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Top 1951-2000 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1951)   Web Site Question Manager
This is a Perl script which will be useful for webmasters, site administrators etc by helping them to create an FAQ section through which they can answer the frequently asked questions by their online visitors or customers in real time.

1952)   Density Analyzer
Density Analyzer is a http compatible webspider. This script performs density analysis on your plain text on your page. It increases traffic to your site.

1953)   Web Site Replicator
Website Replicator is a PERLscript, which allows the webmasters to produce virtually any type of commission plan imaginable, product or service fees, easily track membership fees etc., in their MLM or network marketing.

1954)   Perlguardian
This is a encryption tool for scripts. This program helps programmers to protect their intellectual properties and freely distribute their scripts restricting other to steal source codes.

1955)   Perl TreeView tliste
This is a simple tree view program written in perl that helps users to view data in files, directories and folders on a database in a tree like link structure.

This makes CGI scripting in Perl very easy and enables anyone to process forms and create dynamic Web content. It has many features such as simple to learn and easy to use, designed for operation under Perl5 and Perl4, very efficient and many more.

1957)   CGI Form Mailer
This script is helpful for webmasters to contact with the online site visitor on their website . This script has autoresponder, error validation, can use any form fields, anti spam protection, can preview before submitting data etc.,

1958)   Profile Manager Premium
This is an advanced membership and profile management system that is database driven. Particulars of a new user get automatically added to the database and allows the user to log in and alter his profile. It has a powerful admin section.

1959)   Mals Online Store Manager
Mals Online Store Manager is an efficient e-commerce software designed to support unlimited number of products and categories on a static HTML page with powerful search engines.

1960)   FAQmanager
FAQmanager is a Perl based script with which you can create and maintain a Frequently Asked Question pages on your website. This script can be easily integrated with your existing website.

1961)   WebUMake Instant Helper
WIH makes it easy for visitors to your site to chat with you, instantly, live! Understand how your visitors move around your site as you watch them interactively.

1962)   Basic Graphical Counter
This script helps you to place a graphical counter on your web page. It runs by placing an IMG Tag on your web page and doesn't require SSI.

1963)   Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro
Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro will process all web forms on your website. It’s easy to install and customize; works with any form; you have full layout and design control; it can process multiple pages forms; works with user attachments etc.

1964)   Auscomp IT Commander
This is an intranet helpdesk system that helps you deliver a comprehensive help desk, knowledgebase, data, security, asset and cost management functions all in a single module.

1965)   Member Control Centre
This is a secured system written in perl that helps users to password protect directories on their website. This program uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files.

1966)   AccuCart Pro
AccuCart Pro is an easy to use CGI shopping cart software that allow webmasters to succesfully launch online e-stores with unlimited number of products along with their respective images.

1967)   Stepweb Search
This is a perl based search engine program. This search engine uses a flat file database to store entries. This program also allows users to add related links to that website.

1968)   Redirect URL
Redirect URL is another simple redirection program built on PERL. Configuration is very simple, just change the redirection URL and upload.

1969)   Fatalyzer - Body Fat Calculator
Fatalyzer is a Body Fat Calculator and allows your sites visitors to calculate their body fat. It is a great addon for health based websites.

1970)   Follow Up Autoresponder
This script features unlimited autoresponders, unlimited messages, full personalization, admin interface, file attachments, and unsubscribe link.

1971)   The Server Side Includes Tutorial
This is a handy, quick guide tutorial on SSI. The tutorial introduces SSI, tells you how it works, teaches you how to configure .htaccess for SSI to work, a few key SSI Tags and some more features.

1972)   AnyVote
AnyVote works with perl supported websites that helps the users to vote for their favourites and also enables them to submit their suggestion to include additional entries for voting with their answers. Admin can determine the approval of submitted suggestions.

1973)   Email This
Email This is a script based on perl which emails the requested page to the users with the support of hidden tags. It is easy to install and access.

1974)   SQL Query Parser, PERL Edition
SQL Query Parser is a perl based script and is a search engine program. This program creates search statements from input keywords. The search statements are similar to Mysql. You can setup an advanced search engine using this program.

1975)   Using Inline in Perl
The new Inline module for Perl is very easy to use and provides facilities to bind other languages to Perl. It allows you to write code in other languages and then place them into Perl scripts.

