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Top 1801-1850 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1801)   WebDev Poll Host
WebDev Poll Host is a perl program which allows the users to add any number of polls to their website. This script permits the members to customize the interface of the poll results.

1802)   WAP Formail
WAP Formail is a formailer script in which the variables are set in WML contact form. If you are familiar with HTML, you will be able to configure this easily.

1803)   Meeting Place
Meeting Place allows you to run a completely automated meeting or a small dating site. The script offers a number of features including complete admin control, facility to upload pictures, private message boards and many more.

1804)   FTLS Random Image Displayer
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based script that can be used to rotate or display random images or background design on your website automatically.

1805)   Bidflux Auction Software
With Bidflux Auction Software its easy to setup a full fledged auctioning website. Its very professional and resembles e-bay. Its easy to operate and 100% hand coded and allows for flexibility and growth as your business expands.Its a realtime auction package and not a affiliate site.

1806)   Expanding Menus
This is a perl script to generate expanding menus for the files in your folder or directory. This script is easy to understand.

1807)   Link Engine v1.5
FEATURES: SPADS L.E. Link Engine Database allows you to have total control over your free for all links, it's completely self contained, it scans for old Links every 30 days (ajustable) and deletes them.

1808)   ShotGun
This script counts the number of times a file is downloaded along with the date of last download and user I.P. address.

1809)   BlockedMail
BlockedMail is a script based on perl which permits the users to delete all mails in the mailbox on a server. A simple and handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

1810)   Adwertise With Pleasure, AWP
This is a banner advertisement package that is easy to use and will simplify your banner campaign. It features easy installation, intuitive user/admin interfaces, no SSI required, stats, web based graphics upload, multiple expiry options, advertiser accounts, anti-caching features, templates & more.

1811)   Castle CGI
This site has a small collection of free Perl/CGI scripts. These include form-based redirection, free-for-links script, and several networking tools.

1812)   SpamBotPoison
This is a perl script to restrict spam email to your inbox. This script creates number of useless emails to the spammers and email harvesters.

1813)   Follow up Autoresponder Pro BASIC
Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited messages, Personalisation of Emails, Unsubscribe links in outgoing emails, Html code generation, File attachments, Export and Import of email addresses, No hassles with Cron, Easy deletion of subscribers and many more features...

1814)   Slider
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based script which is capable of generating slides automatically for running a slideshow on your website.

1815)   Dicole
Dicole gives flexible perl features to manipulate and upgrade your group based tasks. Admin supports user tasks online through secured web interface. Available with unlimited facilities.

1816)   SSI Graphics Page Counter
This is a simple Graphics Counter. The counter appears at the bottom of the page, either left justified or centered. You can enhance the look of the table by making a table around it or can even use plain text through the options available in the script. This requires SSI.

1817)   WWWAdverts
WWWAdverts is a Perl based CGI script system for maintaining a set of random banner ads which will display on your website.

1818)   Stouk's Personal Bookmarks
This allows you to keep your web links on a central server, adding and removing links and categories through the browser. The look and style of the personal bookmarks web page can be changed.

1819)   Script Smiths Redirection Counter
The Redirection Counter keeps a count of the number of hits or clicks each hyperlink gets. For doing this it passes the visitors url to the script, where the click gets counted and added to a database. The script displays average hits ratio and the hits count too.

1820)   Jin-Tak Kim's NewsBoard
Jin-Tak Kim's NewsBoard enables your visitors to post events, comments, news articles, etc on perl implemented websites. Users who need a secured news board on their site can utilize this script.

1821)   ECW-Cart
ECW-Cart is a simple and efficient e-commerce shopping cart software that assists online sellers and merchants to create and manage product catalogs with categories and subcategories.

1822)   News Clipper
News Clipper is to implement a news fetching perl module on your site which automatically grabs and updates the content from internet. Supports news page creation and customization by webmasters.

1823)   SimplytheBest SecurePal
SimplytheBest SecurePal is an e-commerce software that assists online merchants selling digital goods to provide secure and safe downloads to their customers through Paypal.

1824)   Cut & Paste: Strings
Through a set of code snippets, this site teaches how strings can be manipulated in Perl. These snippets include uppercase/lowercase conversion, trim leading and/or trailing space and many more.

