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Top 1751-1800 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

This site offers free and commercial Perl scripts. All scripts are designed to be easy to install. Some of the available scripts include classified ads, FAQ, image galley, date and time, random image display, and more.

1752)   Lyles Script Archive
This site offers a number of free Perl scripts. These include banner rotator, bulletin board system, top sites, interactive story, tell a friend, a couple of games, link trader, counter, clock, and many more.

1753)   IntelliLink Free
IntelliLink free is a script built on javascript that helps webmasters in maintaining a link exchange. It manages all link exchange and thereby increases the traffic.

1754)   Webstore2Go
Webstore2Go is a simple and efficient online e-commerce software with which users can easily place orders for the products with facilitated pickup and delivery options.

1755)   digital-sea Newsletters
This site offers free newsletters featuring information on coding languages including Perl and more. This site will help you learn tips and tricks on how to develop better web applications. The questions posed by you could be either answered online or in the following editions of the newsletter.

1756)   lcCountup
Unlike countdown scripts (that display the time missing to a future date) and clock scripts (that show current date and/or time), lcCountup shows the amount of time from a date you specify.

1757)   Dirspace
Dirspace is a server program based on perl which analyses the spaces in the directory and reports the maximum space size of the directory to the users through email.

1758)   @Mail Groupware
Through this program you can share address books, calendars, other essential entities among your user groups with different permission level settings.

1759) is an Online Freelance marketplace.

1760)   SillySearch
This is a simple website search function that searches for user's search word in pages on a directory. Results are displayed based on the number of times the word was found on the page.

1761)   thumbelizer
thumbelizer is a simple Perl script which can be used to generate thumbnails automatically for the images in a folder or directory. It requires Image Magick and Image::Size for functioning.

1762)   WWW::Poll
This is a Perl module to build and run web polls with built-in administrative capabilities. It requires you to create a world-writable (or server-writable) directory called "data" with a few files to seed the poll.

1763)   ezDirectory
It is a perl script to interface with LDAP Directory server. This script stores the details in LDAP database with an unique ID.

1764)   Linking Reporter
Linking Reporter is a small Perl based script which allows you to query various search engines and to see how they link to your website. It can also be used to check the popularity of your website.

1765)   Membership Access
This is a secured online accessing and membership management script that allows users to access password protected directories for downloads. This is a useful script for sites charging visitors for downloads.

1766)   Interactive box
This script helps the user to select the area which they want to navigate on the website. It uses javascript to redirect, if not perl will run as a backup.

1767)   SunnyScript's ServerCheck
SunnyScript's ServerCheck is a handy tool to monitor the availability of your website, domains and servers.

1768)   HTML::Template
This is a simple and fast HTML Templating module for Perl. It offers added features for Apache/mod_perl. It makes using of HTML templates simple and natural. It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags.

1769)   INet2Mail
This script is used for creating a website with contact form to enable site visitors to contact with their site owners by sending comments and feedbacks regularly.

1770)   @Card ME
@Card ME is a perl oriented script that can be included on your websites to allow your members to buy greeting cards and send emails along with music, poem etc.,

1771)   CosmicSimpleRSS
Free software for creating an RSS feed for your site. Simple and easy to use setup and management.

1772)   Mail-A-File
Form-to-email script with file attachment capability.

1773)   vgMembers
vgMembers is a complete membership application. As the user you can register, login, and edit your account. As the admin you can view list of users and much more.

1774)   FantasyBetting
FantasyBetting is a gaming script in perl. This script is made for fun to manage betting on your site. The users gets a set of money by logging into the site and then have a chance to play on their choice.

1775)   Geozip
This Perl program facilitates calculation of the distance between two zip codes in the United States. It can also be used to calculate the distance between any two latitude and longitude coordinates with an accuracy of 50 meters.

1776)   MIMAnet Ad Rotator
This Ad Rotator is a simple and easy to use Perl based script which will be useful for rotating the ad banners on your website easily. It requires Server Side Includes-SSI for functioning.

1777)   Envex Support System
This is a customer support system which can be integrated with your existing website. With this script you can provide high quality and efficient support to the requests and questions of your customers.