1976)   Earn-It Manager for ClickBank
Earn-It Manager for ClickBank can allow you to offer anything to your visitors for free if they send you the amount of unique visitors you specify and also they will be able to earn commissions from your sales.

1977)   Backup-Lite
Backup Lite will be more useful for website owners to protect their database sources with back-up facility. This allows you to archive files and directories and stores them with another server at a remote location. Supports perl based websites.

1978)   Anaconda's Auctions Module
This is a search engine program that helps users to search online auction sites for their keyword searches. Users can engage all sites to be searched simultaneously.

1979)   htaccess Secure Site Membership System
This is a secure site membership program written in Perl 5and is to be used on UNIX.

1980)   SpiderView Link Checker
Spider View Link Checker is a Perl based link checking script that will spider a page and tests every link found on that page. With this script you can also check the performance of your server.

1981)   Advance Backup
dvance Backup is a must have tool for webmasters. It is a backup tool that makes backups of the entire site in a compressed format and stores on the server itself or can be downloaded via a web browser.

1982)   ClickBank Manager
This script will automate the registration, tracking and protection of your affiliates, for ClickBank merchants and affiliates. Features included are personalized mass emailing, auto-confirmation, ad management, product management and more.

1983)   YTP-BBS
YTP-BBS is a simple online discussion board written in perl. This board allow users to view all the messages either as a threaded or chronological order.

1984)   The Event Calendar
This interactive calendar is designed for entering and viewing daily events and important meetings etc. Up to six events can be added or edited for each day. It allows you to keep a record of additions, changes and deletions.

1985)   apache html error reports
apache error log analyer perl script that uses inline::python to generate apache html error reports that totals the errors and categorizes per module.

1986)   Webdev News Publisher
Webdev News Publisher Keeps your news section with up-to-date updation which can be done without any knowledge in HTML or FTP. This system is useful for delivering web based announcements, officially modified information and upcoming events.

1987)   CNC Technology Perl CGI Scripts
This site has many CGI scripts that are available on commercial terms. These include database management programs and web site hosting tools.

1988)   Smart Search Free
This is a CGI based search engine program that allows users to run a Pay Per Click search engine on your website. This is a easy to use and feature packed program at a very affordable price.

1989)   The Engineering Units Conversion Calculator
This is an on-line analytical tool that allows users to convert units of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, economics and other units. Some of these are Energy, Pressure, Volume, Density, Enthalpy and Viscosity.

1990)   The Perl You Need to Know
This article is a part of a series on using Perl in web development scenarios. It gives a general introduction to Perl, and then takes more in-depth looks at Internet capabilities that you can leverage from within Perl programs.

1991)   GalleryMaker
This script completely automates the creating of thumbnail galleries on your server and submitting them to TGP sites.

1992)   Server Space Operator
This is a perl script for your clients or customers to select their hosting package. This hosting builder has three areas like, front end, back end for merchant hosting, backend for hosting service provider.

1993)   Site News
Site News helps the owners of the web based news sites to provide news up-to-date. Two modes of processsing are done with news postings. News with mulitple categories can be maintained dynamically. This tool supports perl for implementing it's features.

1994)   Telnet7 Bloggy
Telnet7 Bloggy is written using perl programming which works as a web blogger on the websites. Authorized users can post articles, news and events with the given form.

1995)   @1 Customer Records
This script is used as an online customer database program and has an alert mode, single emailing mode, targeted bulk emailing modes and any other features.

1996)   webcalng
Webcalng is an online web calendar, it can be used to manage the group scheduling in companies or to maintain a track of important dates in any body's personal life. It is based on PERLscript and it is customizable.

1997)   Simple Graphical CGI Overview
This provides a simple easy to understand graphical overview of the technology behind CGI. It shows a possible way in which a programmer may operate.

1998)   Flipper
Flipper rotates any two web pages. The process of rotation can be either automated by cron or can be done with the touch of a button. This script will allow you to test the effectiveness of new designs, Gives the impression of having two homepages and more.

1999)   WAP Getmail
WAP Getmail helps you to read email from the POP server. This script automatically converts the codings KOI-8R, UTF-8 and WIN-1251 to latin font.

2000)   e_Chat
A modified enhanced version of Matt Hahnfled's EveryChat script with improved features including Framefree autorefresh mode, Optional cookie support to store user's nickname and text color, Enhanced private message system, Banned words support, Private Rooms, Chat Log and more.

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