CGI script. Some of the topics that have been covered are short overview of the CGI calling process, server errors, logical errors and many more.

1724)   SupportMan
SupportMan is a ticket based customer relations program. Each request is issued a ticket which is allotted to a technical person who addresses the issue. The script automatically emails the submitter with results of their submission.

1725)   Simple Website Statistics
This script displays the statistical informations about number of hits per page, per day and per month and also tracks number of online visitors etc., Webmasters must use this code on each page to count in which page the script is active.

1726)   Apache::ASP
This provides an active server pages port to the Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only. It also enables developing of dynamic web applications with session management and embedded perl code.

1727)   MailIt 99
MailIt 99 allows you to send unlimited newsletters to your subscribed users via interactive admin interface. Supports modular customization and works with perl platforms.

1728)   The Cookie Test
The Cookie Test is a technical example with subject for handling cookies.

1729)   Perl scripts for system administration
This site contains perl scripts that deal in projects on system integration and migration. These scripts were developed by the author during his consultant engagements on similar projects.

1730)   Website Monitoring Uptime Notification
Receive email notifications if your website is down or slow.

1731)   Feline Linx
Feline Linx is a free for all links script that is designed using Perl program. You can integrate this script with your existing website and allow your users to submit their links to your database.

1732)   LeMay's address book
This is a simple perl based online address book program that allows users to add and search for their contacts from a browser based interface. This program requires Mysql database to store the contacts.

1733)   Easy Search System
Powerful, customizable and effective site indexing/searching script. Index your website over cgi, php, asp and any webpages. Collect meta's, titles, content and link texts from all pages on your site. Customize search results, edit stop words, Search with parts of site.

1734)   Search the Web
This is a CGI search program that allows users to search the web using popular search engines like yahoo, lycos, infoseek, excite, altavista and webcrawler.

1735)   Programmers Heaven
Programmers Heaven is an online community for programmers. There is resources, articles and a discussion board to post programming languages PHP, Perl, and Python related articles.

1736)   CyDock
CyDock comes from Cydock Systems as a complete management solution for companies that provide services such as web hosting, internet service providing.

1737)   MyWebFTP Personal
MyWebFTP Personal is a script based on perl that permits the webmasters to perform their ftp tasks in a ftp server through a web based interface. This program can perform actions on many files at the same time.

1738)   Crossword
Like Scrabble? Wish you could play with family and friends who are miles away? Now it's possible with the online Crossword script.

1739)   kcscripts site search
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to search their own websites. This program can be customized easily and is very easy to understand.

1740)   Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro
Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro id the more advanced version of Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro Lite. Allows users to organize their bookmarks.

1741)   The Monster Journal
The Monster Journal is a PERL based utility that can be used by the users as a notebook to save all their thoughts, research and ideas and to retrieve them whenever necessary.

1742)   KCScript Statistics counter
This counter program is helpful for webmasters to keep the informations like, total visitors information, daily, weekly and monthly hits report and visitor report, top referring website, top pages etc.

This is a Perl script. It helps you to catalog various web pages within a hierarchy and the present them in an HTML table, sorted by date.

1744)   Chatty Child
Chatty Child Pro is a fun, colorful and easy to use chat program designed specifically for children.

1745)   Net Beats
Netbeats has the ability to display graphically or in text. It just displays the current time in Swatch Internet Beats. It is made to be Server Side Included into an html page.

1746)   e-Accountant Pro
e-Accountant Pro is a simple shopping cart utility software excelling in accounting systems to work only with "Kiosk Shopping Cart" program with a powerful e-commerce background.

1747)   YOURsoft affiliate programs
This site offers perl scripts that provide affiliate software to start your own affiliate marketing program so as to increase traffic/performance of your web site. These are click through programs and are available as deal ware.

1748)   Votesie
Votesie is driven on perl programming that is useful for educational field to allow the students to create their own poll with possible answers and at once anyone can vote on the created poll. Result page parameters can be modified to your own.

1749)   CdomainLite
This is a simple networking tool that is designed to lookup the whois information of a domain name. It will allow you to remove links and the copyright notices from the HTML source.

1750)   Agents of Fortune Professional
This is an useful program with which you would be able to recruit and manage affiliates for your products with an advanced ergonomic interface.

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