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Top 151-200 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   Multi form
This script is used for generating a form. This script supports you to create multiple forms. It stores each informations in database.

152)   AtlantForum
AtlantForum is a simple and efficient discussion board in PERL where users can post messages and are provided with a text based database to store all the messages of the board.

153)   DCForum
DCForum is a simple online discussion board in PERL with which users can post and reply to the topics through topic subscription program that allows members to take part in the discussion only after subscribing for that program.

154)   DBMan SQL
DBMan SQL is used to create database table. By using one copy of DBMan SQL user can run multiple databases with different data. This script has power authentication facility to avoid hackers.

155)   A Perl Version of the PHP Mail Function
A Perl Version of the PHP Mail Function is a perl script created to do the exact work of phps mail() function. This script prints outgoing messages.

156)   File Uploader
File Uploader is a script based on perl which upload the ASCII and binary files into the directory of the users. It is a handy tool for the users and webmasters.

157)   WebUtil
WebUtil is a collection of Perl scripts which can be used to display some useful networking utilities through a browser. The script is coded in Perl and can be easily installed.

158)   WebThief
WebThief suits to grasp files and content pages universally. Perl with HTTP protocol module implement the grabbing function from other URL addresses.

159)   jb Time
jb Time is used for displaying time on the web pages which allows users to customize the fonts of time as they like. It has unlimited number of time styles.

160)   DBMan
DBMan is a Fully featured database managment script that provides a web based interface to add/remove/modify/view records in a flatfile ascii database. it has support for advanced user management system, as well as a powerful permission system.

161)   R3N3 Payment Gateway
R3N3 Payment Gateway is a PERL based script that can be used by the users to have online payment transactions. Payment transaction will be in a secured manner while using this program.

162)   ScareCrow Message Board
ScareCrow Message Board is a simple online discussion board that provides users with both private and public forums to subscribe for a topic at post to discuss on various issues.

163)   Superfrm Form Processor
Flexible, portable, template driven form processor written in clean perl with security in mind.

164)   Timeit Pro
Timeit is a perl text clock on the web. With its help you can customize the date and time displays. You can replace the regular date and time figures with images and time greetings. Along with date and time it also allows you to show holidays, birthday greetings, news flashes, and more.

165)   Picture.cgi
Picture.cgi is a simple and easy to use image gallery script that can be used to create thumbnail images and display them in a HTML page or in a popup window.

166)   Form to Mail
Form to Mail script is a perl based email form processor that helps webmasters to receive email from the regular recipients of their site visitors. This script is handy for webmasters to create an email form and to use.

167)   EngInSite Perl Editor Professional
EngInSite Perl Editor is an IDE for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts.

168)   Ranson's Scripts
This site offers many free and commercial Perl scripts that can either be downloaded individually or in a group. Some of these are MailForm, Mail-Credit Card, Multi-Cart, 100 Links, Classified Ads, Guest book, Redirect, Banner Rotation, Password + Redirect and many more.

169)   AddYourLink
This is a Perl based free for all script that is designed to allow webmasters to manage a search engine database without any webmaster intervention.

170)   Aquilo Guestbook
Aquilo Guestbook is a perl guestbook program which permits the users to add an email and URL links to their name. This script provides the recent messages in the top of the guestbook.

171)   Vision.To CGI
Vision.To offers a growing collection of free and commercial PERL/CGI scripts. Available scripts include: guestbook, file handler, form system, online counter, and more. It also offers custom solutions like programming, web development and more

172)   AllPagEdit
Allpagedit is a script that allows you to edit HTML files online. It is an easy to install perlcgi script. It uses Internet explorer 5.5 or newer versions.

173)   Cliff's Search Engine Position Analyzer
This script will search the most popular search engines for specified terms to generate reports of a specified URL.

174)   WebEvent Calendar
This calendar and scheduling application allows you to view and modify events from any computer. Its salient features are multiple views and formats, event reminders, searchable calendars, user authentication and many more.

175)   Easy Home Page Generator
This program makes page creation easy and fun for your visitors. They will be able to make and edit their own web pages at your site.

176)   iMailing List CGI Script
iMailinglist Pro is a complete collection of CGI and MySQL scripts that will let you run your own profitable, high-traffic mailing list site with complete control with a few clicks of the mouse. With a complete administrative section and members' section.

