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Top 1851-1900 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1851)   Community Link pro
As the name suggests, Community Link pro helps you make a virtual community on your website. This gives users many applications to create unlimited clubs.

1852)   Content Manager
This is a script that can be used for managing any type of content based website. With this script, you can create an index for your image directory which enable your user to locate and view the required images easily.

1853)   ChartDirector (Perl Edition)
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable. Comes with numerous sample codes.

1854)   Recommend/Tell a Friend
This is a site recommendation program written using perl. It is also a web-based emailer where subsequent emails are filled automatically.

1855)   PedBot
This script cajn help you have an AOL Instant Messenger robot. This offers features for both the users and the administrator. For users there is a dictionary, calculator, area code lookup and other features available.

1856)   Joseph Gilland Perl
This site offers free as well as commercial scripts in Perl. In addition, it also aims to provide custom programming to suit user requirement and CGI tutorials that are easy to use.

1857)   LEAPs
LibwEb Applications or LEAPs are a set of plug-and-play community web site applications. It current feature is the file-manager.

1858)   HiFAQ Pro
HiFAQ Pro is a dynamic content management utility which enables you to build an online searchable FAQ database in real time. It contains all the features in HiFAQ with some additional features.

1859)   mediawrap
mediawrap transparently handles media files. After installing mediawrap, you just link your media files as you normally would and mediawrap will take care of them. Therefore, you do not need to create ram-files or something similar.

1860)   visiPerl+
visiPerl+ is a Perl Integrated Development Environment. visiPerl+ combines the most used programs to write a Perl script into one environment. You've got a powerful editor, mini-Web Server, full FTP client, Code Templates, a built-in HTML Editor and more. Add to that, ActiveStates ActivePerl and you've got a full blown testing and debugging environment.

1861)   Protec
Protec is constructed with perl classes that can secure your images including logos, thumbnail images etc., None can copy your protected images for their purpose.

1862)   Client Promotion System
Client promotion system is a script which is built on PERL. It allows the web masters to give their clients a website promotion service to earn a revenue by charging clients a monthly fee.

1863)   CGI Script
This site provides a large number of powerful CGI tools that is continuing to increase. These allows you to automate your web site with ease. The programs currently available include site search script, file sharing and many more.

1864)   FallenDomains
We have tons of domain related resources, the lastest infomation pertaining to domain from new tld's to SE news. We have the tools to help with the locating the best domain names and usage.

1865)   WebCC2.0 - Version Control System
A Low cost database driven version control system. Keep Track of all latest and old verions of documents or software. Key Features include checkin, checkout, history and archiving. A must have for businesses of all kinds. Supported Databases: mySQL, MS-Access and MS SQL.

1866)   Link SQL
Link SQL is a script that is written for the purpose of creation of a search engine and directory similar to that of Yahoo etc on your website easily.

1867)   @1 Voting Booth Generator
@1 Voting Booth Generator gives perl implemented instructions to create a poll online. Supports SSI on poll module. Poll and it's result reports are fully customizable in their color, font, bar size etc.,

1868)   Smart Redirector
This script is a perl based redirector that redirects visitors to the specific page according to the IP address of the visitors. It is basically useful for language redirection.

1869)   MultipleC
MultipleC is a simple to setup perl text counter that counts unique, personal and total visits, include a visitors online indication.

1870)   Advertiser
Advertiser is an application for automotive dealers, real estate agents, and any other business that needs to advertise their products on the web at an affordable cost. Advertiser is simple to install and maintain.

1871)   Jump (Redirect)
Jump (Redirect) is a PERL script for redirecting website users to another URL. Online demo is available.

1872)   Advanced-Basic.Com: Image Counters
Add a little more graphic to your website by adding this image based counter. Instead of using text, this counter uses images.

1873)   Expired Domain Name Software
This is a software to register instantly when a domain name expires. This script uses eNoms API to register. This is useful for webmasters to maintain their websites.

1874)   Envirolyzer
Envirolyzer will help you to streamline your programming and site administration tasks, this analyzes your server and client environments including variables and paths to Perl and Sendmail and the results are received in the browser of your choice.