1825)   Linkspider Directory - ODP
Linkspider Directory - ODP is a simple script that helps to run a ODP right on your site, linking to Linkspider directory.

1826)   Quote Manager
This is a perl based tool that helps to maintain quotes or comments from new and regular customers. The administrator can add, manage and view the comment from a fully functional admin control panel.

1827)   Cascade
Cascade is a web based content management system which is written using Perl program. It is capable of managing huge directory information and contains various other features.

1828)   Midmart Download Center
Midmart Download Center is a script based on perl which permits many files for the users to download through a form. Admin control panel is provided with this script.

1829)   Insert Tab into Slot
Insert Tab into slot is a simple and easy to use script written using Perl program. This script can be used to display random images, banner ads etc on your website.

1830)   Dynamic Page Creator
This script enables the users to update their web pages on their own, from a browser. Set up is easy and this script does not need SSI. Complete instructions for setup are contained in the zip file in the readthis.txt file.

1831)   Add2it Go-To Pro
Users can use this Add2it Go-to pro software for improving ad links on their site and to manage them. Automatically it generate ad links and it supports unlimited number of ad links. It tracks successful and non successful ads for better performance.

1832) is a simple and easy to use script that can be used to generate an index page of your pictures in the folder and to display them in page by page automatically.

1833)   HTML Replace
This script will help you to generate pages repeatedly using the same format, and help you to easily create data-entry and display screens. This script will work for any form and not need any modification.

1834)   UPDN Word Publisher
This script permits you to edit your web pages for text content. This editing is achieved through a browser.

1835)   CGI-Factory's Footer
This script is good for web pages with content and banners etc that need to be changed frequently. Instead of editing every page and then uploading them again, with the help of this script you can save the html tags in one text file, then every page will display the tags.

1836)   Amorous
Amorous is an advanced and graphically complete online personals program. Features: attach one or more photos, dual-profile capable (one is relationship-related, the other is adult-oriented, users can create either/or

1837)   gifsize
gifsize is a Perl script which is designed to return an img src tag which displays the information regarding the height and the width of a GIF image.

1838)   Easy Search System
This is a site indexing and searching program that allows users to index their website on php, asp, CGI web pages. This program can index unlimited sites into one database allowing users to search it from a single form.

1839)   World of Coupons Pro
With this script the coupons are presented in a standard newspaper format, along with company name, product image, barcode, consumer and retailer disclaimers, coupon expiration date and company website name. Coupons are searchable by Category, State, and Zip Code, and more.

1840)   TotalDate
This is an entire site in one program. This program is made for sites featuring dating and features matchmaking, horoscopes, chat, member email and much more.

1841)   GuzZzt MassMail
GuzZzt MassMail helps people to send seasonal web based greeting cards and other personal mails to mass people who are listed with a group. Can be run with perl driven sites.

1842)   b.
This is a bookmark managing script written in perl that helps users to share bookmarks. These share bookmarks can be viewed by all and some users can edit them.

1843)   libwww-perl
This is a library of Perl packages and modules that provides an interface to the www. This library is being developed as a collaborative effort so as to assist the further development of useful www clients and tools. There are two versions of this that are available.

1844)   PowerForm
Powerform is used for generating a form processor with the facilities like, autoresponse, email validation, custom template pages and can send message to multiple recipients at a time.

1845)   csFAQ
This is a Perl script which helps you to create and maintain an automated FAQ database on your website. It can be easily integrated with any website and comes with various features.

1846)   MojoBanner
MojoBanner is a feature rich banner and image management system that can be used to create, manage and publish banners and image rotations on a website. It uses MySQL as database backend.

1847)   Koen's Perl Software
This archive offers many free Perl scripts that utilize the snippet file technology. These scripts are capable of reading snippet files which configure the complete lay out of the page output.

1848)   The E-Mail Protector Script
The E-Mail Protector Script is written with perl coding that secures the emails from theft. Automatically finds malicious email hackers and prevents them from steal your email addresses.

1849)   FreeLink
This is a Perl based Free for all links script with which you can create and run a FFA links page on your website easily. The script can be easily integrated with your existing website.

1850)   Personals
Start your own computer dating or personals service with this easy to setup Perl/CGI script. Features include fully automated, anonymous email, browse profiles, and more.

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