1778)   eGreyl Shopping cart Software
eGreyl Shopping cart Software is a full featured e-commerce tool that provides complete solution for e-commerce professionals to setup active store fronts on their website.

1779)   WEBQUIZ
WEBQUIZ is a quiz program written on perl where the users can perform online quizes and can upload local files and files from another web site.

1780)   Perl Instant Messenger
This is a instant messenger made in Perl. It allows you to sign up, login in, receive, send and check messages, and view a complete userlist. This is a very simple and plain version of the original script.

1781)   Programming Bids - Freelance IT Services
This site helps to match freelancers, professional programmers and IT consultants with small businesses, webmasters and web hosts for any specific work on cgi/php script development, installations, web site designs, databases and programming services etc, that these small businesses might have.

1782)   e-Vehicles
Designed specifically for automobile sites and other vehicles-related web sites, e-Vehicles includes powerful multimedia upload options (photos, video, and audio), a unique context-sensitive help system, flexible online database creation, template system

1783)   Login
This is a perl based password security system that helps webmasters to protect their web pages from unauthorized access. Users are asked for their username and password to gain access to secured contents.

1784)   AtisWiki
AtisWiki helps you to set up Web pages so that the users can edit and create pages themselves. AtisWiki is just like the script WikiWikiWeb made by Ward Cunningham's.

1785)   VeryInteresting
VeryInteresting is a Perl/CGI loan payment calculator and paying off table generator. Giving a loan amount, interest rate, and length of the loan in years, this utility tells your monthly principal and interest amount.

1786)   Cgi Ftp Script
Cgi Ftp Script is a script based on perl that performs transfering of files between the remote server and users server. The files are transfered fastly.

1787)   PerlWiz
This is an Integrated Development Environment that supports both for perl programming language and for php programming language. This IDE combines syntax coloured text editor.

1788)   Pay2download Basic
Pay2download is an e-commerce software designed as a means of providing safe and secure delivery method for all kind of digital goods through paypal payment gateway systems.

1789)   A&M Text Counter
This is a text based access counter that can work simultaneously on multiple pages. This is the latest version and has good file locking on the counter, which will not allow the counter to reset often. It requires SSI and will work on any machine with Unix Operating System.

1790)   Chatologica WebStats SQL
This is a perl software which will allow you to offer services related to web-sites statistics. For this you will need to put a HTML counter code on the web pages of the clients and have web masters who will track the web site visitors and traffic.

1791)   404 Manager
This script sends 404 error messages to the webmaster when a page cannot be found. This script maintain statistical reports of the URL.

1792)   LinkCodeGenerator
LinkCodeGenerator is an affiliate software addon.

1793)   Radiation's Randomizer
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based random image script that can be used to display new images every time your website is reloaded. You can also use this script to rotate background texture of the page or changing welcome message.

1794)   Ralf's Chat
Ralf's Chat is a free chat script written in Perl and released under the GNU GPL. This script is simple, easy to install and configure. The script supports multiple rooms, language files, a DBI for MySQL (optional), streaming (requires MySQL) and a lot more.

1795)   Ace Text Counter
This is a Text Counter that is free and easy to set up. You just have to upload it and put the code on your site. There is no requirement to set any variables but can use an IFRAME tag or SSI with a .shtml ending.

1796)   LinkMaster
LinkMaster lets you deal with a trading link system on your perl enabled websites. Helps you to increase more traffic to your site. Supports randomized links.

1797)   Account Manager LITE
This is a powerful website membership management program. The main features are automated user/member signup, administration approval/denial control panel, automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd/.nsconfig files, form fields verifications and much more.

1798)   MyTimePunch
This is a simple perl based program to calculate the work done in hours. This program is very helpful for users working from home as freelancers and need to calculate their work time.

1799)   Redlibrary
Redlibrary will help you to build your own scripts. It includes the most commonly used perl functions that can be used as they are, for building your own scripts, or be customized for a specific purpose.

1800)   eXtropia
This has a cache of advanced, feature-rich CGI scripts for free. Individual scripts offered include shopping cart system, real-time chat script, bulletin board system, groupware calendar, database search and management programs, mailing list manager, and much more.

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