177)   LK Database
This powerful database management system that has been written in perl can handle unlimited number of databases with unlimited number of tables. It comes with a user friendly interface.

178)   Bulletin Board System
Bulletin Board System is a simple online discussion board written in perl to allow users to post topics for online discussion through password protected forums.

179)   hi-power metasearch engines
This is a perl based meta search solutions where users can search the web through popular search engines. This program is suitable for busy sites with high traffic.

180)   nms Formmail
nms Formmail script is used to receive email messages from any HTML form. This script offers more security to your forms and messages.

181)   Billow Image Voting System
BillowVote Pro supports the perl functions to ease the process with online voting module. Vote reports can be given as pie or bar gif image.

182)   Availcheck
This web based availability calendar script allows creation of multiple calendars. It allows you to set up and maintain daily or weekly availability calendars for personal use as well as for business.

183)   Community Portal (CommPortal)
Community Portal (CommPortal) is an organizer of famous news sites which utilize the features of perl script. It is useful for websites that monitors the weather details and other international info.

184)   EditTag
EditTag is a script that helps users to edit specific tagged areas of the documents using a web interface. Here even the non HTML knowing people can update the documents/ web page without worrying about adversely affecting about the HTML code the page is made of.

185)   Cookie Monsters
This article discusses some of the wrong ways in which cookies are used. It shows how cookies should be used safely. It states that cookies is just one of the ways to turn http into a series of session based transactions.

186)   Awstats Log Format Creation Tool
Awstats is a log analyzer which is helpful for webmasters to count their own site traffic. It shows them several informations like, IP address of visitors with their system resolution, country name, number of hits made by them and what ever related to visitors system.

187)   mod_perl Calendar System
This is a free calendar package that offers features such as a user friendly interface, easy navigation and much more. It has a very comprehensive and user friendly administration interface to customize the layout and manage events.

188)   FTLS's Free Perl CGI Scripts
Here are freely available Perl CGI scripts. Some of these are counters, calendar, guest book, form processor, Web traffic analyzer, banner ad advertisement, random image, text and link, text clock, and many more.

189)   GuestRep
GuestRep is a perl guestbook script which allows the users to create a guestbook on their server by filling out a simple form. Admin can have control over the users actions made in the guestbook.

190)   TML Message Board Module
TML Message Board Module is a simple and easy to install online discussion board module incorporated into the TML to enable users to post topics for discussing with either a specific user group or with other members.

191)   EveryAuction
EveryAuction is a platform independent auction script in Perl. Some of its features are unlimited categories and items, price reservation, minimum bid increment, bidding history, product information and many more.

192)   XPanel
Provide individual websites for your users in a secure, administered environment. Automatically accept user signups or approve each user. Accounts can be searched, deleted or modified. Users upload their webpages using FTP.

193)   RegisterMe Pro
This perl based program allows webmasters to password protect any directory on their websites, and grant access to registered users only. This program provides admins with complete rights to view, edit and delete user's accounts.

194)   Simple Whois Scripts
This is a whois script which contains three Perl scripts which allows you to search for the availability of a domain name in three different methods.

195)   Understanding HTTP
This site has a number of articles on aspects such as introduction to the HTTP protocol used for exchanging documents, basic network programming issues relating to TCP/IP and HTTP. This article covers aspects of content on HTTP, how it works and how to use it for simple transactions.

196)   WebEvent Publish
This script allows you to make real time scheduling changes for public events. It allows visitors to filter events, submit events, subscribe to calendars and receive both reminders and changes to the events.

197)   Viewz Guestbook
Viewz Guestbook is a perl guestbook script which permits the users to add several entries like comments, messages, url in the guestbook.

198)   quote
What exactly is quote? Well it’s an incredibly precise and simple Perl script that retrieves stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance ( It uses the Perl LWP module if available, or lynx otherwise. However this is a clean and prompt command-line interface for receiving snapshot stoc

199)   Extropia WebGuestbook
Extropia WebGuestbook is a guestbook program which permits the users to manipulate guestbook through adding the entries to the document. This script emails the text entries to the admin.

200)   An Easy Email with Autoreply
An Easy Email with Autoreply is an email form that comes with autoreply message. It helps webmasters to recieve message from visitors and it will send a reply message automatically to the submitters.

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