1875)   ClickAffiliate PRO
Pay-per-click, per-lead and per-sale, with 2tier capabilities (up to 5 levels) affiliate tracking and management script.

1876)   MojoScripts - Classifieds And Dating Software
Mojoscripts unique universal listing and classified ads software perl/mysql based.

1877)   getdate2.cgi
This is a script that will give the time difference between your home town and the place where your site/server is hosted and then allows you to synchronize the two times. It offers different display options. It is available for free.

1878)   Headers & Footers
Ever wanted to include easy headers and footers in all html files for much easier updating of your site.

1879)   Your Own Associate Program
This is an all feature associate program. Some salient features are extended tracking, real time CC processing, two-tier commission compatibility, custom fields for sign up form, variable and multiple tax rate options and many more.

1880)   Cgiware Mailer
Cgiware Mailer is a little perl program which is more useful for website owners to send mass mails to their subscribed members via web based forms.

1881)   Perl WebStats
Perl WebStats analyzes web site log files. This statistical package comes with OO-based modules, which give custom and template driven reports. Perl WebStats allows individuals and ISPs to brand the reports and thereby analyse their traffic properly.

1882)   Random Link
Random Links is a Perl based random links script which allows you to change the location for each link. The script selects a random link from a set of pre selected links.

1883)   Meta Tag Generator Pro
This perl script is a meta tag generator which created meta tag for your website to attract the search engine spiders and other bots. It also has mailing list with this script.

1884)   CGI Tutorial
This site is helpful for the CGI learners. It has different categories related to CGI is available. Simple to understand and to use.

This site freely offers ten useful CGI scripts. Some of these are message board, ranking system, banner rotator and many more. This site aims to provide cost effective products and great service.

1886)   Content Management
Do you need to update your web pages often? Updating your web page is as easy as filling in a form with your new text or HTML code and clicking a button.

1887)   AFU Plug-Ins
AFU Plug-Ins gives perl modules to ease the tasks concerned with email subscription systems. Emails can be sent automatically to users who have signedup for subscription.

1888)   Pass It On
Visitors are allowed to sent a page to their friends, relatives or families. This is another way to promote your business online.

1889)   Scoutplans
Scoutplans is a software package that allows organizations to put their calendars on the web. It is aimed at scouting organizations (boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.)

1890)   Dictionary
This is a perl based script that provides a dictionary service to a website having unique terms to specific industry. Users just have to upload words and definitions in a text file along with the script, and a searchable dictionary is there for your site.

1891)   Petition
This is a script for the users to get their real signatures on the website. Java applet is used to collect the signature. This is useful script for any online communities.

1892)   SMC StoreBuilder
SMC StoreBuilder is a simple online PERL software designed to assist webmasters to launch web based online e-store with powerful account management program.

1893)   Midmart Photo Chat
Midmart Photo Chat is an advanced chat system with user photo feature. Main features include: Users are able to view little photo of other users while chat, send private messages, files, pictures and sounds to other users, join an unlimited number of chat rooms

1894)   Online JobBank
This is a online job system written in Perl that uses a MySQL database on backend. It offers advanced search for employers and jobseekers. This offers advanced search with multiple selection, multiple job categories, multiple job titles, and more.

1895)   Done Right's Video Search
This is a search engine program developed with perl that helps users to search videos and movies on sites like, BN, amazon, DVDEmpire, buy and display the results on your site.

1896)   CGI GE's Simple Search
This is a simple search program that allows users to search for keywords on your website. This program allows users to perform searches only on permitted directories and folders.

1897)   QVD analizer
QVD analizer is a server program written on perl which checks the log files in the path of qmail.

1898)   Link Count
Link Count can be used to find out the total number of links that are available with a website page. It displays the average for multiple websites. Processing requires perl.

1899)   Efflandt's
This is a security program developed with perl that helps users to password protect files and directories on the website. This program prevents unauthorised users from gaining access.

1900)   Any Mail
This script is used for creating an email form on the website by the webmasters to get the comments from their site visitors. This script helps the users to create any type of mail form.

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